With the Elections coming up....

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Bob, Oct 20, 2000.

  1. Bob Idiot

    Let's have a vote for Prez of the Cpa! Make speeches, mudsling, and all the fun political stuff!
    Instead of having Dem and Rep, let's have canidates for each color. We can vote, and we'll have to PM sdomeone we can trust like ed.
    Pick your running mate, and vote for Bob, who is running for White!

    "I am not a crook! But I smell like one!"
    Vote Bob/Ransac for Prez.
  2. Killer Joe Active Member

    <YJ is standing a few feet away from the podium whispering to Spiderman, about what an "A**hole" Bob is, but not knowing the microphone is picking up the conversation and broadcasting it all over the place>
  3. Ransac CPA Trash Man

    Gentlemen, all of your hard work towards your campaigns are useless! The people have already spoken, and their choice is......Ransac, that debonair man of a man. That nice, handsome, sexy young individual. Oh, how the people love him.

    Ransac, the people's ass

    Paid for by Ransac/Monkey 2000
  4. EricBess Active Member

    How can I make an informed decision if I don't know what color everyone is running for. I don't think there is a Yellow in Magic.

    I know that Bob is running for White and I'm assuming that Duke will be running for Black, but that's all I know.

    Let's face it, you guys are spouting issues. That doesn't mean anything if I don't know what color you are running for. If you spout issues, I actually have to do research. Come on guys, make it easy for me.

    BTW, from a political standpoint, I have a color that I support very strongly, but since I may be asked to be a running mate from a different color, I feel it is better not to discuss any allegance at this time. Just let me know. (Did you need me to be Jewish, too?)
  5. dw51688 The Mad Scientist

    I vote BOB! BOB!BOB!

    [me]hands out "Vote for Bob" pins and lollypops[/me]
  6. Volradon Kicking it oldschool

    I would like to run for the black party.
  7. nodnarb24 Supreme Overlord/The Rat King

    I will be running for the red party. If I win, I will make sure there will be chaos all over the boards.

    (I bet everybody thought I would be running for the rat party.)
  8. Namielus Phrexian Plaguelord

    Ok Volradon looks like you have some compition, I'm the second canidate for the black party. And Volrado I will kill you and comsume your flesh (And lets not forget to steal your soul).
  9. Cateran Emperor Passed On

    Damn! Black Party's taken! [me]reads the rest of the thread[/me] So's Red! What's left then [me]looks at thread again[/me] Green and Blue? [me]walks away from thread[/me]
  10. Hawaiian mage CPA symbiod

    I'm the blue/red/black cannidate! If ellected I wil first controle every thing and create national conspiracy! Then I will spread compleat pain and chaos across the land! Then I will kill you all of slowly and painfully in a giant vortex!

    Actually, I'll probably do that if I'm elected or not. Oh well.

    Vote for me!
  11. Melkor Well-Known Member

    This board is tired of rainbow politics, we need a leader who can cross the divide. One that can be in many decks and help all the middle class decks realize their full potential. My opponents all have natural enemies, the reds vs whites, greens vs blacks; I can bridge these gaps and bring a new era of Prosperity to the CPA community. So as of this moment I am declaring my intent to run for CPA President under the banner of the Artifact party!

    Vote Melkor/Collosus of Sardia in 2000
  12. Volradon Kicking it oldschool

    Black party, unite instead of fighting for power. We can have a comitee and vote on candidates. BTW, what soul?
  13. Namielus Phrexian Plaguelord

    We are just starting the primaries now, we are just figuring out the leaders representing each color except for black...

    The main election will happen after the canidate and there vps are choosen.

    Yours, if you don't have a soul you wouldn't quite be able to talk to me, that is unless I stole yours...
  14. magicman_moe New Member

    uhhhh can i run for president
  15. Gerode Becoming a Lurker Again

    I shall run for the Blue Party. Here is my stance on many issues which concern us all.

    • I will make tax cuts for all Sluggy fans!
    • I will appoint a Supreme court with a pro-life stance on pyrokenesis, and that will uphold the death penalty upon all that light me on fire. [me] looks at Ademis22 from atop his podium. [/me]
    • I will allow local control in the mental asylum system, so Funny Farms can support your local, special needs.
    • I will promote free trade of all Shiny Objects!
    • I will legalize forum spamming, meaning higher post counts for everyone!

  16. Namielus Phrexian Plaguelord

    All horrible lies, look at your president of true! he doesn't even have a website, his stance on the issues at hand are unimportant at best!

    My issues, important one too!
    • More pornography at the CPA Notables!
    • Free Booster Packs for voters of Namielus, Yawgmoth's Protégé
    • No more straight jackets!
    • Duke is not going to be my VP!
    • I will kill my opposition and eat them for breakfast!
    • Finally, I will protect Al Gore and George Bush assuring the distruction of the free world as we know it!

    visit http://www.brunslo.com/suleiman <- A real website

    [Edited by Namielus on 10-21-00 at 04:07 AM]
  17. Gerode Becoming a Lurker Again

    I clicked that link and received:
    "Sorry. No Such Address."
  18. Gerode Becoming a Lurker Again

    Are you going to trust a candidate who obviously can't live up to his promises? How is he going to give all his voters free Booster Packs?

    He will become a Dictator, by destroying his opponents! First his political opponents will be slaughtered, and then who? YOU!
  19. Namielus Phrexian Plaguelord

    Minor typo, but hey I'm not gonna claim I'm unfalible, I'm more or less human.

    And the site is up if you really doubt this just try it out for yourselves.

  20. Namielus Phrexian Plaguelord

    How could I become a dictator, the people allow the president to have power over them and that is why they get to vote, right?

    And if the don't like the president they don't really have to follow the orders give by him right?

    Oh I'm just using logic and common sense something that Gerode doesn't think that you all have, and

    I care about us all

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