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Discussion in 'General CPA Stuff' started by Ishans Shade, Nov 11, 1999.

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  1. Ishans Shade Guest

    Ed man, exactly how would someone go about in de-registering a name? I'm asking you because your the tech guy, but you see when I was helping some people join we accedentily registered the name Juzam, but we have no intent on using it, and we think it would only be fair if someone else got a crack at the name.

    Ishan's Shade is currently stairing in a mirror.
  2. Ed Sullivan CPA Founder, Web Guy

    Right now, you can't do that. I can do it from the control panel, and if I get around to it, I'll delete it. Thanx for letting me know.

    Might be a good idea to add that option.. I'l think about it.

  3. Ishans Shade Guest

    sure Ed, go ahead and laugh. I just noticed it OK.

    I'm going to crall into a hole, and die.
  4. Ed Sullivan CPA Founder, Web Guy

    Notice what?

    ..Oh! That you registered with Juzam, Urza, Teeka, AND Mishra. Well, that would explain why the "registered members" thing on the front page was unusually high.

    And if you meant you just noticed the delete a user link, well that's cuz I just added it. Read the "testing forum"...

  5. theorgg Slob

    You can't, Ishan. YOU"RE ALREADY DEAD!

    besides, you've tried it before, and it failed. didn't you shell out the $12 for the Homelands comic?

    I'm bigger than I think, I think.
  6. Ishans Shade Guest

    Yes Ed I did notice the delete a user, and I ment the He Ed. It was supose to be Hey Ed.

    However the name Mishra, Urza, and Teeka all have users behind them. Urza, and Mishra happen to be cousins of the Baron and me. Where as Teeka is just a guy I introduced the game to. Urza, and Mishra have my e-mail address because they don't have one of there own. So PLEASE don't delete their names, but if you did please let me know. The do exsist.

    theorgg-No I didn't. For I have no way to get that kind of money, in fact for me to get $12 would take me all year (excluding birthdays of course.)
  7. Dune Echo CPA Founder, Idea Man

    Out of curiousity, Ihsan's Shade, what's your age and real name? I know your brother's name is Tony.

    With what info you gave above and your predilliction towards commons, I take it you play all-commons a lot? If you want, I collect decklists, and I know I have some decent common decks for multiplayer and regular play. I can email them to you if you want.

    And if I ever download Apprentice and get it working, I'll play anyone in an all-commons game. I have some killer ideas.

    Dune Echo

    ... Just kidding about the blood pressure, Ferret... Mystic Remora is going in every blue deck I play from now on! Unfortunately, I hate blue...
  8. Ed Sullivan CPA Founder, Web Guy

    I didn't delete them, don't worry.

    It just looks strange when 4 people (including Juzam) register on the same day and, on the memberlist, no info shows up.

    No harm done yet.

  9. Ishans Shade Guest

    Ed-OK then don't delete them.

    Dune-I would tell you my age, but since this is going to be on the internet and you never know what weirdo is going to read this, I'll tell you my name and age. Ross, and its under a quarter of a century by a bit. By the way, what is YOUR actual name Dune. Oh, before I forget, I personally like blue. Infact, I think it and green are my favorites.
  10. theorgg Slob

    I would like to say this:

    My name is Jensen Bohren.

    I'm 16.
    I'm 330lbs, give or take 10lbs.

    does this mean I'm a wierdo? the age group can't get you in mutch trouble. is kirsten right?

    I'm bigger than I think, I think.
  11. Dune Echo CPA Founder, Idea Man

    Wake up, Ross! We're all weirdos! [IMG] Nah, I just wondering because I've noticed from Tony's posts that you're still in school and the fact that Tony only seems to see you on the weekends leads me to believe he's in college. So, I think you're probably one of our 12-16 age range of players.

    <Before anyone starts even thinking it, NO! I'm not a damn stalker! When you only get to deal with people via words, you pick up on the details to figure out what kind of person whomever is. You try to get an idea what their personality is. I have a good memory. I remember details and Tony and Ross here put a lot of personal communication into their posts to each other.>

    Personally, Ross, I like your deck styles. They're the same types I like to play, but I'm much, much more competative. I can't settle easily for a card that just won't smash my opponent. (LOVE RANCOR!) However, like everyone else, I'm bored with the same old decks for the current Type 2 enviroment. I like the stuff you come up with because you play with the stuff that attracted all of us to the game originally and remind (for me at least) that Magic can be fun. Ross, I think you should design some more all commons decks that would fall into the Extended/Standard classifications. I think everyone should just to get back to the way we all first looked at the almighty Craw Wurm and went "DAMN! 6 MANA! How the hell am I supposed to pay the casting cost?!" For instance, you're Pied Piper deck does that. I tried making a 20 Plague Rat deck once. I got 4 and that was it. But they're cool because the 4 per deck rule was never originally meant when the game was created. So I don't care if you put 6 or 12 or 20 Plague Rats in a deck. I just doesn't get very interesting or veried results.

    Kirsin Koch
    ... Blue sucks... Damn sneaky bastards... Counter this... Nothing beats a good creature brawl...
  12. Dune Echo CPA Founder, Idea Man

    hey, THEORGG! Man, that was a joke! [IMG] I was just trying to make light of Ross's comment about weirdos. Hey, so far, I think everyone here has proven some things and I think that's all that matters. Everyone here loves Magic, right? Everyone here loves to make decks. Everyone here banded together to make a group dedicated to the common player who is consistantly neglected by WotC in favor the popular pro tour. (Although in all fairness, they have put some interesting multiplayer cards in lately, Soul Syphon, Sizzle, Flailers, and Mongers, OH MY!) And the age thing means nothing. Do you play? Yes. Do you love the game? Yes. So, it doesn't matter what you look like or any of the stuff. This group is devoted to having fun. Let's have fun then!

    Besides Jensen, you sound like you should be on the frontline defense for a football team! I don't know much about sports for lack of interest, but it sounds like you're a wall!

    Dune Echo

    Damn right I'm right! Those blue mages are sneaky bastards!
  13. Baron Sengir CPA Founder, Vampire Legend

    I prefer the subtle yet elegant 'buttnugget' to the term weirdo.

    For the record, The Baron is:
    23 years young (birthday coming up! Dec. 10!!)
    6'6" 220
    Black hair, brown eyes
    Games I play: Magic, Star Wars, Young Jedi
    Favorite Magic card: Wrath of God or Smokestack
    Favorite Bands: Nine Inch Nails, Type O Negative and KMFDM.
    Turn ons: Moonlit walks on the beach, sexy perfume, Squishing somone with a horde of squirrel tokens
    Turn offs: Stinky cheese, Pokemon, being squished by a horde of squirrel tokens
    Bio: Yep, I'm in college, going to be an elementary school teacher. I have a kewl girlfriend (Miharu) and a sh!tload of basic land.

    There you go. That's me (not that anyone really asked ... [IMG])

    I remain
    The Baron
    Hoping WotC puts a card called "Look at me, I'm the CPA" in their next Unglued expansion. (Someone design this sucker ...)

    [Edited by Baron Sengir (11-18-1999 at 07:54 AM).]
  14. Child of Gaea Phantom CPA Founder

    Since it seems like a good way to get to know each other a little more, I might as well tell you my stats!

    Age:23 The Baron seems to be 8 days older than me with my b-day being on the 18th of December
    6'4 240lbs
    No Hair Septum Ring (no not scrotum, the septum is the spot between your nostrils)

    I play all kinds of games like:Magic, Magic,Magic the Gathering, and Magic

    My favorite enchantment is Energy Field, Creature is Serra Avatar, Sorcery is Flame Wave(to hell with the casting cost), and instant is Reins of Power.

    I attended college for 2 years at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, and am now using my full potential working at a dairy farm. NOT!!! I have lived all over the US and am currently residing in South Dakota. I have a wife(Des) and a daughter(Brooklyn). I am always broke even though I work 75+ hours a week (probably because I spend all my money on cards). I only play Magic about twice a month face to face but play all the time on a chat room in Talk City because I have webtv and obviously cant have apprentice. Other than that, I have no outside activities since I work ALL the time. That's it!

    "Wondering if the CPA should have a football team with all the big galoofs we seem to have"
  15. Dune Echo CPA Founder, Idea Man

    Alrighty, since this has turned into a confessional [IMG], it's my turn.

    My name is Kirsin.
    I work for NCR currently (more like play all day...)
    I am currently enrolled Miami-Jacobs College in Dayton, OH.
    I'm 20 years old and married to a lovely woman.
    I'm not broke, but I like to buy cards way too much as well. Cards do not make for a full bank account!
    My favorite games are the Final Fantasy series (how far are you Ferret on 8 and Anthologies?), Magic, and my wife and I both religiously love Tomb Raider.
    Favorite card: Oh, toughy. Changes on any given week. I do have a real prediliction towards Paolo Parente's stuff and so I love the Albino Troll and Skyshroud Elite. Aeolipile is another. Don't know why. Just is.
    I listen to Eagles, Creed, Kenny Wayne Shepard Band, Metallica (some, not all), Bob Seger, and most things not rap or country. No flames, to each his own.
    Physical description: 5'9" (you guys make me feel short!), brown hair, green eyes, gotee (you'll grow your's in theorgg!), and a little chunky from sitting to much at work, but not obese.

    That's me!

    Dune Echo

    [Edited by Dune Echo (11-18-1999 at 10:49 AM).]
  16. Ishans Shade Guest

    Okay, since everybody is telling us about themselves I guess I will too(By the way Dune, you still haven't told me your name).

    My name is Ross.
    I'm 15 years old as of November 16.
    I'm about 6'4" give or take a few
    I weigh about 135lbs
    I play Magic, Star Wars, and Young Jedi.
    Favorite Card:The Polar Kracken.
    Favorite Band:KMFDM (I despise country)
    I also consider myself to have a mental capacity of extreme intellegnce to semi-genuis.
    I cannot spell if my life depended on it, and if you ask him, I pretty much worship the ground the Baron walks on.

    Have you ever been kill off by a 9/9 poultrygeist? The Baron has

    Ishan's Shade
    Baron-What did you get me, beside some girly-underwear?
  17. Ed Sullivan CPA Founder, Web Guy

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>My name is Kirsin.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
    I believe that's Dune's name. [IMG]

    Here goes..
    Real Name: Mike Sullivan (hence the alias)
    Age: 15, 16 on Dec. 22
    6'1", 150 lbs.
    I play: Magic, Joung Yedi (well, over the summer) and have played countless failures (remember that SimCity CCG? Well, you don't want to)
    Favorite Card(s): Well, this changes quite often, but I always like to cast 1st turn Soul Warden in 6 person games [IMG] ..but I guess I like Donate. (or Anthroplasm, article forthcoming)
    Music: Smashing Pumpkins, NIN, Beastie Boys, Limp Bizkit, The Offspring, Foo Fighters. I think you get the overall genre.
    Physical Description: height/weight up there --^, turquiose eyes, dirty blonde/brown hair

    Currently unemployed due to full time schooling, unless you count the numerouse websites I run. Used to play soccer (as in from 7-15), quit, now I think I'm going to play ice/roller hockey.

    There ya go. That's yours truly.

  18. Dune Echo CPA Founder, Idea Man

    Yeah, that's my real freakin' name! Kirsin Koch. My mother was a hippie. I know it's odd. Actually, I've been told it's a common Netherlandish name, though my mom says she dreamed it. My guess is all the drugs weren't out of her system yet. [IMG]

    Has anyone noticed this went from, "Hey, Ed! How do I delete an unneeded user name?" to "My name is Soandso and I do this."? Not that I mind, but it's funny.

    Ross and Tony: You guys are 8 years apart. Well, my bro and I are 7 years apart and he's 13. I new I saw a similarity.

    So far, I like everyone here and my opinion hasn't changed, though I feel like the runt based on my height. Jesus, are you all f*cking giants or something? [IMG]

    Kirsin Koch
    "Dune Echo"

    That's it. I'm changing my name to Nick Bigget, the dirty little dwarf that's forty apples high (and can't count!).

    [Edited by Dune Echo (11-18-1999 at 02:02 PM).]
  19. Ferret CPA Founder, Slacker

    Cool! We're giving bios of each other? Nifty.

    Ferret - I've had that name since 11/91
    Real name: David McKenzie
    Birthdate: 06/10/69 - where's my cane?

    I've been playing CCG's for over five years. I've tried lots of different games. I started w/ Magic when it came out and tried Star Trek (TNG) , Star Wars, Illuminati New World Order, Illuminati (the version that predated INWO by a decade or so), Jyhad (before the name change), and Wyvern (what was I thinking?). I couldn't keep playing the ones I liked because of expansions coming out too fast and lack of interest by other players.

    I love Magic and will keep playing it until the end of time if possible - or, if my soon-to-be Wife will let me [IMG]


    "Spock! Do something!"
  20. Ed Sullivan CPA Founder, Web Guy

    Dune: Actually, this thread went from "He Ed" (well, at least it wasn't She Ed [IMG]) to "My name is Abib and my hobby is Slurpee(tm) collecting" (no offense I hope) And you should know, I actually like the name Kirsin. As a matter of fact, I'm using it in my character in Asheron's Call. What game? Asheron's .. Call [IMG]

    Buttnugget: Actually, there is a feature to delete threads. Only admins can do it. And, anyone can delete their own post, if it isn't the original post (see that little 'X')

    Ferret: I think Dune is dying to know if someone is shorter than him. [IMG]
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