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Discussion in 'General CPA Stuff' started by Ishans Shade, Nov 11, 1999.

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  1. CthulhuDragon New Member

    I thought I would throw my bio in here as well.

    Real Name: Joshua Peterson
    Age: 20
    Height:5' 11" You people are all way too tall! I used to consider myself respectable at 5' 11", but now I just feel short!

    I am a Software Engineering student at the Oregon Institute of Technology right in the middle of nowhere. I believe Nekrataal can back me up on that. This is indeed nowhere.

    Cthulhu Dragon
  2. theorgg Slob

    Actually, I'm just way too fat!

    :{ )

    what's the pheckin smile codes? the keyed ones look stupid.

    I'm bigger than I think, I think.
  3. Dune Echo CPA Founder, Idea Man

    Alright, alright. If everyone is going to start writing my name, at least spell it right please. Kirsin. And Ed, thanks! That's pretty cool that you are using my name.
    Nick Bigget is a character that a friend of mine played in AD&D. Just so you know. He couldn't count and insisted he was forty apples high.
  4. Ishans Shade Guest

    Ed-I want to delet the original post for that vote so it is out of there, and if you call me buttnugget again, you shall face the Wraith of this God.

    Dune-Exactly how tall is an apple anyway? I mean, I've ran across some pretty big apples in my life.
  5. Dune Echo CPA Founder, Idea Man

    Well, we figured an apple is approximately 3 to 3.5 inches high. 40x3=120 inches. So, this dwarf was insisting he was 10 feet tall. That was the whole joke of the thing. You don't go around measuring things with apples.

    Dune Echo
    -I'm 23 apples high myself.
  6. Ed Sullivan CPA Founder, Web Guy

    Buttnugget-Why should we delete the post? It's a vote and there's nothing obscene, libelous (is that a word?), etc. I still don't see the point in deleting it.

    The real boards are almost up!
  7. nekrataal Administrator

    Well, here is another big guy...

    Real Name: Jimmy McPherson
    Height: 6'-4"
    Weight: 220
    Age: 16 (17 in about a month)
    Occupation: Full time high school student.
    Favorite Games: Magic (really don't play much anymore, friends lost interest/new sets make me mad), various n64 games, and Everquest!

    Well, that would be me in the short summarized and abridged version. CthulhuDragon is right, Klamath Falls is waay too small to keep interest in. Um.. lets see, we are graced with a movie theatre, two malls that contain no stores, and well nothing. My only escape is the internet. [IMG]

    "Another giant among giants."
  8. Ishans Shade Guest

    Ed-I don't really care if it is gone or if it isn't.

    Kirsin-Did I spell that right? Any way I'm just going to keep calling you Dune. A 10 foot dwarf? OOOOKAAAAAAY.
  9. Dune Echo CPA Founder, Idea Man

    Ross: Obviously you never played AD&D with people with a sense of humor before. And just friggin' call me Dune. No spelling problems with that name.
  10. Ishans Shade Guest

    Dune, your're right, I have never played AD&D but I do play role-playing games. I already decided to just call you Dune, because your name is to hard for me to spell correctly
  11. Zadok001 CPA Founder, Greater Good

    Bio city. Ok, here's mine:

    Name: David Zadok Stroud (I kid you not)
    Online Alias: Zadok001, Nivelimac, Guildmage
    Nicknames: Hey, I respond to anything short of "Hey, you!"
    Age: 16
    Height: 6'
    Weight: 145 lbs. See the little tiny thin guy that looks like he'd fall apart if you hit 'em with a toothpick? That's me.
    Hobbies: M:tG, Age of Empires, Ascendancy, every type of strategy game invented, from Risk to Diplomacy ("Come on, play a game of Diplomacy with all your friends! By the time it's over, you'll be completely out of friends!") to 'puter games.
    Favorite Cards: Greater Good! Greater Good! Greater Good!
    Music: (I'm gonna get shot for this...) Classical, operatic, Webber, etc...

    There ya' go!

    --Zadok001, aka Greater Good fanatic
    CPA Member
    "We have more sprouts than they have hands."
  12. Dune Echo CPA Founder, Idea Man

    Man, there's nothing wrong with classical, just as long as you love Adagio for Stings. Ever seen Platoon? That's the music I'm talking about. Also, Beetoven just is great for dark, dark nights playing AD&D in Ravenloft. Webber is cool too.
  13. theorgg Slob

    oh my god. Zoe, you don't live in georgia, do you? the people at collossal all stare at a guy that matches your description, except a little taller. is it you?

    I'm bigger than I think, I think.
  14. Ishans Shade Guest

    Actually Kirsin(Bwa Haw Haw Haw!!!) I noticed it the change too, and the age difference is more like nine to ten. And if you are changing your name, why not Buttnugget? I can see it now Buttnugget Koch, you can still be the dirty little dwarf forty apples high (and can't count). Oh, who said you were a stalker anyway? HMMMM.

    Yo Ed, what is on the shew tonight? And please get rid of the "+4 Plague Rats" vote ( that is something else you should add, a delete post option).

    Contemplating new nicknames for Kirsin Kroch, I mean Koch.

    Ishan's Shade

    [Edited by Ishans Shade (12-02-1999 at 10:46 AM).]

    [Edited by Ishans Shade (12-02-1999 at 10:47 AM).]
  15. Ishans Shade Guest

    So that makes 1,2,3,6,99,98,7... 11Bio's
  16. Shadowfire New Member

    Well I've always said its cheaper to keeper her.
  17. TomB Administrative Assistant

    Naw Shadowfire, you ain't the oldest guy here. That's probably me. :cool:

    Bio time again, huh? Alright.

    My name's Tom Bergmann
    I'm 38 (39 in January)
    I live in Brookfield, Illinois
    I work at Motorola
    I'm 6' tall
    I weigh about 230 lbs.
    I've played Magic since the Revised/Fallen Empires era
    I am happily married and have 2 terrific kids

    As hobbies I play Magic, Pokemon, Battletech, Star Wars, and Shadowfist CCG's, as well as all kinds of board games. I'm anticipating FINALLY getting a computer for our house so I can check out stuff like Asheron's Call!

    CPA Member

    "I do not teach. I simply reveal."
    -Daudi, Femeref tutor
  18. Ed Sullivan CPA Founder, Web Guy

    Ahh, Asheron's Call. Great game--severe time killer.

    I preordered it, played it some (lvl 12 and 9 guys), and haven't had time to play it since...

    Thanksgiving break. Yeah, at least I'm still on the free time. :)

  19. Shadowfire New Member

    Oh my god I am the oldest guy on here. AAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH

    Real Name: Donnie Newsom (dont laugh my mother hates me)
    Birth Date: 04/23/67 (huh whats that speak up)
    195 lbs.
    Brown hair and eyes (yes it looks like I'm full of shi!t)
    Fav card: Lim-Duls Paladin
    I have already left college. I now work for RPS that (Rapid Package System) a divison of Fed EX.

    I wont even go into how many times I've been married or how many kids I have. Just take my word if you get married keep her. If you get divorced dont do it again.
  20. Ihsans Shade Blind god of all he sees

    I've always heard that if you are married, and miserable, stay married. For it is better to be miserable, and have some stuff, than to be miserable, and have no stuff.

    I am...
    Ihsan's Shade
    That makes 12 bios
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