What is your favorite all time utility creature?


Reverend Love

I recently acquired a heap load of Mercadian Masques spellshapers, and the whole ordeal got me thinking on my favorite all time utility creature.

I've got to admit that I'm a sucker for a quality utility..probably a factor which goes back to my love for blue. My philosophy is, as long as my creatures "do more", then the other guys..I'll win. This of course isn't always true but hey....like I said, I'm a sucker for utility.

I am currently eloping with Silverglade Pathfinder. There's definitely stronger spellshapers out there..but I'm also a sucker for land...which is a story best left for a later date. The idea of thinning my deck is a novelty which simply won't release me from it's grip.

However my all time favorite is without a doubt Temporal Adept. Is there better utility out there. Undoubtedly, however when a Adept resolves without getting blasted right away your opponents instantly start plotting your demise. In a few short turns you can turn their well laid plans into a constant fumbling struggle. He's the poor man's Tradewind Rider...and that's why I love him.

P.S. Who else thinks the spellshapers would have been AWESOME in the Odyssey block? Madness, Threshold, Flashback combined with spellshapers pitch abilities..ooh such chewie goodness was never meant to be I guess.


Mindless Automation.


Hmmm... mabe because I don't really have a 'favorite' utility creature. I've gotten a good bit of milage out of the Automation, though.


Ah, jeezit. Too many. But the ones I play most.

I'm likey Merfolk Looter and Hapless Researcher.

And Tradewind Rider

And Yavimaya Elder

And Krosan Tusker

Eternal Dragon is some fun too. And Genesis.

Ooh, and Wonder, heh heh.

Mother of Runes and her underrated cousin, Benevolent Body guard.

Abyssal Gatekeeper!

Withered Wretch

Cabal Archon

Skullclamp is a good utility creature. ;)

Red utility creatures bore me. Not that they aren't good, but they bore me.

Soltari Visionary

Soltari Guerillas

There's probably more, but those are what I play with a lot.


Aven Envoy. An Ornithopter that was T2 before Mirrodin. Easily one of the best blockers until they reprinted Ornithopter.

Sigil of Sleep

Thran Dynamo. See: Lava Burst

Dark Ritual

Mind Rot- Not the best discard, but 2B is better than Tourach's BB in a BU Megrim Deck anyday.

Alternatively: Lava Burst.


Without a doubt, the best utility creature of all time is:

Grizzly Bears

I have no idea what you yahoos are talking about...:rolleyes:


Masticore probably wins by a long way in terms of being 'best'.

My favourite would be more likely to be... actually, this is pretty tough. Merfolk Trader was good, then broken with stuff like Circular Logic... but then, for 1 more mana you get an Ophidian. Or Fireslinger, he rocked. Mother Of Runes was a real pain in the arse - probably most cost-effective but I never played white so never needed her.

Ah, no, I just remembered my favourite...

Krovikan Horror - he's my favourite, because of my love of graveyard recursion decks in casual play. If I was going into a tournament I'd want my Masticore, who is a turbo-charged Krovikan Horror... but my favourite would have to be the Krov.

Although when I first saw this thread title I thought it would about combat utility creatures - something that could attack, could defend, could just be thrown into a deck and you know it would do a good job. In that case there can only be one River Boa.

Killer Joe

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I have several favs:
1.) Flametongue Kavu
2.) Tradewind Rider
3.) Wall of Blossoms
4.) Devout Witness
5.) Derelor (I know he doesn't fit the category well but man, in a Five-Color Green deck and having just two copies of a 4/4 fatty for 1 black and 3 colorless beans? Boom, baby!)


1) Grizzly Bears
2) Balduvan Bears
3) Bear Cub
4) Barbary Apes
5)Kavu Titan

Nuf said...


Sefro's post reminded me of a famous creature I am sure that we all remember and love....

I give you....



The Tentacled One
FTK is very funny when it has to kill itself.

I really like Krovikan Horror too, but I only have one and never really used it. Masticore has actually won me games and its compatibility with so many strategies/colors makes it a truly awesome utility creature in addition to its inherent goodness.