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Age Poll: New! Reply if you want!

46 and over 0 vote(s) 0.0%
41 - 45 1 vote(s) 3.8%
36 - 40 1 vote(s) 3.8%
31 - 35 2 vote(s) 7.7%
26 - 30 1 vote(s) 3.8%
21 - 25 3 vote(s) 11.5%
16 - 20 8 vote(s) 30.8%
15 and under 10 vote(s) 38.5%
  1. Daenen New Member

  2. Zadok001 CPA Founder, Greater Good

    Just a hint to the extremely unwise: Don't make Ed feel old. That guy runs the boards, you're supposed to suck up to him! :) J/K. Insult him not.

    I'm 16, going on 61 by the way I feel right now...

    "Where'd THAT bruise come from?"
  3. galtwish Loudmouth

    Foundation of Rancor, that was about the funniest things I've seen in a month, not counting Mr. Show episodes I have on tape. What's my age again? 23, although my wife thinks I'm 15 (no insult to the 15 year olds out there, it's just when you do a naked monkey dance everytime you bring home a case of beer, you get pigeon-holed)

  4. Apollo Bird Boy

    I could of sworn I already replied to this, but I can't find it, so...

    I'm 15. Bye now.

  5. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.

    I'm 23. I'll be 24 in...uh...five days. May 11th.
  6. linsivvi New Member

    I feel strange now, I was looking at the age list and I see like 35, 19, 27. I am 13!! That seems really young now. TAG GUARD
  7. Multani Treetrunk Guy

    Tag Guard

    Your not the only 13 year-old around here, Linsivvi.
    I'm 13 too!

    BTW the reason you can't get a weapon is because you didn't sign up for the tag game. You can't sign up anymore, but you can always wait for the next tag game. :D

    "To make peace with the forest, make peace with me."
    -Multani to Urza
  8. linsivvi New Member

    Alright, thanks, where can I sign up and when is the next one.
  9. Multani Treetrunk Guy

    Tag Guard

    Where- Battle Arena
    When- I have no idea... :(

    "To make peace with the forest, make peace with me."
    -Multani to Urza
  10. Apollo Bird Boy

    another possible classic thread?
  11. Turtlewax Joe CPA Hater of Train

    I am 39,473,451 years old and still living (but I reek of cheese!)

    [Edited by Turtlewax Joe on 11-22-00 at 12:38 AM]
  12. Turtlewax Joe CPA Hater of Train

    I'm 13:rolleyes:
    But act 2:p
    I love it!:D
  13. DÛke Memento Mori

    ...I'll answer it here: I'm 17, going to 18 on February 8.
  14. ErinPuff Token Female

    Hey Isty, we have the same birthday! ..but I'm only 14..
  15. Bob Idiot

    I'm 12......
    Baby want bottle!
    Waaaaaaaaaaa!!!My diaper is poopy!!!!Waaaaaaaaaaa!!!
  16. K9Archmage He Might Be Giants

    Hmmm. I am a 600 year old fogey that started collecting magic cards with my old buddy Columbus.

  17. GreatGoatGuy New Member

  18. Azreal the Soulmaster Sorrow's Rhapsody

    all these people giving out there ages its kinda weird, i mean i thought most of you were of different ages Multani only 13! man thats well....i have no idea. It kinda makes you wonder how old people think you are i wonder how old do you think i am?
  19. G3169 New Member

  20. Zero New Member

    Im 18!

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