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  1. Zhaneel Resident Gryphon Queen

    Saw it last night and it was freaking awesome. We had to see the 10:30 showing because the shows from 7-10 were all sold out when we got to the theatre at 6. Shoulda known.

    Anyone else see it?
  2. train The Wildcard!!!...

    Not yet - but I have X-treme plans of doing so...

    Nightcrawler just looks so cool...

    Isn't Colossus in this one also?...
  3. Svenmonkey Pants Chancellor

    Hey, wow train! I'm an X-treme moviegoer too!
  4. Zhaneel Resident Gryphon Queen

    Nightcrawler was awesome. The actor did a great job.

    Who's Colossus? (obviously didn't have a big part, if any)
  5. Svenmonkey Pants Chancellor

    I think the collossuses were those big metal things they were always fighting.
  6. Zero T Katama Silver Shadow Guardian

    No, those would be Sentinels (I think). Colossus is a mutant
  7. Aku Necromancer Headlights off

    Sorry, I thought it was terrible. The only character worth caring about was Wolverine. The Iceman/Rouge sentimental crap was annoying, I hope Pyro barbecues them, as I care for neither. Kelly Hu is apparently the new Darth Maul, a few lines, one fight scene and that is all. For an action movie someone so smokin' hot deserves more attention (was it really worth putting her in the movie?)

    I am now at the edge of my seat in anticipation for the next installment (not).
  8. Nightstalkers Creature — Nightstalker

    your next serving: The Matrix Reloaded....

    Colassus is the guy that can change his skin metal like...

    As for the Kelly Hu fight scene, they needed something like the one in X1.
  9. train The Wildcard!!!...

    Colossus is the Austrian Accent, ShortHaired, muscular mutant male, whose body becomes like plated armor...

    Sentinels are the robots fighting the X-men - most of the time...

    And was Kelly Hu, Lady Deathstrike or what?... i didn't pay attention to her being in the movie, jus tknew deathstrike had a fight scene with Wolvie...

    "Nightcrawler just looks so cool!"...:eek: :D :cool:
  10. Zhaneel Resident Gryphon Queen

    Colossus had a small part.

    It's really too bad you didn't enjoy it, Aku... It was a fun movie. I liked the romance between Rogue and Iceman. Maybe it's only because I'm a girl :p :rolleyes:
  11. DÛke Memento Mori


    I liked it better than the first. I also liked the little romance glitches between Rogue and Iceman, but I liked the tension between Jean, Cyclops and Wolverine much better - it is more mature and more complex. I am not used to seeing Rogue with Iceman - she eventually falls for Gambit...

    I also really liked how they showed Jean's alter-ego, the Phoenix - which is, in short, the super psychokinetic and telepathic manifestation of Jean, but she does not really have the same "life" as Jean, and if she is to come back in X3, she will be like Wolverine: innocent to her past, and only knows of herself as a person who is living "today," with no history, no past connections...nothing. Even her relationship with Cyclops she will forget, or at least, will posses very small, weird recollections left of it.

    I really did not like some of the combat sequences, as they were very poorly produced, compared, for example, with The Matrix 2, which they previewed right before X2. The distinction we can make concerning the production of these two movies are numberless. The Matrix 2 is so much cleaner than X2, and that is the most obvious, and more important, note I can make.

    It was fun, but nothing like The Matrix. They haven't really played out the drama well: X-Men really has a lot of psychological insights to the human emotions and human conduct, but the movie fails to show these on their proper levels. The directors might be not very motivated or spirited...
  12. train The Wildcard!!!...

    Duke - your telling of it, Aku's and my interest for the X-men makes me want to see it much sooner...

    Thanks all!...
  13. Gizmo Composite: 1860

    Best. Superhero Film. Ever.
    (and in comics I like Spiderman and Batman, and hate Wolverine)

    Much much much much much much MUCH better than the first one. I didnt like the first one, it really dragged it`s way through with lots of talking and just a couple of fairly poor action sequences.

    This one seemed to just go action/action/action/action/talk/action/action/action and I loved it all the way through.

    Yeah, Colossus makes a brief appearance at the mansion, as do Siren , Shadowcat, and Blink (I think its Blink).

    For me there was a point in the movie where I just suddenly realised that this film was going to be a whole different thing from the first one... and that`s when Wolverine stuck the first black ops guy.

    Wolverine`s Body Count Comparison
    First Film: 0
    Second Film: 30+

    A whole different attitude was behind the making of this film. And it didnt hand-feed you info like you were retarded, there wasnt time the film was so packed.

    There`s so many X-Men that they cant keep cramming new ones in. It`s good to see Bobby get in there (no ice slides yet though) but I`m hoping they can fit Angel and Beast (although he did get a brief cameo this time) into the next one, so that the original team is back together.
  14. Aku Necromancer Headlights off

    That's saying a lot...
  15. train The Wildcard!!!...

    Do you have a better one Aku - just asking ... since I haven't seen this one...

    but it allows us to know what you're thinking...;)
  16. Aku Necromancer Headlights off

    Batman Returns, it is what I think a comic-book movie should be…it was well written, bizarre, erotic, dark, good acting, etc. Even though I liked Magneto a lot in the X-Men movies, Penguin sweeps the floor. His tragedy, and the world that left him was memorable. Perhaps I give this movie to much credit, however I am trying to understand why so many people love X2.

    Action was alright, the Deathstrike Wolverine fight scene and the beginning Nightcrawler scene were cool, otherwise there wasn’t much else. I think I fell into a comma watching Storm conjure really fake looking tornadoes and jet planes dodging them. Again, the Iceman, Rouge sentimental crap. Get them the hell out of the movie and concentrate on other characters, some who stand out. Imagine how much better this movie would have been with more Kelly Hu. (BTW -- I have a feeling there will be some sort of showdown between Pyro and Iceman in the nest installment…God Forbid).

    I don’t think it was downright terrible, ill end up watching it again, but I become suspicious when people say it’s amazing.
  17. Gizmo Composite: 1860

    Great moments? Let`s see.

    Nightcrawler attacks the White House.
    Wolvering gets his claws out in the mansion.
    Magneto breaks out of prison. I mean. Come on. How awesome?

    And the Iceman/Rogue thing is GOOD. Its GOOD. I didnt want to vomit, I was appreciating how delicately it used Rogue`s condition as a metaphor for when you want things but know you cant have them.

    But just all the way through this is the first superhero film apart from the first two Batman movies that I didnt feel was insulting my intelligence. So we can immediately place it in Batman/Batman Returns company... and what wins it from there is that it captures the outrageous color and action of the comics. Yeah, I like the dark of Batman but I`m a marvel guy through and through... and I want to see people shoot fire and levitate, and do REALLY COOL **** and not just dress up in black and go out and beat up thugs.

    And people DIE! Its a whole new kettle of fish, a whole new breed superhero film. Even Batman never killed anyone - he tried to save The Joker for christs sake! Spiderman - he didnt kill the Goblin, the Goblin killed himself!

    Morally, this IS the darkest superhero film ever made - Pyro attacks cops, Magneto sucks a guard's blood out of them, Wolverine beheads US soldiers.

    Im not talking about the gore, I`m talking about the morals and how daring this film is in that respect. You maybe didnt notice, because the film didnt make such a big deal out of people being killed, it was so matter of fact. Wolverine stuck a soldier, and nobody looked at him like he was a psycho - they wanted to join in!

    Seriously... this is the Dirty Harry of superhero films.
  18. orgg Administrator

    Gizmo actually has changed my mind.

    This might NOT be the sit-in-the-back-and-make-jokes fest that the first one was.
  19. train The Wildcard!!!...

    I understand the story line, and what you're talking about Aku...

    It seems there's a difference in the settings though...

    Batman had to stay in Gotham, while they're using X-men in the "real world"...

    (in the case of Batman)It was probably a lot easier to stay within the story's ideal when not trying to incorporate everything we all see everyday... Gotham had it's restrictions... the real world doesn't...

    I guess I'll just have to see it...

    But I can tell you there's already a third being planned out...
  20. Gizmo Composite: 1860

    Let me spell this out for those of you still wavering.

    After Sept 11th they reshot the Spiderman ending.

    In X2 Wolverine kills a dozen or more US SOLDIERS (US soldiers who werent using lethal force, no less).

    With the war going on in Afghanistan, and brewing with Iraq, they made a film where the heroes kill US soldiers in cold blood.

    Before you get at me, Im not liking this film because it`s anti-American, but because it`s far more daring than I think you realise. Probably the vast majority of the people who see this film were too busy munching their popcorn at the action to realise what they were actually seeing happen.

    X2 breaks the rules about what heroes can do and still be heroes. It finally does what the X-Men comic book had always done - which is blur the lines between good and evil. This film doesnt have good and bad guys, it had a triangle of groups with their own interests, all in opposition to each other - and each group kills.
    Are any of them really good guys? Certainly not in the classic sense you`ve seen in just about any other film before.

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