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  1. Ferret CPA Founder, Slacker

    I did like Icewind Dale (and it's sequel) because it was one of the few games that allowed me to build an actual party of characters, but they were a little unforgiving in the fact that if you did something out of order you'd be stuck, have to fallback on an earlier save, and do a whole mess of crap all over again.

    Baldur's Gate left me w/ a sour taste in my mouth when I had characters fighting amongst themselves, your behaviour being closely monitored so that one bad click and the whole town would try to kill you, half your party turns against you, and the other half just plain ran away screaming "better part of valour!". But, I tolerated that. What really annoyed me was walking into a place w/ hard to navigate walls and being sniped w/ flaming arrows - by KOBOLDS! Little guys w/ 1-4 HP were doing 20-30 points of damage to my party. Let's just say that after that I was turned off to the whole series. I know I should try to go back and give it a try, but it was just too darned frustrating...

    Oddly enough, the best AD&D games I played were the old "Gold Box" edition games that I would play on my old 286 - they didn't even require a hard drive to play...


    "What can I say? I'm old."
  2. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    The "scripting of sequence" was a necessary evil, at least for the first Baldur's Gate and first Icewind Dale as they were still feeling their way. Only a couple of RPOG games aren't scripted (I think Dungeon Siege? may be one of them).

    If you had characters fighting among themselves, then honestly they were "role-playing" their alignment better than anyone you played with before. Those first two guys you join up with, Monteron and someone else, they're CE off the bat and unless you created an evil character to match, you get rid of them at the first opportunity.

    Never had a problem with kobolds either... especially doing 20-30 points of damage :eek:. Maybe 10 or so with a flaming arrow until I got close, but if you're talking about in the Mines, either spells or my own ranged guys could take them out. And my Hidden in Shadows Thief... :)

    It just sounds like you seemed to have harder trouble, I guess... but I love the series. Almost done with the first Baldur's Gate, so still have the Sword Coast and BG2 to do... :)
  3. sageridder Legendary Cpa Member

    So Mark what happened? No bad choices to make all good stuff.Toe jam -n- Earl Toe jam -n- Earl Toe jam -n- Earl Toe jam -n- Earl Toe jam -n- Earl Toe jam -n- Earl Er .. Umm ...well anyway I'm sure your little angels did well with such a good Dad.

    (side note)
    Turtle man just break down and get yourself the awesome campy goodness of Toe Jam -n- Earl on the Evil Gates Box
  4. Chaos Turtle Demiurgic CPA Member, Admin Assistant

    That's part of my evil plan man! It's on my list of things to look for while at the place I trade (Bookman's, here). Currently I am working on Prince of Persia: the Sands of Time and GTA III, having just wrapped up my first run-through of Knights of the Old Republic.

    Yeah I know I'm a couple (or three) years behind "the times." I'm okay with that. The games are cheap at least. (Like, practically free--a few 2nd edition D&D supplements and a Manual of the Planes I got on eBay as a throw-in on another deal got me over 60 bucks in trade.)

    If Toe-Jam and Earl shows up at Bookman's then, I'm all over it.

    (Thanks for the tip.) :)

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