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  1. dw51688 The Mad Scientist

    I asked my gf out on an airplane to Salt Lake City (National Science Olympiad). We been together for um since May. I asked her out on my Birthday and that was my best present.
  2. FoundationOfRancor The Gunslinger

    Im gonna go with my girlfriend. Her name is Cate. her codename is "Cake". We've been going out for, um....I think 3 months...maybe a little less.

    Shes never going to find out about that spicy love affair between me and the lady serra (angel, that is)

    Oh yeah :)
  3. dw51688 The Mad Scientist

    FoR! Don't be like Clinton! Well my Girlfriends name is also Kait, except spelled differently. She has a planner that has her schedule on it and who to kill and how and why and how slowly. Sometimes she scares me when she wants me to meet her at her locker to talk about "things". Sometimes I get an :eek: feeling.
  4. sageridder Legendary Cpa Member

    I got lucky on this one.The woman i'm with is my best friend,and an avid gamer.Fact of the matter is one night about back in unlimited time,she came home with these cards.She said it's just like that d&d thing we play,but with cards.Of course i laughted for 10 mins.Then i looked at them and about an hour and a half later,i was hooked.Oh well i guess it's like when you get married,the man gets the last two words in every argument,Yes Dear.
  5. Multani Treetrunk Guy

    You make marrige look like a bad thing. Ya know, it's ironic. Not 100 years ago, women had no power. Now Women can influence our decisions. :D
  6. sageridder Legendary Cpa Member

    Last line was a joke,but strong women had a lot of power in the relationships it was just under the surface.on paper they had little,but often they were the real organizers,and planers.And even though i have had a failed marrige,It's a good thing i just think you must be friends before lovers to make it in the long run.Just my own personal experances talking.
  7. DÛke Memento Mori current GF, Erica, we never knew each other, we never liked each other, and we were almost kind of enemies sitting on the opposite tables, talking the opposite way, and almost hating each other. We never said a good word to each other, we never bared to have 1 look at each other.

    GOD I hated her back then!

    What happened is, I was playing, Magic in school, AT LUNCH, in 9th grade, and that's when all the "love" starting going:

    I played with my friends at launch, ofcourse, Erica, "THE COOL and POPULAR SNOB" was sitting all the way on the opposite table in the lunch room.

    Ofcourse, she was sitting with the "cool" group, and I was sitting with the "lame" group.

    The vending machines at lunch were by us, where we sit.
    She came to the vending machines with one of her girlfriends, ofcourse, she cussed me out while she's at it, BUT this time, she actully came close to me, WHILE I was playing Selenia Dark Angel.
    She was trying to cuss me out me in front of my friends, but instead, she saw Selenia Dark Angel, and that's when the connection was made:

    Erica: "She's cute..."
    Me: "SO!"
    Erica: "What'r you donin'?"
    Me: "Playing a GAME, now could you just f#cken leave!"
    Erica: "What's it called?"
    Nick: "Magic..."
    Me: "Who CARES, just leave..."
    Erica: "MAGIC?"
    Me: "YES, MAGIC!"
    Erica: "So what you do?"
    Nick: "Cast spells and destroy buildings and stuff..."
    Erica: "Oh?"
    Me: "Yes...Leave..."
    Erica: "If it's real Magic, why don't you make me more pretty?"(asking me)
    Me: "Pretty?"
    Erica: "Yeah..."
    Me: "You're already pretty..."
    Erica: "I am?"
    Me: "You know it..."
    Erica: "Do you like me?"
    Me: "NO!"
    Erica: "I like you..."
    Me: "WHAT!?"
    Erica: "Call me..."

    She turned around, smiling, and left back to her table.
    I called her...

    That's not exactly how it happened, but it's about 95 percent accurate.

    I don't know what happened or why, but since then, the 9th grade, till now, 12th grade, we are very, very close.

    The point is, we were fighting all the time, we practically hated each other, for some reason, but something wiered happened, and I can't explain it.

    Relationships and all that is just one wiered and complex stuff.
    There's no telling to what exactly is a "right" way.
    It's just random for random people and random lives.
  8. Thrash Golem New Member

    yeah.. I sit with the nerd too..

    I have 4 close friends in my school.. 1 closer.. we waddle around in the science room playing with test tubes and flints.. while the nerdier dudes play with calculators and are amused by lines.

    Hehe ive been told by chicks i was hot but im a dork, or im cute but im a fag, there's always some catch. i hate when that happens. I'm a jerk. I hate pants.
  9. Chaos Turtle Demiurgic CPA Member, Admin Assistant

    My favorite GF is Alexander.
    I just love that Holy Judgement attack.
    I mean, wow.

    GF means what?
    Uhm. I don't have one of those... :(
  10. sageridder Legendary Cpa Member

    I didn't mean you must be friends before getting involved,I meant the first priority should friends then lovers.Love hate realationships altho hot don't work in the long run most of the time. Just my experiance anyway.
  11. dw51688 The Mad Scientist

    Erica and you's story is intriguing. Very intriguing!
  12. DÛke Memento Mori misunderstood me:).
    I didn't say "nerds"...I didn't think anyone would think that!
    It's really more like the "skateborders" section than "nerds" actully.
    They all skatebord, they all like skateboards, and cars, and cameros, and all that. I just don't know where you got your idea from:), oh nevermind, YOU ARE A NERD:).

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  13. Almindhra Magic's Bitch

    I'll tell you how I met my bf...AOL has a member directory you can search for people on...I was looking for guys on our local area for my friend, no, no, not me, my friend, I swear!...And I would look at the bios and make sure the guys were single or what not and send out a bunch of IMs and talk to people...Well, I started talking to this one guy a bit...I looked at his bio because of course I wasn't going to remember what it said...And I recognized his last name...I found out he lives in the same neighborhood, same street as my grandma...And I use to live there when I was little...And we actually grew up only a few houses away from each other and rode the same bus and went to the same elementary school for a couple of years...

    And I agree with sageridder...Friends first...I've seen my friends screw up their lives because they threw themselves into bad relationships, and now they're all messed up...
  14. Namielus Phrexian Plaguelord

    Almindhra : How can [these] people screw up there lives anymore than they are already?

    Duke : ??? I'm not even going to pretend that story you gave us is true (even around 5%), people that yell at one another f*ck you! With complete disreguard will not make a good couple (Unless your one of those guys the kind that all the others hate). And your problem with selenia is wrong!

    SageRider : This form now has a life of its own, let it breath!

    Thrash Golem : I'm gonna have to go with sleepy on this one derelor is just not right.

    FoundationOfRancor : Whoa I thought I was the stupidest person in the world about keeping good things around. You really 1 upped me.
  15. DÛke Memento Mori

    ...she loved art, and that's what's in common in between us, we just never realized it because we both were busy b#tching at eachother all the time! We still do too, but we like each other a lot. I don't know, I thought the relationship would end right when it got started, but it didn't, and I'm glad it didn't. It will now though since she's going to completely different college than I am, so we're saying good bye to each other as the year passes by.

    Dude, you don't believe me? You wanna see Erica on AIM? I got tons of pics...
    It's strange, I know, but it's possible.

    By the way, what do you mean by "you're the guy that everyone else hates"? and "you're problems with Selenia..."? What are you talking about?
    I think you're trippin'...

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  16. Namielus Phrexian Plaguelord

    Ok me no tripping (god I hate that word). Well I was trying to say that you might be one of those guys that women flock to for no reason without any effort on your part. That is the kind of guy that is the bane to all others.

    And Selenia is a magic card, I don't understand how you feel that having 52 of a card makes you feel good. Unless its Bone Shredders.

    Oh yea and Selenia is kind of Crovax's angel, and he would kill you outright just for looking at her.
  17. DÛke Memento Mori

    I thought you were trying to be mean for a second there!

    Hey, I'm not that kind of a guy. She hated me until she knew I was interested in art. We, physically, liked each other, but mentally, could never stand a sight. THEN, when we talked, she found out that I had won many art awards from the school and stuff; she loved art, and so, she was interested:).

    About Selenia, I don't have anything to do with her.
    I just love the art, and seeing that she, Selenia, brought me with Erica, and made me spent all this wonderful time with her, YES, I IT DOES make me feel good to get that much Selenias. It reminds me of the day me and Erica "mentally" met:).

    And about Crovax, I don't care about his opinion:)!

    [Edited by DÛke on September 23rd, 2000 at 05:47 PM]
  18. Duel Has Less Posts Than Spiderman

    I just got a GF! Like, my first one EVER. AND my first kiss.
    And I DO NOT play FF!
    the worrisome part? why the hell does she like me?
  19. Sleepy Narcoleptic CPA Member

    Well I wanna go out with Britney Spears. She's hot!!!
  20. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Don't worry about it, just be happy :)

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