Betrayers of Kamigawa Preview at WOTC

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  1. DÛke Memento Mori

    He's playable, no doubt. Even decent in regular combat for that matter. Though I wouldn't at all center a deck or a theme on him, nor do I expect anyone beyond casual players to consider him playable; when the smoke clears, he's a weenie with a cool looking ability - and no one will know why oh why they thought he was anything more; now if this was an enchantment it'd be different, but he's a 2/2.

    I don't like such questionable power, not even in my casual decks (I build casual decks to win) and would simply rather supliment the advantage he may offer with something more assured, like Night's Whisper. Besides being a creature, his ability is too conditional; against decks that don't pack that many creatures he's rather useless, even in combat. And against decks that do pack creatures, there are two types: they're either weenie rush creatures or slow/chump control creatures (i.e. Ravenous Rats, Triskelion). In the first case the opponent will pack enough creature removal to make sure his creatures go through; in the other case the opponent will pack some removal anyway because they're playing, duh, a control type. In both cases Toshi is lame. If this is Wizard's idea of a playable casual card, then they're mistaken. I must say, though, they know how to invoke random excitement...

    Now Fumiko...she I would keep a close eye on. I don't play Red, and really don't care for Samurai, but it's easy to notice the sheer power seeping through this lady.

    And the Ninjas?

    A joke to be revealed, that's all it is. Aside from the usual eye-catching card or two which would represent such limited mechanics, Ninjas will sink faster than "morph" did...only the Ninjas are a lot more limited and a lot less interesting.
  2. Notepad Seffy Sefro

    Because of all the Magic novel characters, Toshi is hands-down one of these coolest ever, if not coolest. That really shows through on the references given to him by the crew, especially on Monday. That awe over the character is what's leading to the hype over the card (and likely the reason he has the nice ability he does).
  3. TheCasualOblivion 10 year Veteran Newbie

    Ninja and Ninjutsu do have the possibility to be a workable addition to the game, even in tournament circles. Don't forget that playing the cards with Ninjutsu inevitibly give you at least one free shot of the ability. Thats card advantage for the most part for those of you keeping score.
  4. Notepad Seffy Sefro

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  5. jorael Craptacular!

    That little spirit will show up in casual multiplayer a lot!

    It's even 1/3 for 2 mana, nice. Tattoo Ward is worth getting now (I don't have them yet).

    Winds of Rath for teh win!
  6. Notepad Seffy Sefro

    This thing is perfect for an OTJ phantom deck, which is of course one of the two prime ideas shown. Perfect. Per f ect. Um...

    Its a dandy card, and can have some real power to it. But, unless you build a deck around it, you just aren't getting that much bang for your buck. Also, it requires a huge dedication to a tribe that isn't all so hot on its own the way other tribes are.

    White offers a lot of super enchantments, though. Sadly, the only place you find spirits and creature enchantments together is in a phantom deck. Perfect for a phantom deck. Not useful too much beyond that.

    Since I have such a deck, I'll be tracking down four of these guys. :D
  7. DÛke Memento Mori

    I could see this new White spirit being liked. I already built a U/W Spirit/Arcane wannabe-control deck; it's only problem is that it is slow with cards like Innocent Kami and Sire of the Storm. The deck does use Spirit Link for early protection and for later healing, a Confiscate, and some Arrests. Since it's a Spirit deck as well, it sure can benefit from an early game blocker that can load me up on more protection. It also triggers Spirit-trigger so that's perfect.

    And I know that, though I'm not sure how interested I am in working a deck that hopes in "at least one free shot." I do see them being played, even successfully at times, but they will not stir up a storm if only because they are, at the end, only creatures that are not only costly, but also depend on combat to realize their full potential. Now not a lot of decks will let you sneak a Ninja like that whenever you please, and if they did, chances are they are dying anyway from the combat damage, and not the Ninjas, or that they have a combo ready to go off and that combat damage you're focusing on is just a waste of time.
  8. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.


    It's cute and all, but I don't know where it'd be used. There aren't all THAT many good Enchant Creature cards so far in Kamigawa block, so I don't think it'd be in Limited. And I can't figure out what I'd want to find so badly in terms of enchant creature cards that I'd play him in Constructed.

    Not great, not bad...he's just kinda there. Feels like filler.
  9. Notepad Seffy Sefro

    I think it was made specifically for OTJ phantom decks, honestly. It really does reek of the stentch of someone's personal project.

    Green and white had good enchant critters...way back in those days. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I see no other reason for this card having been made. It does nothing to advance standard or block decks, even spiritcraft ones.
  10. TheCasualOblivion 10 year Veteran Newbie

    Here's another Ninja, just for you SeFRo:

    Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni
    Legendary Creature--Rat Ninja
    Ninjutsu 3BB
    If Ink-Eyes deals combat damage to a player, return target creature from that players graveyard into play under your control.
    1B: Regenerate

    That's a Sexy card if I ever saw one.
  11. DÛke Memento Mori

    Ink-Eyes is good even if he wasn't a Ninja. He's a Black beefy monster that regenerates; that's not all too bad in itself. With the ability, in a Black control deck, he's evil. I get to destroy all your neat creatures early in the game and then when you have no defenses I'll take them one by one. Wow. Just what a Black control deck needs. Also, the creatures don't leave your control if Ink-Eyes does; that's always a subtle plus.

    I want 4 right away.
  12. TheCasualOblivion 10 year Veteran Newbie

    You're forgetting discard. Ink-Eyes can bring out stuff my opponent discarded(especially if he chose to discard the fatties early with my early turn discard effects). That's even better.
  13. DÛke Memento Mori

    Well if it's a black control deck, as I mentioned, then it is needless to say that it will contain discard.

    I personally use 4x Distress and 3x Wrench Mind (or 3x Waking Nightmare, depends on my mood)...couple that with Barter in Blood (or your choice of creature removal) and some Consume Spirit (or whatever alternative creature removal you have)...oh, and don't forget to add Ink-Eyes in...and you have the very basic of what could be a strong deck. It can get nasty.
  14. Reverend Love New Member

    Back to that little white spirit which tutors for enchant creature spells.

    I think the given example of Pacafism, Arrest, and Cage of Hands is excellent. For every creature/spell you play, you'll tutor for creature control? Doesn't get any better then that.

    Duke this would be killer in your Spirit deck.

    You could play early game spirit beatdown. By using quick efficient spirits tutor the necessary control to lock down their potential blockers. Even slap in a creature buff or two just in case your sitting fat on control.
  15. DÛke Memento Mori

    Reverend Love...I hear ya. I'm still waiting for those few, one or two, Black cards that I can add to the potential build of a Black Spirit/Arcane deck.

    Though I do agree, like I posted, regarding its use with creature control enchantments. Earlier I mentioned Confiscate failing to realize that Confiscate is an Enchant Permanent and not Enchant Creature. Still, we have Spirit Link and Pacificism as great highlights. Sure we're not exploiting the card here, but tutoring for just 1 card makes up for it, and if my opponent wants to use one of his creature removal on it, that's one less creature removal I have to worry about when my Sire of the Storm, Keiga, and Yosei hit the floor. I like the idea.

    I have my fingers crossed for some good Spirit/Arcane triggers for Black...
  16. Reverend Love New Member

    Here's something I slapped together rather quickly based on the idea. It kinda mirrors Mark's build a little. But I think mine is bit more aggressive in nature.

    Creatures: 22
    4 Tallowisp
    4 Thief of Hope
    4 Kami of Ancient Law
    4 Wicked Akuba
    2 Emissary of Despair
    3 Cruel Deciever
    1 Kabuto Moth

    Creature Enchantments: 10
    4 Arrest
    4 Pacifism
    2 Cage of Hands

    Spells: 6
    4 Etheral Haze
    2 Cranial Extraction

    Land: 22
    11 Swamps
    11 Plains

    The entire idea was to keep with the spirits and attempt to get the highest power for the least cost. Attempting to get 20 to the dome as fast as possible.

    4 Etheral Haze just in case you encounter some craziness like Rude Awakening.

    2 Extractions for red or black decks running weenie removal.

    I haven't memorized any spoilers yet so I'm not sure if these choices will be replaced for future arcane/spirits.
  17. Notepad Seffy Sefro

    Paul Sottosanti's article (in place of Aaron Forsythe)

    Now THESE Genjus are more like it! The red one turns the land into a vanilla 6/3, btw.

    I like these cards. Outright. They're functionally just like man-lands, except they might be countered. Other than that, they're just as vulnerable and mana-intensive as the man-lands of old.

    The only actual downside I can see is they do take up a spell slot rather than a land slot, as the man-lands did. No biggie. Not abusive stuff, but stillawesome!:D

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  18. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

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  19. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

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  20. Mikeymike Captain Hiatus

    Those are 3 very strong uncommons in a row.

    The Genju is a freaking 4/4 attacker on turn 3, and it doesn't suffer from the typical enchant land problems.

    Bandit/Azamuki is a solid flip creature that is easy to activate.

    Heed the Mists is painfully easy to set up for it to draw a handful of cards. This thing makes Allied Strategies, which is a solid card, look like a kid's toy.

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