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  1. Ferret CPA Founder, Slacker

    Oh, that is annoying. I checked my profile and saw the 12/31/69 date, but when I went to edit it it was the correct 06/10/69 date... is Ed aware of this?

    As for your comparison of Geminii/Aquarians that's about dead-on. Most of my friends and/or partners in crime have been Aquarians. Usually they're the ones that I can hang out w/ the best because they can tolerate me the longest and can keep me interested w/ lots of cool topics...

    ...as for Mrs. F, yes she does complain about the headaches, but somehow she still loves me - go figure.


    "Her Birthday is only 74 minutes away!"
  2. DÛke Memento Mori

    Killer Joe...

    I wouldn't know if you fit the profile or not, I don't really know you. But if you really are a Taraus, then it is not surprising. You are Earth, I am Air. You are bound to be a sensual human being, and I mean that with every meaning the word "sensual" implies. You depend on your senses more than anything else; you have great eye for earthy colors, thus you care more than the ordinary man regarding how your home looks, feels, and smells; your food - you like to indulge in it, the way it looks, smells, even its texture in your mouth; it's not just "food" to you, unless of course it's McDonalds...:) You without a doubt are the most down to Earth person, as opposed to Air signs, who are never down to Earth. Maybe a Libra can seem "down to earth," perhaps even an overly social Gemini, but as far as Aquarians go, such as me, we never are down to earth, and we never even appear to be. Our heads are in the clouds, and so are our feet; a Taraus looks at us and wonders: why would he or she even be thinking about that stuff! Why is it a big deal!

    Your feet are firmly grounded in practical reality; your sense of reason is rather pragmatic, and if you have any spiritual or religious beliefs, they tend to be overly dogmatic, extreme, even uninformed. As far as you're concerned, everything that needs to be done should lead somewhere, to an end. To you, it is safe to say that there is no journey if there is no destination; as opposed to the temperament of Air signs, who think even if thinking leads them nowhere - they think for the sake of thinking, almost. Gemini thinks a little about everything you can possibly imagine, and things you haven't even imagined; Libras think about love, friendship, politics, and all sorts of relationships; Aquarius thinks about humanity and civilization at large, moral theories, any theories, useless and useful, and usually is very monomaniac (hey, it's a fixed sign; whereas Gemini is a changeable sign)...

    And so, you and I actually share something in common: we are both Fixed. Taraus is as strict about his or her opinions as Aquarius; they just tend to share completely different outlooks and thought processes. Taraus is fixed in this earth, this world, this moment (more or less depending on your Moon sign and Mercury even); Aquarius is fixed in the sky, or somewhere, not in this world, not in this moment, and in the future.

    Taraus is the "ideal man," or maybe once was the ideal man - he smells like man, he looks like man, he sounds like man, and he treats his wife like a man. Not theatrical and overly passionate, like the also fixed Leo man, not self-destructive and infinitely deep like the fixed Scorpio, and certainly not like the here-but-not-here fixed Aquarius.

    Don't be surprised if I don't hit the nail on the head; everything is influenced by your other signs; the way you love, is influenced by Venus, for example; your moodiness and even "unconsciousness" is influenced by your Moon...everything plays a factor. But if your Sun is in Taraus, than your extraverted, apparent side is certainly what I described here.

    You’re a Taraus, which would make sense: you get a long with Almindhra. :) And also why Almindhra (an earthy Capricon) can just look at me and my thoughts and dismiss them with a deep, sincere "but who cares?"...:D

    Do we even have any Water signs in the CPA? - that's wishy-washy Cancer, enigmatic Scorpio, and the hopeless Pisces...
  3. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Hmm, I think he's aware of it but just hasn't bothered to change it. If it's in your profile already as the correct date, it must be a display problem with that particular field (especially since you joined in '99 and that date displays correctly).
  4. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    Oh yeah, hear that, guys? I'm enigmatic! :D
  5. Killer Joe Active Member

    Wasn't the name of some LAME post-new wave pop group from the early 90's?
  6. DÛke Memento Mori

    We have a Scorpio male in the group!

    Well, Scorpios are the most dangerous character to be around and with. Also the most intriguing. You're so close to human-nature that you can literarly sense when someone is lying or being untruthful; also you're so empathic, but you use that as power over other people. Basically, you're the darkest intelligent organism on this Earth...but can also be the deepest, so deep that there is virtually no end to your depth, a depth that slowly descends into tragedy, of course...and self-destructive tendencies...
  7. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    Enigmatic? I wouldn't know. I don't follow lame pop groups...

    Enigmatic means that I am perplexing and ambiguous. It has nothing to do with lame pop groups.

    Or do you mean Scorpio? That's a zodiac sign (of the SCORPION)and I suppose a lame pop group might try to use it, but they probably got punished accordingly (stung by scorpions or something) for stealing the name. :)
  8. DÛke Memento Mori

    Well, I didn't really use it to mean "perplexing" or "ambiguous," just...mysterious, at least to anyone who observes you. You of course are more likely to view your internal processes - biological, physiological, and psychical - as being...normal. Needless to say, I'm sure you know that there is no such thing as "normal," and the only time the term comes into usage is to generalize, discriminate, or simply for a lack of a better word and understanding.

    Scorpios are the...sado-masochists of the Zodiac, both towards themselves and others, though not deliberately, but that's simply their nature. Both sexes have the tendency to take one's breath away simply by his or her immediately noticeable and even alerting presence. There's a sense of the paranoiac in all Scorpios; they are very mindful of the surrounding atmosphere, and even more so of surrounding persons and...personas: they are more likely to unmask deception than any other sign - a gift which the Water element is endowed with but which is emphasized in Scorpio and Pisces, both, sadly, for the darker side. It is extremely difficult for a Scorpio to manage his or herself; there is always internal struggle of the emotional, instinctive kind. The term "free will" is hardest to understand by the Water signs - they are overtaken by their emotions, sometimes undermined, controlled by impulse, instinct, thirsty for desire, for a spiritual union of a type, and the typical Scorpio will not settle for anything less, whether he or she cheats on his spouse, or commits emotional crimes, whether blackmail or suicide, spirituality must be attained, felt; the only sign that is even more dramatic in these regards, and also more tragic, is the last Water sign, Pisces. Water, needless to say, is the most spiritual element, and also the most emotional and confusing. Scorpio in most people only emphasizes the dark side of all these gifts, sadly; not that Scorpio is initially dark, but that it is difficult for any human being to control such over-loads of emotion and impulse; if there is any element that can be justly titled "the slaved of desire," than it is the Water element.

    Water and Air are such beautiful antithesis that they need each other. Water needs a certain rational side of life to induce some type of control over the overflowing liquidity of the element; Air needs to learn how to feel instead of think in many times, to be closer to the heart than the mind, the irrational than the rational, to devalue principles for the sake of desire; Water provides Air a taste of all these things, but Air - especially Aquarius - refuses these due to its fixity, while Libra has a greater chance of melting into the bottomless ocean that is the Water element. Gemini, to Water signs, is almost like a murderer: Gemini's extreme flightiness and his or her inability to focus on one person or one thing for any substantial amount of time seems highly shallow to fellow Water signs, and none of the Water signs, being the extremely sensitive and fragile beings that they are, are willing to deal with what appears to be, and what just might be shallow and trivial. Water wants attention, they lust for emotion, they live because of desire; Gemini fails to offer any of these, at least not on consistent basis or on any substantial depth. Aquarius has a better chance than Gemini, with Water signs, but still, the big flaw is that Aquarius is never really in this Earth, but always somewhere else: you can be holding hands, walking side by side for hours, but still there is always a ghostliness about Aquarius that gives the impression that he or she is not really there, and thus leaves Water signs hungry for a reaction, for passion, for assurance.

    On the other hand, Water signs fails to understand that the world does not revolve around them and is moved by other things than emotion and instinct. Being detached and distant, it does not mean that the Air signs are superficial or indifferent - it only means one thing: their mind is always running, mostly running nowhere, and ending up high in the clouds, with nothing but fluffs of theories, maybes, and ifs. Air signs can't help it. They are born to think. Period. Water signs are born to feel. Period. And unless there is hard work, these ends seem irreconcilable.

    Scorpio is such an antithesis to Gemini that to observe the two actually being together can be a good lesson on what bad relationships are made of, or, on the contrary, how great relationships work: to have a Gemini/Scorpio couple workout – that is nothing short of a miracle.

    If I can give one advice to Scorpios: trust someone, try to trust someone, at least. Very few people can match your depths, and it is a difficult if not an impossible task to find someone who will give you the bottomlessness that you seek and almost worship: this you will have to learn to accept, otherwise, a life polluted with many, many superficial relationships is bound to posses you, which is in the very least self-destructive.

    And just for statistical purposes: there are more Aquarians admitted to mental hospitals than any other sign, followed only by Scorpios.
  9. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    Oh, DÛke, my last post was directed at Killer Joe's post, not yours. We were posting at the same time, apparently.
  10. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Do you mean Enigma?
  11. Killer Joe Active Member

    Yes,....I guess:rolleyes:
  12. DÛke Memento Mori

    But Enigma is not "from the early 90's"; I don't know, I guess that depends on your conception of "early"; Michael Cretu (that's the mastermind behind Enigma) released a new Enigma album, Voyageur, this year, 2004. If that's "early 90's" than be my guest. :D ~Edit~ Oh, and he has already began working on the 6th album for probably late 2006/early 2007 release. Nothing of the 90's, if you ask me!
  13. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    When was their first album released? Maybe that's what KJ is thinking of.
  14. DÛke Memento Mori

    Oh! Yes, then, I agree. First album was in 1991, really early 90's. Now this is just my opinion, but lame "pop" music doesn't take years and years to conjure. From 1991 to 2004, he has but 5 albums; that's about an averge of 1 album per 2.5 years. That, versus the real pop icons...and no one really listened to Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi (Enigma 3) and still called the music project "lame." No one. Ever. The worst criticism I've seen of it is "it's divine, but it's not as divine as <insert another Enigma album here>"...
  15. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    The people who did "Sadeness"?
  16. DÛke Memento Mori

    Yes, the people who did Sadeness. I'm glad someone spelled it right for a change. Sadeness, not Sadness, like a lot of people think (guilty of that myself, actually). A lot of fuss is made about Sadeness, and although it's rather unique and remarkable, it is incomparable to latter innovations, and in contrast (Enigma fans would kill me for even thinking this), Sadeness, in my opinion, is rather weak and simple when put next the groundbreaking monuments of his latter years.

    But some people still find Enigma lame, perhaps justly so. Cretu acknowledges, and is proud of the fact, that his music is not for everybody - prevailing elements of spirituality, philosophy, and sensuality populate the songs, and is certainly not your casual music; it makes his music very "heavy" and loaded with too much stimuli - not everyone is capable of reacting, or even desire to react, to such sensory bombardment. Or, a simpler reason, some people might just think it’s horrible music. :) I haven't seen any of those yet though...
  17. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    I liked Sadeness, but that's their only song I've heard.
  18. Killer Joe Active Member

    Once again, GEEZSH! Lighten up, Man.

    I just remembered that you once posted about Enigma and I thought it'd be funny to do the 'ol "Yank the dog's chain" gag on you :D

    I'll know better next time. :rolleyes:

    IMHO, I have NO idea as to what Enigma has to offer in the way of Poetry, but I am sure they're not on the cutting edge of playing REAL music. REAL music is music with substance as far as chord structure, harmonic progressions, rhythmic alignment, et al.

    Cripe, anyone who has a half of a musical brain can buy a synthesizer and get it to play smooth sustained chords with a backbeat and put pseudo "DEEP" lyrics to it.

    The Talking Heads were about the last "POP" group to even challenge a musical mind. Not that "POP" music doesn't have it's place, you know, for dancing, picking up girls at clubs, the usual stuff. I guess I'm just not a "Lyrics" kind of guy. Oh well.

    Instrumental Jazz is my favorite kind of music. as for the radio? Well, when jazz is not available, I like NPR!!!!!!!:D
  19. DÛke Memento Mori

    Over 70% of Enigma tracks lack lyrics. The focus is usually on the music.
    There is no disputing this. In fact, if you would listen to Sadeness, Mea Culpa, Beyond the Invisible, T.N.T for the Brain, Gravity of Love, Push the Limits, or...um...how about any track on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th album? - if you would listen to any of these you would realize something:

    Cretu, as a matter of fact, cannot go on tours because the music is too complex; it is near impossible to recreate live. Tracks like T.N.T for the Brain and Push the Limits (and there are a lot more) are so multi-layered and complex that it is absurd to even think of recreating them with any respect in a live atmosphere.

    Besides, have you listened to any Enigma? I highly doubt it: no one says the music is not real after listening to Enigma. What they say is either "wow" or "not my type." Everyone else probably heard something somewhere that sounded "weird" and thought it was Enigma. Historically speaking, Michael Cretu started an entire musical movement that is all over the world and has so much influence that you can barely recognize it anymore. Bands from Evanescence to Linkin Park (I don't listen to either of them) show remarkable influence; not to mention the thousands upon thousands of groups and producers who try constantly to beat Cretu at his own game, but fail miserably; bands from Deep Forest to Deleirum (both internationally known and renowned), from Schiller to every latter so-called "new age" music projects out there, all duplicates of one thing that cannot and will not be duplicated. See, I would have had nothing to say if you simply disliked the music for whatever reason - hey, it's your opinion after all, and your taste in music; but your judgments are all fallacious and highly uninformed. “Deep” lyrics? But Enigma is not even about lyrics. There are only few songs in which there are actual lyrics, and they don’t strive to be deep.

    And no one who listens to Enigma will call Enigma "pop" music, by the way. No one. :)

    As for Jazz music, it's too lighthearted for me. I need something tragic, dramatic, theatrical...:D
  20. Ferret CPA Founder, Slacker

    If you like Enigma, try out Delerium. It was an interesting project done by quite a few artists including Sarah Maclachlan - before she started all that Lilith Fair crap. It's like a combination of Trance, Celtic, and downright weird.


    "Also try Dead Can Dance and Deep Forest"

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