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    And I mean this sucker is o-beast-ie!

    • Ninth Edition player's guide
    • 2 card boxes
    • 6 Ninth Edition booster packs
    • 40-card Ninth Edition basic land pack
    • 6 plastic dividers
    • Ninth Edition Spindown (TM) life counter
    • Unique, oversized Ninth Edition card

    The cardboard wrap that contains the boxes is a poster on the inside. You simply break the adhesive and wha-lah! it's a cool poster.

    I bought the Fat Pack ($29.99) and all five theme decks ($10.49) and I think they're great.

    The player's guide is cool in that it has 14 pages of informative content like how and why some cards are back (Kird Ape, Hypnotic Specter), the re-type casting like Raging Goblin which is now a Goblin Berserker, a page for each color and why cards were selected, the whole player's choice picks, and a four page interview with Greg Staples (artist for Goblin Raider Urza's Saga).

    It has a complete colorized 9E Encyclopedia and a check list. The guide also has two properly spaced holes for you to add it to your binder.

    The card boxes are really strong and deck boxes fit perfectly within them. I put my 9E theme decks in them already. The art on them are of the Hynotic Specter and Serra Angel going at it in an airal fight.

    The booster packs were okay, I got an Underworld Dreams but not much of anything else to brag about. :(

    The 40-card land pack was definitly a good idea. Land is so preciouse these days that I put some into my trade binder becuase I know folks want them. I used to give away land freely and use 'em as proxies but I now realize that I'm running a bit low on them now. I still don't like most of the art work they've selected for the basic lands but hey, I think they still produce usable mana :p .

    6 Plastic dividers,.....huh. Well I like them! I've been making my own for years using index cards, or backs of note pads and even cards in sleves slightly elevated so I can see them during a quick reference. Each color has art on it from the basic lands in 9E and the Artifact/Land divider has the new Icy Manipulator art on it.

    Spindown counter, you all know these d20's. You can't use them for anything but keeping track of life. A D & D player once said to me that he won't allow them in his campaigns, ooooooh well. Mine was green and NO it's not for trade.

    My oversized card was Force of Nature. No biggie but when I flipped it around to see the usual drabby brown Masterdeck back there instead was a full picture of the Force of Nature art with no text and it horizontal! Cool. :cool:

    Of course many folks won't like it because it was designed to SELL magic cards and not apeeze <sp?> the loyal Magic masses. But I found it to be refreshing, in fact, I may just buy another one instead of buying a box.


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