Goblin Deck or Goblin Mess?

Discussion in 'Casual Decks/Variants/Etc' started by Revan, Mar 27, 2005.

  1. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Why would you think his group is NOT doing multiplayer?

    Long games can easily last with just creature decks, as no one want to lose their defense by attacking. So everyone waits until someone gets bored and/or decides to overcommit himself to an all-out attack (or attack when they think they can win and have defense but someone takes care of the defense).
  2. Revan New Member

    Not to be on topic or anything(just kidding); but I was wondering which you guys would prefer with the deck I have. To use a Goblin Chariot or a Reckless One? :)
  3. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    Nothing. I gather that they do multiplayer. What I am wondering is if they do multiplayer exclusively (or close enough to exclusively that decks focused on single player games don't get built).

    Agreed. But if the game is not multiplayer, and this happens, the control deck will win almost every time against the aggro deck or even aggro-control.
  4. Revan New Member

    I'm going to go for the Chariot to help with the swarm effect since I just founf out that my opponent ordered 20 cards just to beat this, my zombie deck, and my expensive mana deck. Is it still feasable to win with him having cards such as Persecute and 4xCOP's...not to mention Dwarven Catapults,lol. Thanks friends!!!!! If anyone has any ideas on my question with regard to my decks please leyt me know!! TYVM.
  5. DarthFerret Evil Sith Weasel

    no prob, not sure I helped much. My expertise ( if you can call it that) lies in the older cards. Anything before Mirage.

    And yes, Oversoul, I pretty much soley play multiplayer. I have a couple of decks for dueling, but for the most part I plan decks around group play. I have a quick red deck centered on creatures like Ball Lightning and Skizzik, and spells such as Earthquake and Inflame.
  6. Revan New Member

    :) Hello friends. I'm pretty excited, for the first time in months I just managed to get some new cards. Traded in a few games and was given 37 bucks credit. I was able to get 3 packs and two starters of Champions and 3 boosters of Betayers. Sorry about the rant..just excited. Here is what I was able to do with my Goblin Deck now. Hopefully I have attained more consistency, focus, and balance. Please let me know what you all think!!!!!!!!!
    Please excuse typos, I have Bronchitis and have had quite a bit of cough syrup,lol. :yawn: I think this deck will be faster now as well and may even be able to take on his Cop's, persecutes, sword of fire and ice, etc. Feedback is truly, eagerly appreciated. Here we go:
    22 x Mountain
    2 x Goblin Burrows

    1 x Coat of Arms (will be 4 someday)

    1 x Sparksmith
    1 x Gempalm Incinerator
    2 x Siege-Gang Commander
    2 x Goblin Sledder
    2 x Akki Coalfinger *new to the deck
    3 x Goblin Striker
    3 x Goblin Brigand
    4 x Goblin Warchief
    4 x Akki Avalanchers *new to the deck
    3 x Akki Rockspeaker *new

    4 x Volcanic Hammer

    2 x Carbonize
    1 x Glacial Ray *new
    1 x Magma Jet
    1 x Shock
    1 x Lightning Bolt

    Like it? Hate it? Think it will work? Please let me know! :)
  7. Limited Yes, but we won't care

    Glacial Ray is the bomb, but only if you are packing more arcane spells, which you aren't. Either get some more (like 4?) or just replace it with a shock..
  8. Revan New Member

    All I currently have to replace it with is Barbed Lightning, Carbonize, or a few of the newer cards. I'm going to go through this pile and see if I have any related arcanes. what do you all think of the creatures/ overall balance?
  9. orgg Administrator

    Until you have four Glacial Rays, replace them with Barbed Lightning.

    Also, for future readability when dealing with speed-oriented decks, try sorting the creatures like this:

    1 cost
    4 x Akki Avalanchers *new to the deck
    2 x Goblin Sledder
    2 cost
    1 x Sparksmith
    3 x Akki Rockspeaker *new
    3 x Goblin Striker
    3 x Goblin Brigand
    3 cost
    2 x Akki Coalfinger *new to the deck
    4 x Goblin Warchief
    4+ cost
    2 x Siege-Gang Commander
    1 x Gempalm Incinerator

    Looking at it from this angle, I'd say that you still need a few more one-cost creatures since you're going for a weenie-rush. Seige Gang is a finisher, so its high cost in a weenie deck is acceptable... but you really need two mana to give you two-power creatures and not one-power creatures. As for Goblin Avatar vs Chariot, the Chariot is more consistant. There will be times that your Avatar is 2/2 or even 1/1 depending on the game's situation.
  10. Revan New Member

    Ok. Barbed Lightning is in. What do you recommend I dump for more one cost gobs? Thanks.
  11. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Well, since I've seen nothing to the contrary, I would have simply asked if all he does is MP or if he plays some single player games. The additional "how is it..." is kinda leading and assumptive - he hasn't indicated he played single, so of course he can play long games with non-control decks.

    I'm not arguing that either; I agree with you. But like I said before, he hasn't said he's playing single-player, so the whole point is moot. He plays MP - therefore long games can happen with just creature decks.
  12. Revan New Member

    This is it.Tomorrow I use my deck against my opponent's "anti-goblin deck". I know he will be playing with 4 Circle Protection from Red and 4 Dwarven Catapults. I've therefore tried to make this deck fast. Please , PLEASE let me know what you think..what you think about what I took out..what I should add, etc. Thanks :)
    21 x Mountain
    2 x Goblin Burrows

    1 x Coat of Arms

    1 cost:
    2 x Goblin Taskmaster
    2 x Goblin Sledder
    2 x Goblin Grappler
    4 x Akki Avalanchers
    2 Cost:
    3 x Akki Rockspeaker
    1 x Akki Raider
    2 x Skirk Marauder
    3 x Goblin Striker
    4 x Goblin Brigand
    3+ Cost:
    4 x Goblin Warchief
    2 x Siege-Gang Commander

    4 x Volcanic Hammer

    1 x Flames of the Blood Hand
    1 x Shock
    1 x Lightning Bolt

    These cards were REMOVED: 1- Magma Jet, -2 Akki Coalfinger, -1 Gempalm Incinerator, -1 Goblin Chariot, -2 Goblin Brawler

    Any help is appreciated!!!
  13. Limited Yes, but we won't care

    if he's packing Circles, Try to get yourself some Flaring Pain.. very nasty surprise..
    I would play with 4 sledders.. drop the Goblin Strikers
    Kyren Legate could be fun too, since you know he's playing white
    Havoc? Anarchy?
  14. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    Do you mean just "I would have" or "you should have"?

    DarthFerret: Would you say that your group, playing multiplayer exclusively (or almost exclusively) gains some amount of insight on building finely-tuned multiplayer decks and/or lacks deckbuilding skills when it comes to "dueling" decks? I'm curious about that, because I've never played in a group that was exclusively focused on multiplayer (a couple that were primarily focused on it, I suppose).

    Revan: No luck finding Goblin Grenades. They should be really cheap, and they can speed up your deck a bit...
  15. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Oversoul: Doesn't matter. It's irrelevant who asks the question, the important part is the right question being asked.

    Revan: You probably don't have access to Ghostly Flame... what about man-lands or artifact creatures that could act as colorless damage (Brass Herald might fit nicely since it's a "tribal" card).
  16. DarthFerret Evil Sith Weasel

    Oversoul: I think that because I have played pretty much strictly multi-player for 3 years now, I have gotten that insight on the finely tuned, lets not tick anyone off until we can handle ticking everyone off, deckbuilding, however, since I have been around since its inception, I don't think I have lost much in the dueling skills. What holds me back at this moment, at least on this message board, is the fact that I have not bought or seen any of the newer cards, (since the eight ed. face-lift) and I had limited experience with anything after planeshift. My last purchases were 1 box of invasions and one box of planeshift. Since then, I have only bought singles, and those have either been older cards (millstones, dual lands, etc....) or the last couple I needed to complete the planeshift set (got lucky, only needed to buy 4 cards after I bought the box and did some trading). I am enjoying the multi-player format that I have right now, but I am getting ready to go back to some shops for dueling. When i do that, I will post some of my decks here, to see if I have lost my touch, and will appreciate any advice/criticism that will help me get back to the speed of dueling.

    That being said, Revan, I do not have much knowledge on the cards you are using (unless I looked up each one individually, and I am too lazy for that :D) so I am afraid I cannot be much help, other than agreeing with Oversoul that you really should try to get some goblin grenades. Turn 1 or 2 damage into 5!
  17. orgg Administrator

    I'd drop the Rockspeakers and Strikers for more one-drops and possibly more two-power two drops. You probably want four Sledders, too, as that will dull the Dwarven Catapult's thrust very well. Since you're expecting COP: Red, taking out the Hammers for a few more goblins might also work quite well-- he'll have to spend all his mana on the COP: Red and still not be able to prevent it all(in theory).
  18. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    If you can get Fireblasts AND Goblin Grenades, that could improve the burning capacity of your deck (although it can't substitute for Lightning Bolts, which are better for killing off blockers).

    If you have a goblin on the board already and tap out two Mountains to cast a Lightning Bolt and a Goblin Grenade, then sacrifice the Mountains for a Fireblast, that's 12 (direct) damage right there.

    Then again, some Goblin Lackeys would make most of the burn against players potentially redundant (but I'd still try the burn).
  19. Revan New Member

    Here's what I do have. I'm thinking of adding the Goblin Replicas just to get through with some damage,lol. What about adding 3 Pyrite spellbombs? I could use them for direct damage or for extra speed; since he plays now with the cop's, wrath of god's, and a lot , A LOT(lol), of discard cards. It's basically rats..discard, Merrigrim, and tons of defense. I was going to put in also 3 Whispersilk Cloaks to protect my Warchiefs since they don't seem to last very long,lol. Think I should add these? If so what would you recommend I dump? Thanks!

    * I went ahead and dumped ALL sorecery and instant cards and put in 2 x Goblin raiders(2c)4 Pyrites, and 4 Goblin Replicas. Think this is wise?

    *i kept the rockspeakers because they give me 1 mana and in this deck that can mean a lot. I figure that the Pyrites will speed this deck up, the Goblin Replicas will serve two purposes: direct damage, or be a threat that cop cant deal with and let him use some anti-artifact stuff on it till I get the coat of arms out and rush in for the kill. How does it sound???????????
  20. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    Goblin Replica? It's overcosted for its power and its ability isn't all that great (red has much better artifact hate, if that's what you're looking for).

    Even Seal of Fire would probably be better than Pyrite Spellbomb. I would try not to use either and go for stronger spells like Lightning Bolt and Goblin Grenade (Have I said that last one too much in this thread? It's really quite good).

    Goblin Raider is by no means awful. But in a strong goblin deck, Mogg Flunkies is simply a better attacker.

    The problem is that Goblin Lackeys might be hard to find (uncommon), especially on a budget. They would help your deck out quite a bit by allowing you to drop goblins without paying for them. For this reason, Goblin Lackey is your ideal one-drop.

    You are mistaken about Akki Rockspeakers. They are bad. They give you a single red mana, but they take more than that to cast. They are OPTIMALLY the equivalent of a 1/1 for R (and can't be cast first turn). That's actually worse than Mon's Goblin Raiders (which good goblin decks don't even bother with).

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