What should 7th have?

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    I think it comes down to good and bad guys. It seems like red is a colour of violence and chaos - which leaves little room for goodness - I mean this is the colour of direct damage and Goblins! I think that Wizards is trying to lower the number of critter types per colour to just three or four.

    Green: Elf, Beast, and Wurm
    White: Knight, Soldier, and Cleric
    Black: Knight, Skeleton, Zombie, and Horror
    Blue: Bird, Wizard, and Illusion
    Red: Goblin, Dragon, and Giant.

    Sure, there's others in those colours like Wolves, Rats, yada yada, but it looks like Wizards is trying to simplify - and that's why Dwarves seem to be getting phased out...


    "...what do you expect? Their heyday was in Homelands..."
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    Caveman, this one's for you.
    You will be pleased to know that WotC announced several weeks ago that all future basic sets will be printed in black-border, due to popular demand.
  3. theorgg Slob

    Actually, Turtle(lemme give you teh respect everyone else is given by you) they didn't say that it would be. they said that they RESERVED THE RIGHT to publish things in black boarder w/ the same art IF the expantion symbol was changed.

    can we read between the lines, pueri et puellae?

    Bene Maxime.

    sic semper,

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