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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Ransac, Nov 8, 2000.

  1. Ransac CPA Trash Man

    What is up with Gore. Okay, he should be bummed out that they declared with the winner of Florida and then it was taken away from him. Sure, when they declared Bush the winner on CNN he should be bummed. But, come on! You think that a recount will help anything? We will just ponder for the next day wondering what will happen while you gloat about your small state victories and when the recount is through, Bush will STILL be the winner! I mean, why demand a recount in the first place? I think that Gore is a crybaby and should just get on with his life and realize that he would've been a horrible president.

    Ransac, completely biast in the election.
  2. Apollo Bird Boy

    Hey, Ransac, that recount is a Florida state law. It wasn't Gore. If the election is within a certain number of votes, they have to recount it. And it was within that number of votes.

    Made a little boo-boo with your facts there, eh?:)
  3. Ransac CPA Trash Man

    That may be, but late last night after CNN announced Bush's victory, a represtative of Gore's party (i think it was the campaign manager) announce that Gore demands a recount. He tried to recount the whole thing, but was only allowed Florida, and a few others since they were so close.

    I just couldn't stand it, though, to see a man like Gore as president. If I were democratic, I would've voted Nader.

    Ransac, billy boy
  4. Cateran Emperor Passed On

    Aye, it is a state law. Gore wouldn't dare call for a re-vote if he ever hopes to hold office again. That would make him look like a poor sport since he agreed to the rules, and strip away any chances of returning to politics.

    Greateset moment of all time: NBC declaring Bush the winner at 2:17 AM (I was still up, and in fact I haven't slept in almost 40 hours now :p ) and then apologizing after Gore made the concession call.

    Regardless, Gore might as well not have called back, the recount's still going to favor Bush. Remember, there are still Absentee ballots coming in from US troops abroad. Traditionally, absentee ballots have always favored the Republicans (pro-Military and all), so I'm just waiting for them to call it.
  5. Ransac CPA Trash Man

    I didn't mean to seem unbiast in my thread, but I am just teed off at the recount. I am, however, pleased with the absentee votes since most are going to Bush.

    Ransac, apolegetic and a bad speller
  6. Cateran Emperor Passed On

    You and me both :D

    Referring to both being glad at the recount and being a bad speller :eek: )
  7. K9Archmage He Might Be Giants

    I don't care who wins,since i live on a Donkey Farm located on small secluded island off the coast of Costa Ric.
  8. Hawaiian mage CPA symbiod

    How could either of you like Bush? I agree that Gore sucks big time, but Bush sucks so much more.

    If you just read through some of the pamplets and everything that he sends out you can see there wont be anything good to come out of Bush being presedent. He wants to use up our Oil supplies, when we currently are short on oil(what about 5 years from now?) He wants to raise the military, despite the fact that we have the best Military in the world all ready(If some country actually tried to bomb us, we would compleatly smother them in Nukes within an Hour.) He wants to use his "school teaching methods" to improve intellegence and tests(first of all, you can't measure intellegence. Second, corporal punishment was allowed in Texes)

    What am I ramblinjg about... He's allready won... DAMN IT! HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN!?!
  9. Ristik New Member

    Actually, recounts COULD be done in many other states, given that those states' laws allow them, despite not requiring them. I believe Oregon, Wisconsin, and Iowa are in the list of those states, but living in a state that went for sure to Gore this election (That's 18 from MI, folks!), I wouldn't know. Additionally, I think it may be a while until Florida is done, what with this whole Gore/Buchanan thing in Palm County.

    On a side note, are there any Missouri residents that can tell me exactly what happened in St. Louis with the polling places? And I would REALLY appreciate an objective answer to this question, if that's possible for this group.

    Finally, even though I am a Gore supporter, I just want SOMEBODY to win by now. Anyone else agreed?
  10. Darsh Corrupt CPA Member

    Another interesting bit of information is that Bush's brother is Governor of Flordia.

    One other thing, how can you vote for someone that is a native born American, went to some of the best schools, and STILL can't speak English correctly?
  11. Landkiller CPA Menace

    I've heard that they decided to keep the polls open an additional 45 minutes in St. Louis. Don't know why, or how that can be legal. I think that's why a lot of Democrats won state elections, although Bush still carried the state.
  12. The Raven New Member

    I agree with Darsh that Bush is extremely dumb.

  13. Ristik New Member

    Landkiller: I know that they kept the polls open for an extra amount of time because there were people who were there in plenty of time but were waiting in line for periods of time in excess of four hours to vote. The information I am looking for is this: were there still people who had arrived before 8 PM waiting when they finally closed the polls? I have heard that there were, but I am not sure.

    Were this fact true, then the state of Missouri just ran an unconstitutional election because people who followed all the rules were not allowed to vote. I am not entirely sure of the rules concerning this, but I believe that if the election was run improperly (which it certainly was; St. Louis was in no way prepared for the voters they had. But I am referring to the constitutional propriety), then the electoral vote of Missouri MUST be thrown out.

    This means a couple things. First, George Bush cannot win the election; he needs the four votes from Missouri. If he wins Florida and Missouri is thrown out, then no canidate will have the require 270 votes to win, and the election will go to Congress. Second, the entire popular election may become void, since an entire state's vote will not be counted. I believe that in this case, the election will also go to the House of Representatives.

    Unfortunately, nothing has happened to set a precedent, so I am entirely unsure of what will happen. If the election goes into the House, Bush will most likely win; I am unsure because I do not know the political orientation of every state's representation, and the House vote is rather awkward. However, it will prove to be very interesting.

    And on another final note: Landkiller, I applaud one of your state's decisions. We have had, especially in Chicago, a minority that has not been represented in Congress as of yet. You should be proud that your state was the first to elect a deceased Congressman. Incidentally, I would like to see how the ruling on that turns out as well; apparently there is contention that Carnahan cannot hold a residence in Missouri since he is technically no longer a resident; i.e. he is dead.
  14. Landkiller CPA Menace

    Wow. Is there really a debate to discount Missouri's electoral votes? Or is this just your speculation? What about Oregon? Isn't it still undetermined who won there? I say this because both it and Florida showed in the gray undecided section last time I looked at a political map.

    Well, the Lieutenant Governor, Wilson, will get to pick the new Senator. He has announced to pick Jean Carnahan, obviously. So Mel's body won't sit in session, with a seance required to determine each of his votes.

    I think that would be a great idea, though. ;)
  15. Cateran Emperor Passed On

    Ah, I love election time :D

    I'm still surprised how many American residents fail to see how little the President actually does. All the power of the United States is vested in Congress Assembled, and so all the doomsayers are the ones being dumber than they perceive Bush to be. Let's puzzle out what can happen shall we:

    1. Bush wins Florida, is elected President (most likely)

    Lieberman takes his Senate seat. Here's where the fun begins. The projected R/D ration in the Senate is 50/49, with one toss up seat taht belongs to Lieberman. If Bush wins, Lieberman gets his seat and makes it 50/50 in the senate. What happens now you ask? Well, ties in the Senate are broken by the President of the Senate, or the Vice President. That is Cheney in this case. In other words, Bush has a 51/50 margin in his favor. Now we factor in the degrees to which any given Senator goes from being a moderate, and Bush now can't do anything ultra-conservative. Bush has to play moderate for the first few years or else he'll turn away the moderate Republicans, making a losing battle for himself. So think of it this way: Bush has to play moderate for at least a year and a half or else nothing will ever get passed.

    2. Gore wins Florida and is elected president (because nothing is a sure thing...)

    Lieberman loses his Senate seat, leaving an open seat which will be appointed by his governor, who is a Republican in this case. The Republicans have the Senate 51/49 in this case. Gore has to do the same thing as Bush, but he'll have a much harder time than Bush ever would, resulting in yet more gridlock than was present during all these years under Clinton.

    Now factor in the Republican domination of the House once again and we can see that Bush is the only candidate with a prayer of accomplishing anything over the next 4 years. All we can do for now is wait...
  16. Cateran Emperor Passed On

    There is no debate currently over the Missouri electoral votes, and the Republican Candidate for Carnahan's seat has not yet said he will contest, so Oregon doesn't matter. Winning Oregon won't be enough votes for either candidate to win.
  17. Ristik New Member

    There is currently no debate over Missouri's votes because Gore does not plan to contest them. My speculation (and yes, it is speculation, although this is exactly how I would do things in this position) is that the voters who were turned away will protest. This will result in a rather prolific class-action lawsuit against the US Government for infringing upon the constitutional rights of many citizens of Missouri. This is the basis for my previous theory about Missouri's electoral votes becoming null and void.

    It is possible for Oregon's votes to matter; it is not unheard of for a couple electors to vote for someone besides the person they were picked to vote for. For example, Ronald Reagan received electoral votes in 1976 because of people not liking Gerald Ford. Were this situation to occur, and two of the Republican electors voted against Bush, and Bush wins Florida, but not Oregon, Bush will have 269 votes and the election will go to the House. This is an EXTREMELY unlikely scenario, but I did want to make it clear that there is something of a precedent for it, even if an election has never hinged upon it.

    Cateran Emperor, it appalls me that someone with your intellect made two significantly erroneous remarks in your recent postings. First and foremost, with Congress set up the way it is now, the President is more powerful; the 2/3 vote to override a Presidential veto does not exist in either house of Congress, much less both of them. This makes the President more powerful. Additionally, you are forgetting the third branch of the government: the Supreme Court. If Bush is elected, he will most likely appoint 4 of the 9 justices. Granted, they are slight variables, but it is another example of the power of the President. And don't pull this "advice of Congress" thing on me, the President appoints whoever he wants.
    Second of all, the gridlock during the Clinton administration was very nearly nonexistant except for the budget one time. The very fact that the houses of Congress have nearly equal representation means that gridlock will be a far lesser force in the next couple years; do you really think that the Republicans will continually fight Gore when they KNOW that they could easily lose majority in 2002 if they do so? Likewise, will the Democrats be willing to fight the Republican majority tooth and nail when they are well aware that they could lose their minor upswing during the next Congressional election?

    On my obligatory final note on Missouri: Carnahan's seat is fairly unimportant in the matter of the Presidency; it seems as though that may not have been clear, given some of the responses I received. I merely mentioned it as an interesting side note.
  18. Ristik New Member

    I just noticed how amazingly applicable your signature is in this discussion, Cateran Emperor. Also, upon review of my posting, I feel I may have accidentally flamed you more than I intended. My point was not to discredit you as much as it was shock that you had missed two large things, given how correct you have been on political issues recently. I apologize profusely for any unseemly flaming I may have done.
  19. Baskil CPA Member

    :rolleyes: Unreal. You fail to realize that there is a lot more responsibility the President has than just signing bills into law. With a tightening of the House numbers, the veto power of the president becomes even stronger, making the *democratic* process stronger. Having a near even Congress is the best thing that can happen to this country.
    :rolleyes: The only way gridlock would occur would be if one side decides to not work with the other. (I should point out that the only real gridlock, other than the shutdown, was when the Republicans impeached Clinton) The thing you fail to realize (or maybe you do, and just put blinders on) is that having a split government (different parties in executive and legislative) requires Congress to have bipartisan bills go to be signed. This comprimise makes for better legislation, and in turn, makes the system run the way it was intended to be ran.
  20. Rando Freaky Bear

    I'm from Missouri! ...and wouldn't it be neat if they proped up Mel's body in congress and moved him around with puppet strings?

    ...OK, probably not.

    But I would like to express my views on Mr. Bush:

    I think that Florida will go to him, and then, after 4 years, the country will see him for the half-retarded idiot man-child he really is and he will not be re-elected. Unfortunetly, this will be after he apoints 3 or 4 Supreme Court justices.

    Alright, that makes 3 from MO on these boards. Me, DUke and Landkiller. We should start a Mo. chapter. Landkiller, did you go to states?

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