Chaos Turtle

Well that was an interesting chart interpretatoin...

But I think maybe you see what I meant about rejecting "my Virgo nature." In my mind perhaps, I am the Virgo, but that Gemini dominates me. In my actual behaviour I am nearly the anti-Virgo.

I was with you up until the sex part. Stuffy and non-experimental? I doubt any of my partners would ever suggest such a thing. Of course, it is quite a trick to get that far with me. One must be either very seductive or very straightforward...either approach works, but just "hanging out" and waiting for something to happen would leave one, well, waiting.

And again, the notes on living space and appearance are quite the opposite of reality. Most of the time I am dressed-down and no one would ever describe my living space as orderly. Yet there is this desire... I believe that what I lack is focus. I am too much "in the moment" to concern myself with the plotting and planning that I know I "should" be doing.

The examples I could give are numerous, but who would possibly be interested in the sordid details and contradictions of my life?

Best not to answer that, I think...