Will we see a Johan legend in Apocalyspe?

Discussion in 'Storyline' started by FoundationOfRancor, Mar 4, 2001.

  1. FoundationOfRancor The Gunslinger

    Probablly not, he's already got one.

    From Legends:

    3WGR, Summon Legend 5/4, Legends Rare
    If Johan does not attack and is not tapped, any of your creatures may attack without tapping.
    Illus. Mark Tedin

    This card must have been made before they had any idea who Johan was, because if they did, im sure that they would have made some sort of card that shows his Immortal thing.

  2. Daggertooth The Rune Master

    I wouldn't be so sure about that. They did make two ertai and two crovax. They might make a Johan the immortal card or somethin.
  3. terzarima New Member

    Guys, I think the reason that they haven't made a "Serra, goddess" or "Johan, the immortal" Is that in the story line they are still living, and since, you can't summon a creature that's still living (Unless of course you look at the old harper prism book...) but I think everyone eventually dies, or gets killed in this story line, so that's why we have captain sissay, and 2 crovax (cause if you think about it, isn't he a vampire? Its on his first card...)
  4. Thallid Ice Cream Man 21sT CeNTuRy sChIZoId MaN

    To be honest, R&D doesn't follow that rule very stringently. Squee didn't die until Planeshift, 4 sets after when he was printed.

    When did Sisay die anyway?

    BTW, 600 posts.
  5. The Magician New Member

    Sisay has not yet died. I believe The Poet's logic to be flawed on this one.

    Has anyone considered that they based the Johan story on the card rather than the card on the story?
  6. FoundationOfRancor The Gunslinger

    I just wanted to point out that Johan actually has a card; I never knew that.

    Of course he's not going to be printed in apocalypse, why would he be?
  7. terzarima New Member

    My logic, Flawed? I did not mean that they were dead when the set was printed, but that they will die!!! Will!!! So... if we se Sissay and Tangarth die, I am god!!
  8. Necrosavant New Member

    If anyone needs to be iced/spinal embraced, it's Urza's genetic scrub, Gerrard.
    My opinion. I find the bad guys way more interesting.
    alas for Tsabo Tavoc....
  9. The Magician New Member

    And if anyone that has a card ends this storyline living happily ever after, then you are still flawed. K?
  10. terzarima New Member

    If you think about it, so far I'm doing pretty good. Erait pretty much died when he turned into a phyrexian, same with crovax. Mirri died, hanna died, Squee is kinda dead (we assume) Predator is boom boom!! Serra's Sanctum is collapsed (still alive I guess but it a tiny gem), Tolaria is also Boom boom!!! Shivan Gorge got phased out with Teferi's Isle. We have no freakin' idea who Kangee and Reya Dawnbringer are, so I guess they're technically dead.

    So, is my logic flawed now?
  11. Cateran Emperor Passed On

    I'm with FoR on this one, why would Johan be in Apocalypse? What does he have to do with anything here?
  12. The Magician New Member

    You're reaching, Ademis.

    One cannot assume that a character has died because their story is untold. "Kinda dead", "Phased out", and "Collapsed" are not solid arguements that ALL Legends have died or will die because there is a card depicting them.

    What seemed most flawed about your initial statement is that you suspect that we haven't seen some cards because their characters are "still alive in the storyline".

    The flaw there is that right now (3/27/01) there are Legend cards of characters that are not dead or whose whereabouts are unknown.

    My logic on this point is that we all have no idea why the creators of the card sets and the writers of the novels do what they do. There is most likely no pattern or rule to it at all.
  13. terzarima New Member

    Uh oh everybody, let me point something out. Jodah, is the immortal Archmagus of the unseen. Johan is a character from legends whose book came out this month. When my friend pointed this out to me I said I'd go back and beat your heads in with a stick

    So, technically my theory stands, he has no card because he lives forever.
  14. The Magician New Member

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure you were the only one confused about who Johan was, Poet.

    And your theory is still flawed.
  15. terzarima New Member

    But who really cares about Johan? The book that was written for him is set in the time of "legends".
  16. The Magician New Member

    Apparantly, FoundationOfRancor does. He/She started this topic asking if Johan will get a card in the next expansion. FOR realized later that Johan already had a card which made this whole thread kinda worthless. It was fun arguing with you, though.
  17. FoundationOfRancor The Gunslinger

    What the hell are you all talking about? NO!

    The title of this thread was a way to catch readers attention, I just want to show that JOHAN ALREADY HAS A CARD.

    Why the hell would he be? He phased out of the storyline before Time Streams for gods sake. That was millenia ago. And just to argue with ademis22, Johan is not immoral. He's still aging, his process just takes alot longer than others.

    My god...
  18. FoundationOfRancor The Gunslinger

  19. The Magician New Member

    Oh, well, I apologize for assuming you didn't realize Johan had a card when you started the topic -- you could have called it HE ALREADY HAS A CARD and saved some confusion as to your ignorance or lack of.

    Notice I didn't assume you were a guy.

    I think Ademis was thinking of Jodah when he refered to Johan as immortal. This mistake was most likely a result of Daggertooth's post (the 1st to respond), as well as the similarity in spelling.
  20. FoundationOfRancor The Gunslinger

    It was a witty lead in, it wasnt confusing at all...

    However, I just relized that all this time I have been thinking that this card was Jodah! Not Johan

    Sorry to all! Who is Johan anyway?

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