Why Oh Why did WOTC have to print Battle of Wits??

Discussion in 'General CPA Stuff' started by Lazaroth, Sep 27, 2001.

  1. Turtlewax Joe CPA Hater of Train

    Odesey SUCKS anyways. I'm glad Squirrles are back and I like Cartographer being back in my card pool but the set just S-U-C-K-S!!!!!!!!!
  2. Lazaroth New Member

    Istanbul, I wish you were right, and if it were anyone else, I would have to agree with you! But, the fact is, the statistics don't seem to work the same way with me. Invasion: Undermine, Absorb, etc VERY GOOD rares. Lower chance of pulling good stuff, but also lower chance of pulling bad stuff. NOT So for me. I have pulled 2 Kavu Lair now, plus multitudes of other stuff, and the best card I got was FOIL (Angel Legend? Retun critters from graveyard?) And I didn't even pull that, I just provided the money for the pack.
    Then, we come to Apoc. Smaller set, lots of power rares, higher chance of pulling them: 3 Powerstone Minefield, 2 Planar Despair, 1 Caves of Koilos!
    Now do you see why I feel impending doom on what I'm gonna pull?
    Oh, and for all of you who say: "BUY SINGLES"..
    where's the FUN in that? Also, you havent seen the prices my cardshop charges, the owners a con-artist! (And also the only shop owner in a 25-mile radius that sells Magic :( )
  3. Mr.Gnome The Great Flaming Gnome

    Well you must have pretty bad luck.... I got 6 packs of invasion when it first was released and pulled 3 rages and a skizzick and 2 lotus guardians..... i think the rages and skizzik show that sometimes you have bad luck and sometimes you have good, if WOTC didn't make bad rares then they wouldn't make as much money and that's what it's all about! Think about it...... If they didn't make bad cards like Lotus guardian, Magnigoth tree, and planar dispair then when you bought a box it would be like : Rage, Rage ,Rage, Absorb, Undermine, Skizzick, Undermine, Rage Absorb.....Etc and as much as i would love this it would make people have to buy less cards and then WOTC makes less cash.... Get the idea?
  4. Goku Sylvan Warrior

    Ever invasion pack I got... about 10 or so... and nothing really good. Some usable stuff, but then again, I play rogue decks. I can't really remember anything that comes to mind.

    Planeshift? Bought 2 boxes worth, got a Scuta, sold most of the rest.

    Got 3 mongers, 1 Arena, and some other goodies.
    That's been my favorite so far.

    Oh well.

    Hey! I didn't make a sound when I got my root canal done!
  5. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.

    Well...I've opened a box of Invasion and one fat pack (I always buy it for the book), and ZERO Battle of Wits.

    So there. :)
  6. Lazaroth New Member

    big surprise there Istanbul, Battle is Odyssey, not Invasion
  7. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.

    Meant to say Odyssey.
    Opened Odyssey.
    Opted not to edit, thinking it'd be obvious.
    Oh well.
  8. Ihsans Shade Blind god of all he sees

    To all those who think that Battle O Wits isn't that bad, out of the 4000+ cards to choose from, I've yet to see a suck worst than this. I'd rather play with dwarven ponies than use this unatural piece of flying monkey poo.
  9. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Maybe someone ought to resurrect the 'Worst Rare' thread from the Classic forum... :)
  10. DÛke Memento Mori

    Hmmm. Interesting perspective, though it shocks me how I never mentioned such words, nor even think them. Great imagination Lazaroth.

    I think Battle of Wits is very interesting...no matter how bad it may seem to you. Don't get me wrong at all yo, you may think whatever you want bro...
  11. Gerode Becoming a Lurker Again

    I think I kinda agree with Lazaroth there...

    I think Battle is very interesting from a deckbuilder's perspective, although playing the deck is mostly just goldfishing.
  12. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.

  13. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Lifelace is great in a G/B deck and you need to Terror your opponent's black creature. :D
  14. rkoelsch Angel Boy

    I built a fun g/w deck that had 4 lifelaces, 4 aisling leprechauns, 4 green wards and 4 cop greens which had the sole purpose of turning every creature of the opponent green. It was quite annoying as you may guess.
  15. Ihsans Shade Blind god of all he sees

    Okay, I'll give up the fact that it is mostly original, I will admit that is could be useful, but I will NOT say that this is a good card. I thought that CoVic was a good card. Next time we get an "I win" card, it'll probably read "Target player recieves ten poison counters if that play was dealt damage by a snake this turn." At least that will be useful. Especially if it was green. Some thing either 2GG or 3GG for a sorcery. That could be useful.

    But that's just me.

    I am...
    Ihsan's Shade
  16. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    So what exactly is a "good" card? The way I see it, some cards are good in most every deck of the color you play, some cards are good in certain formats (Constructed, Limited, etc), some cards are good ONLY with certain other cards, not matter what...

    Some cards are sub-categories of the above...

    I mean, you can find a limited situational use for Lifelace. It could mean it's generally useless otherwise or not, depending on your point of view.

    I would guess the worst card would be one that can't fit ANYWHERE, that just doesn't work no matter how you play with it.
  17. Goku Sylvan Warrior

    That's true. Although I am beset with horror at the sight of my five:


    Hey.. it isn't a rare, but it still is.. indescribable.

    It's even lower than a foil Coastal Hornclaw, which generally sits there and mocks the player who has it.
  18. Mikeymike Captain Hiatus

    That's one card I can't figure out how to make work.

    Quick anecdote about Cyclopian Mummies. I borrowed the Magic Microprose game from my friend, and when I first started playing I kept getting my tush handed to me by these suckers. It was uncanny how everytime one of them hit the table I couldn't do anything: mana screw, mana flood, my opponent was running endless removal, whatever. It was discouraging to the point where I thought it was some cruel bug the programmers left in the software to ruin Magic players' self esteem. I decided to start a new character and never had that problem again. Weird.
  19. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    If I remember correctly, Cyclopean Mummy is just 2/1 for 1B and gets removed from game when it goes to the graveyard? Aside from Erg Raiders, back in the day, it was probably the best quick beatdown black could get. Most everything else that didn't have a drawback had a 3cc (generally 2B) and was still 1/1 (Hypnotic Specter being one of the exceptions that come to mind, although it was 1BB).

    So hey, it's a fast creature for black. And how often are you going to get it out of the graveyard anyway? :p
  20. Gizmo Composite: 1860

    I hope everybody who complained about how useless this card is feels very silly now, seeing as Toby Wachter won a Grudge Match with it, and now two players are using it in the Masters at San Diego.

    I believe a long long time ago I sadi:
    "Just play a Counter-Defense deck, probably UW base, with lots of card drawing in. Turn 30 or something you`ll draw the Battle, and win."

    This is the deck Toby Wachter won the Grudge Match with:

    4 Dromar's Cavern
    4 Crosis' Catacombs
    4 Skycloud Expanse
    4 Darkwater Catacombs
    4 Coastal Tower
    4 Salt Marsh
    4 Urborg Volcano
    4 Adarkar Wastes
    4 Underground River
    4 Sulfurous Springs
    4 Caves of Koilos
    4 Battlefield Forge
    4 City of Brass
    4 Terminal Moraine
    2 Shivan Reef
    20 Islands
    12 Plains
    5 Swamps
    2 Mountain

    4 Spectral Lynx
    4 Flametongue Kavu
    4 Meddling Mage
    4 Shadowmage Infiltrator
    4 Thieving Magpie

    4 Battle of Wits
    4 Fact or Fiction
    4 Probe
    4 Opt
    4 Counterspell
    4 Syncopate
    4 Repulse
    4 Exclude
    4 Standstill
    4 Disrupt
    4 Absorb
    4 Undermine
    4 Dromar's Charm
    4 Prophetic Bolt
    4 Vindicate
    4 Recoil
    4 Fire/Ice
    4 Spite/Malice
    4 Teferi's Moat
    4 Opportunity
    4 Divert
    4 Gerrard's Verdict
    4 Diabolic Tutor
    4 Tainted Pact
    2 Yawgmoth's Agenda
    4 Duress
    4 Urza's Rage
    4 Wild Research
    4 Chromatic Sphere
    4 Wrath of God
    4 Rout
    4 Dismantling Blow

    You should all consider yourself lucky you were equally nasty about Psychatogs, theres a lot of people over at Brainburst feeling very silly because they said the cookie monster wasnt very good.

    Thankyou and goodnight!

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