CPA Voting Issues: 7th's Power Artifact


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I'll be posting this as a Voting Topic in a few weeks, so I thought I'd start a thread here to discuss it first. The question is: What Do You Think the Power Artifact in 7th Will Be?, and what we're looking for here is not only your opinion on what artifact they'll put in there, but also for your reasoning why.

Let's talk about it! :D


Cursed Scroll:
WHY - It follows the trend in 5th and 6th Edition (aka. Jester's Cap and Grinning Totem, respectively).

WHY NOT - Banned in Rath Cylce Constructed. Also, would totally wreck the slow T2 environment.

Coat of Arms:
WHY- Would promote theme decks. Merfolk, Elves, Zombies, Beasts, Angels and Spirits could all benefit.

WHY NOT - One word: Rebels.

Mox Diamond:
WHY - It would enhance the multi-colored theme being promoted in T2, without being overly unbalanced. At least, not with the current T2 card pool.

WHY NOT - It's a Mox. R&D are really phobic about 0cc artifacts, especially those that get banned or restricted in T1.

Scroll Rack:
WHY - Cheap library manipulation. Colorless, too.

WHY NOT - Cheap library manipulation is supposed to be something that blue can do best. Compared to the Scroll Rack, Soothsaying just doesn't cut it as well.

Those are my ideas on possible candidates as "power artifact." Others worthy of being in 7th (ex. Puppet Strings, Torture Chamber, Static Orb) aren't quite on the level of being called "power."

My personal vote? Go MOX DIAMOND!!!


Ensnaring bridge

Why: provides an incentive to drop your hand, allows a slower, more control-based game

Why not: Um, combo with null brooch? Never mind.

The Meddalions

Why: Fairly balanced, and very effective.

Why not: Speeds up the game to an unholy level, can be seriously broken, methinks, but I've yet to figure out how.

Dune Echo

Well you have to realize that Urza's Saga is going to be there as well. I personally vote for Cursed Scroll and Mox Diamond. Cursed Scroll has been rumored HEAVILY lately. Also, there's Gizmo's info that D. Alexander Gregory was going to be doing new artwork.

Personally, I think Mox Diamond is going to be in for a couple of reasons:

A) WotC is going to really need the sales for 7th edition to be good. What better way than to make it worth buying. What makes people buy the base is is GOOD rares. I'd buy a box in hopes of getting a Cursed Scroll or Mox Diamond.

B) Mox is one of Magic's magical words of yore. If they put the Mox in, a lot of newbies are going to try to jump at the chance of getting one.

C) The environment is perfect for the Diamond right now. We need all the multicolor mana producers we can get to enable complete variety in the environment.

D) Mox is just plain cool to have.

As to what will be in from Urza's Saga, I haven't a clue.


dune echo, saga isn't gonna be in 7th, might have a few commons but basicly no saga cards that will be in 8th

Cateran Emperor

Nope, WotC stated that 25% of Urza's rares will be in 7th. If it isn't reprinted then, it never will be.

I say go Cursed Scroll!
A) Scroll requires a hyper speed deck to be effective, such as Deadguy Red; nothing in T2 is THAT fast that it will rip the environment wide open.
B) Red really, really, REALLY needs colorless recursve damage against White. REALLY. (At least Absolute Law is gone :eek: )
C) It would definately promote sales. Everyone loves the Scroll!

Chaos Turtle

My dark-horse vote: Grindstone (replacing Millstone).

I mean, if you want to encourage multi-color decks, Grindstone will do this more effectively.


I expect both Cursed Scroll and Mox Diamond to be reprinted in 7th edition.

I think that one power artifact will be added for each set rotating in. (Now that WotC is on a regular two-year cycle, each base set will rotate two standalone sets at a time.)

Non-power artifacts: Ensnaring Bridge is confirmed in, as far as I know. Scroll Rack might make it, but I wouldn't care.


I'd SO love scroll rack! It's just what several decks of mine need. My rebel deck would LOVE that card...


Dune, Gizmo, et al...
I personally asked Mr. Gregory about it and he said he'd not been commisioned to redo the art for Cursed Scroll. He then sold me tournament starters at 60% off. :)

Cateran Emperor

If they reprint Morphling, then they'd BETTER reprint some way to stop the thing! Red Elemental Blast, Pyroblast, any kind of Blast. Come on! Let's give Red some good hosers again!


why shouldnt they reprint masticores if anything?
then again, id rather see mox diamonds .

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[me]throws a Fireball at the bandwagon[/me]



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