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    I'm sure it's pretty obvious, but let's throw a two-card combination here, an excellent life-gain technique for a creature-filled board. Play Blasphemous Act when there are eight creatures on the board for 1 Mountain, then throw a Hallow on top of it for 1 Plains. If you've already played your Fire Servant, you just scored yourself 208 life for two tapped lands. If you're a Felidar Sovereign or Test of Endurance kind of player(I am) you've won the game, and even if not, you've set yourself up to soak up some damage from that pain-in-the-ass aggro player.
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    How do you quote cards with a link like that, Joe? I would have linked all those cards in my initial post, but I'm... well, let's say computer language is not my strongest suit.
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    Hahahaha... You type the card name like Rancor then you go to the Gatherer on another window search for your card then you copy the url address of that card, come back to your post and highlight your word Rancor, a picture of a link chain will appear on the tool bar click on that link chain picture, then paste the url address in the box that pops up then hit insert.

    Killer Joe
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    Good thing KJ hates creatures.
    But somehow I think I'm goiong to hate his new decks, Thanks Brad!!!!!! :rolleyes:
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    I gave a pretty detailed guide to linking cards a little while back. You can direct yourself to the post here.

    Or, for the exceptionally lazy, here's the whole thing reposted:

    Whenever I want a card linked to its gatherer entry, I actually have a saved template that I can then simply enter the card name into:
    [url= Name]Card Name[/url]
    You need to replace both instances of "Card Name" with the actual name of the card. One directs to the gatherer entry; the other is what shows up in your post. Plus, you need the template handy, so maybe that's not "easy" for you.

    Another method is to take the following steps:
    1) Look up the card in Gatherer and copy its URL.
    2) Highlight the name of the card in your post.
    3) Click on the link button at the top of the posting area. (I've highlighted it in red in the image below, in case you don't know what I'm talking about.)
    4) Paste the Gatherer URL into the pop-up box that comes up. Click Insert and you're all done.


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