Why fear change?

Discussion in 'General CPA Stuff' started by The Magic Jackal, Jan 26, 2000.

  1. TomB Administrative Assistant

    Dune Echo,
    It seems to me that the inactivity on that other forum is a direct result of our migration here. Without us, and our dissenting opinions, they've nothing left to talk about. :cool:

    You're right, Chuck, that the time for negativity is past. We've a golden opportunity right now to influence WotC in the future. We've all heard about how 7th edition's release is right around the corner. It seems to me that if it comes out anytime soon, that it'll be released at least a year ahead of schedule.

    Why do you think that is?

    I hate to jynx it, but I think it's because of all the uproar. I think they'll be fixing the things we've been spending so much time carping about. I think we've gotten through to them, to some extent, on something, and that this is their reaction.

    How's that for positive? ;)

    Of course, some people will complain about the fixes. It's only natural. Wouldn't it be funny if a year from now we ended up DEFENDING WotC instead of attacking them?

    Stranger things have happened...

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  2. Dune Echo CPA Founder, Idea Man

    Just one thing TomB, is 7th edition confirmed? Did WotC give a release date yet? My understanding (and that's only my unconfirmed understanding) is that that was just a rumor and someone on Wizards' Chat had been misinterpreted. I could be wrong and I think a BB 7th edition with better cards (BRING BACK THE STINKIN' FIREBALL FOR CARP'S SAKE!) would be cool. I'd buy.

    I have several email addresses. I'm only giving these out for CPA-official business. No going and whining how you guys want this or that reprinted. (It doesn't work anyway, I've tried. :))

    elaine@wizards.com --Elaine Feraro (I think that's spelled right)

    woody@wizards.com --MaRo

    mcdermott@wizards.com --Will McDermott (I'm not sure on this one, but I can check)

    custserv@wizards.com --Customer Service

    I really feel that Chuck is right. We need to kick ourselves for degenerating. No more negative stuff. Everyone, please if you have a single casual thought in any way (decklist, play style, article, play format, CARD IDEAS (Mike! Who's my buddy? :)), or anything else, post it, write it, proclaim it to the Magic world! Focus on the stuff you like here. Think of your favorite cards. Make a deck from them somehow no matter how bad. (Hmmm... Forget in a Megrim deck... Just as good as Hymn to Tourach damage wise).

    Ed- Am I right in thinking that if I click the post an article link that it will automatically post it for me?

    ChasDen- Chuck you're doing a fine job of kicking us in the rear here. Thanks. Keep up the good work.

    Dune Echo

    Man, I feel so inspired.
  3. Ferret CPA Founder, Slacker

    Perhaps it's time.

    We started this group w/ hopes and dreams of influencing WotC, but for the most part we're not sure they even know we exist. It would be a great idea to put together an open letter to the addresses Dune listed and tell them that we'd like to help them w/ the product that we love so much.


  4. Ed Sullivan CPA Founder, Web Guy

    Dune- Not entirely. It actually gets sent and put in an "unedited" area. I just log in and make any changes (HTML, simple stuff like that), and make a quote, etc. Then click a button, and it gets posted.

    (If you want to help edit, drop me a line [I know you'd like to Dune :)])

    Negativity (No, that's not a person :D)- While I agree that we have to stop being so negative with WotC and their cards, I'm still not sure that this negativity is killing our member base. But that is for another rant.
    Anyway, as Dune said, just write an article. If you have an idea, plop it down in your word processor. :) (Me included. Dune, I need to play with you in Appr.. Mmm.. Tide-Plasm)

  5. TomB Administrative Assistant

    Peter Adkison's E-mail address is mavra@wizards.com

    I think Elaine's last name is spelled Ferrao. At least, that's how I remember it being spelled on that other forum.

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  6. theorgg Slob



    If that's correct, we just got the grandaddy of magic's e-mail.

    that's the source we needed.

    holy $#*%-#UC#!!

    the rocket is fueled. prepare the speach mr. kennedy, the rocket is ready to blast off!

    now if we could find out Mr. Garfield's e-mail...

    probably impossible.
  7. Shadowfire New Member

    Hello guys. Sorry I've been gone for so long but I've been away on buisness and have not access to a computer. But I'm back.

    As to the subject....WOW! I'm not sure but I think I've been playing Magic longer than most people on this board. ( I was living In Fort Worth Texas when they premiered Alph, and I started the day it can out)

    I have supported every single card shop in the area I've every lived in. I have tought many people how to play. Before and after sixth. And I must say to me the rules where better under Alpha throught 5th. With sixth alot of things changed. Some for the better some for the worst.

    I'm not so sure WOTC is killing magic. I think they just dont look as indepth at the cards as the Pro's (if you will) do. They are the ones in my opion who are ruining magic.

    They are the ones who take cards and do there best to bend or brake the rules with them so that cards have to be banned. The cause WOTC to remove the cards from play. Then they rasie a big stink. Tough!

    I think that WOTC should research the cards a little closer before they release them. I'm not saying dont make good strong cards. I'm saying they should make sure that they remain strong but harder to get the quick second or third round kill.

    If where going to down and be angry with anyone I say we aim it at the Pro's. If they would just use the card they way it should WOTC wouldnt seem like the bad guys here.
  8. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    TomB: Somehow I missed your post yesterday, otherwise I would have replied to it:

    There's still activity on the old forums, just mostly nonsense as I've told Ferret before. Gizmo's still there though as one of the few original quality posters. There are still dissenting opinions though.

    Shadowfire: Why do the pros break cards? Because they're playing for prizes (usually money) in tournaments and they want to win! I don't think you can place the blame squarely or even mostly on any one shoulder. Some of it on WOTC and some on the tournament environment. But the players? I don't blame them, they're only working with what they can in a certain environment.

    Ferret, but mainly everyone: As I've said before on the Dojo forums when you guys were conceiving the idea of the CPA, I think you need a LOT more voices before WOTC will seriously consider your claims. I mean, the pro tour has what, 200 slots alone? That's 60 players more than members here (according to that number above the posts). I would think you would need members from pretty much every region/country where Magic is played to get the attention you want.
  9. Ferret CPA Founder, Slacker

    Well, maybe that DCI Casual Fridays idea might work to our favour. Perhaps, we should try to get more members at these events...

    The problem w/ being a non-proffesional organization is that we don't get much advertisements. The occasioanal post on MTGNews Discussion groups can snag us a dozen more members (which is GREAT!), but unless we get some more people on board WotC/DCI may never take us seriously, so let's go out there and get some more people!


    "...feeling the love..."
  10. Gumby Khan New Member

    Wow, what a long thread! I just wanted to add my 2yen. I play here in Japan with some other military players. If you'd like, I'll pass this site on to them and maybe we could get a few more voices. The problem is that most don't have the time to post, because of the work. I on the other hand have fortunately landed a position with little supervision and a computer to abuse in such a way. Man, I really need to get some work done. Anyhow, I promise to bring this up at our next meeting. :)
    As for being negative, I agree with you all and think it would be much more productive to open these topics to more casual areas. People would rather rant about how Rancor is useless on Orinthopters!

    "The glass is ALWAYS half empty! Someone call the bartender over and fill it!"
    -Ghandi, before he kicked the bottle
  11. TomB Administrative Assistant

    You're right, I should re-phrase my statement.

    I should have said "our coherent dissenting opinions."

    My mistake. [IMG]

    Mike brings up an interesting point. I'm surprised/not surprised the Main page only gets 30 hits a day, though I doubt it's due to attitude problems. I think it's more because of the lack of a solid layout till recently, and some real lapses in the posting of fresh articles. Ferret made the point on another thread too, that we should be cranking out a lot more article material now that we've got a great place to put it.

    Even though I know I'm not a great article writer (my strength is in dialogue, not monologue ;) ) I'm trying real hard to post something new every week. It would be great if everyone else could too, but I know it's not possible for everyone to do it that often. Still, I think we could do better than we have been doing, and I think the Main page would see a lot more traffic as a result.

    If even half our members submitted something new once a month, we'd have roughly 2 new articles to post every day. That's almost as good as that other site's doing right now, and look at how long THEY'VE been around.

    Is once a month too much to ask?

    CPA Member

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  12. Chaos Turtle Demiurgic CPA Member, Admin Assistant

    I, for one, like change. I like the Classic rules, and I'm even thinking of getting back into roleplaying with D&D 3rd. See, change is what keeps it interesting for me.
    I must agree, however, that there is no need to change a 'good thing.' That's why I am likely to protest any rules changes in 7th edition Magic. Unless, of course, they are as good as the ones in 6th. ;)

    On another note:
    I'd be happy to sumbit an article every now and again. I don't do the tourney thing often (about once a month) but I'm an active Arena player, so maybe there's something there.

    We'll see, I guess.
  13. Ferret CPA Founder, Slacker

    D&D 3rd Edition? Now, that's something that's actually good to compare to Magic.

    It kind of reminds me of another game that I used to love playing, Traveller. When it first came out back in the days when roleplayin aids cost only about $3-12 (everything didn't have to be in hardback, folks) the game was simple and easy to play - it only needed six sided dice! The game was a lot of fun and the mechanics were pretty easy.

    In 1988 they came out w/ a Second Edition called Megatraveller. It was basicaly the same rules all compiled into easy to read format w/ new supplements that cost a little more, but it was still good.

    THen, in 1993 (or 1994 - I forget) Traveller: The New Era (or 3rd Edition) came out. They had a new team working on it (the guys that made Twilight 2000) and the whole game was ruined - I mean changed. Gone were the familiar roll two six sided and pray rules and the whole universe was re-written. The game became annoying and expansions became too expensive (similart to AD&D 2nd Edition). I stopped playing.

    Then, about three or four years ago the original creator of the game, Marc Miller, created T4, or just Traveller for short and went back to the basics. The game was fun again and I had fun playing it. Unfortunately, his company went belly-up...But, I still have the books and they're still compatible w/ 1st and 2nd Edition books so I can keep playing and having fun w/ it.

    From what I've read about D&D 3rd Edition they're going back to their roots. The return of ½Orcs, Assassins, Demons, Devil, and other stuff that was removed from 2nd Edition.

    It would be nice to see Magic take a lesson from Traveller (except for going out of business) and D&D...


    "...Gary Gygax, where are you?"

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  14. Dune Echo CPA Founder, Idea Man

    Ah, so that's the talk about 3rd Edition. I heard something about that, but since I've been out of the loop for so long, I didn't know what's going on. Man, I wish I knew some people to play D&D and Magic with. I've got nobody around here and it sucks. I'm telling you, being in college with a bunch of Half-Life gamers makes it a little difficult to play what I want to play. Not that I'm complaining about Half-Life. I love it. It's awesome.
  15. Baron Sengir CPA Founder, Vampire Legend

    You think you have it bad? I go to an ultra-religious college in South Dakota. I know one guy here that plays Magic and he doesn't have much in the way of cards. The closest player I know of other than him is Child of Gaea and he lives forty five minutes away.

    Every now and then we get to drive the hour to Sioux Falls and play in a casual tourney (there's an oxymoron, huh?) and it's nice to be able to play against a whole bunch of people.

    It's worth it, though. Magic is Magic. I still have fun playing this great game, I would just like to play more often.

    I remain
    The Baron
    "Of course, there's always the talkcity chatroom ..."
  16. Ferret CPA Founder, Slacker

    I think I have it the worst of all. I'm not in college and spend most of my time at home w/ my wife. All of my Magic playing friends have scattered to the Four Winds and are no where to be found. I haven't played more than a couple of hours worth in the past year. Due to financial constraints I've not been able to buy any cards since Destiny.

    I want to play, but my wife doesn't want to :(


    "...but still, I persevere..."
  17. Chaos Turtle Demiurgic CPA Member, Admin Assistant

    I ditched my wife. But then maybe you like yours...
  18. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    I'm pretty much like you, Ferret, except Warhammer is re-kindling an interest.
  19. Ferret CPA Founder, Slacker

    Now, is that Warhammer w/ the minatures, or the nifty role playing game?


    "...not that I've played either that often - I prefer Car Wars!"
  20. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    It's with the minatures. I had got a dwarf army together right before Magic came out and was getting into BloodBowl (the football version), Man O'War (sea battles) and a Squat army for Warhammer Epic. Now it looks like none of those are supported now by Games Workshop except for good ol' fantasy battle and 40K.

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