A discourse upon the habits and self defense of the socially rejected in High School.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Rand, Jun 21, 2001.


If I asked you how many angels can dance on your head, what would you do?

Laugh 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Take offense 6 vote(s) 20.0%
Hit me 2 vote(s) 6.7%
Give me money 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Say 42 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Say As many as want to 9 vote(s) 30.0%
Change the subject 5 vote(s) 16.7%
Roll your eyes 1 vote(s) 3.3%
Attempt to hit me with a book 5 vote(s) 16.7%
Dance a jig 2 vote(s) 6.7%
  1. Thallid Ice Cream Man 21sT CeNTuRy sChIZoId MaN

    I look a little like a preppie.
    That's where the resemblance has ended.
  2. Wonka YellowJackoff

    Personally I hate nerds, but this is coming from a jocks perspective. They are called nerds because all they do is either study and never do anything other then stay in the house all day. They are to afraid to talk to anybody, especially girls. Whos fault is it the jocks fault NO its their fault.
  3. Svenmonkey Pants Chancellor

    I'm socially inept. So what? That's no reason for some oinkhole jock to push me around. And if anybody tries anything on me, they'll either get stabbed or bludgeoned while they aren't expecting it.

    I hate the jock type. They just act like a-holes and throw their weight around.
  4. Bob Idiot

    *aims his sniper rifle at Wonka*

    *Wonka turns around*

    *puts the sniper rifle behind his back, then walks away, whistling innocently*

    *Wonka turns around*

    *aims it again*

    and so on...
  5. Wonka YellowJackoff

    Your wondering why you got no friends, talking would help. We can throw our weight around if we want to so can you but your to afraid.
  6. Svenmonkey Pants Chancellor

    If you think I'm afraid of throwing my weight around, you're wrong. The thing is, I don't want to be an ass to others, so I choose not to.

    If you want to see me throw my weight around, maybe you should come over here, and I'll kill you with my bare hands.

    Oh, and weren't you taught English at some point, son? You write worse than my 10-year-old sister. Jeez, inferior in both body and mind.
  7. MrXarvox The Prettiest Man Alive


    Wanka is funny. That is, not funny-ha-ha or funny-hee-hee, but funny-pathetic.
  8. Bob Idiot

    If you hate the freaks/exiled so much, why are you at a Magic site? It's a nerd breeding ground here!
  9. Wonka YellowJackoff

    Awwwwww man you just hurt my feelings. Im sorry I dont take the time to fix every mistake I make and I dont care if I do. Your going to kill me........... lol.
  10. Svenmonkey Pants Chancellor

    I didn't say I'd kill you, just that if you ever want to test me, bring it on. And maybe you should edit your posts to make sure they're coherent, because your terrible spelling and grammar make you look like an imbecile.

    Or, wait, maybe you are an imbecile...
  11. Thallid Ice Cream Man 21sT CeNTuRy sChIZoId MaN

    Well, he was the first one to start a 911 thread, but Rando insulted him for his spelling of foreigners, so that's been done.
  12. Wonka YellowJackoff

    Like I said before do you think I care about every little mistake. We guys on this board really dont care and your the first person who mentioned it to me in 2 years. Typical nerd.....
  13. Svenmonkey Pants Chancellor

    Oh, grow a nose, Sally.

    And learn your own language.
  14. Bob Idiot

    You guys should move this to the battle arena.
  15. laxweasel New Member

    We seem a little off topic but...
    I felt obliged to post. I am the total utility nerd. I am a computer, book, band and just plain nerd nerd. Heh, of course, it also helps to have made friends in powerful places. I play for the Lacrosse team, so not many people mess with me. Except those ****ing little...
    Never mind.
  16. Darkstar An Entire Marching Band

    The lyrics to Total Immortal pretty much sum up the time period inwhich I attended highschool...

    Hope unkown. Sometimes just waking is surreal. I walk right through the nameless ones. I know that hope's unknown. Sometimes the water feels so real. As I walk through it fills my lungs, my god, I'm drowning. This day never seems to end. This pain, never. The rage I will not let go. I hear them calling. I feel them gnawing out holes through flawless souls. So alone. Sometimes I swear that I can hear the taunting of the voiceless ones.
    I fear that I alone fear those ceased to feel they're alone inside of this place.
    I am the misplaced. Now every face, it looks familiar... then every face would melt away until.. now everyone, do you know, I know your deception?

    Davey Havok is a genius
  17. terzarima New Member


    Vive le revolution?
  18. Wonka YellowJackoff

    Hmmmm....... is that all you can come back with is mistakes that I make when I write. Dude you can say whatever you want but most likely I can beat your a##. You have a chance maybe when Im drunk after my baseball games but my friends are there but their probaly be drunk to.
  19. Svenmonkey Pants Chancellor

    Umm, my "coming back" with insults to your intelligence is a bit better than your talking about your drunkenness.

    Oh, and why don't you submit your picture, boy? You afraid someone will laugh at you?
  20. Wonka YellowJackoff

    Well, I guess you do got a point there lol

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