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  1. Captain Caveman New Member

    I'm not sure I understand what your asking but here is the rule
    covering what I think your asking.

    The only weird declination that is not allowed is
    the denial of a tribe or the name of a tribe that
    is also a game rule. Examples of both rules:
    Juggernaut, with its ability not to be able to be
    blocked by walls, isn’t a Wall card — and neither
    is Unnatural Selection, which mentions non-wall
    somewhere. And where Nether Shadow is a viable
    Shadow tribe card, Soltari Lancer isn’t, as the
    Shadow word on that card is the name of a game

    Hope that helped.
  2. Darkstar An Entire Marching Band

    ya that helps... i was gonna build a soltari/dauthi deck or something like that...
  3. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Can we edit the deck we made then?
  4. train The Wildcard!!!...

    Edit or post another one I would believe...
  5. rkoelsch Angel Boy

    Okay this is an Angel deck with a little twist. Hopefully nothing will stay dead for long. Between the guiding spirits, avenging angels, angelic renewal and reya and some spells I hope to always get my angels back.

    Flooded Strand
    Adarkar Wastes
    Flood Plain
    Skycloud Expanse
    Coastal Tower
    Dromars Cavern
    Treva's Ruin
    4 Island
    25 Plains

    4 Angel of Mercy
    4 Angelic Wall
    4 Guiding Spirit
    4 Angelic Protector
    4 Voice of All
    4 Avenging Angel
    1 Iridescent Angel
    1 Reya Dawnbringer

    Tribal Spells
    4 Angelic Renewal
    2 Angelic Shield
    2 Angelic Chorus
    1 Angelic Favor

    1 Abolish
    1 Afterlife
    1 Akroma's Blessing
    1 Brainstorm
    1 Change of Heart
    1 Debt of Loyalty
    1 Dismantling Blow
    1 Enlightened Tutor
    1 Exile
    1 Reinforcements
    1 Scapegoat
    1 Smite
    1 Swords to Plowshares
    1 Worthy Cause
    1 Akroma's Vengeance
    1 Breath of Life
    1 Catastrophe
    1 Retibution of the Meek(forgot this was tribes Harsh Mercy doesn't work)
    1 Kirtar's Wrath
    1 Wrath of God
  6. Captain Caveman New Member

    I got this decklist in a PM. He never posted the deck,.. so I will.
    Its a few cards short of 90 but its a fun idea that needs to be
    posted. Goblin Game, if you check this thread please add a
    few cards to make it legal for the contest. (I think its six or seven
    cards short but I may have miscounted)

    By: (Goblin Game) He's a new member!

    my tribe is avatar(i really have an avatar deck so is just changed it a little)

    Bob's Avatar:
    4 - Avatar of Might
    4 - Avatar of Will
    4 - Avatar of Woe
    4 - Avatar of Hope
    4 - Avatar of Fury
    2 - Ebon Praetor(look it up, its an avatar)
    2 - Enthernal Champion
    4 - Serra Avatar
    2 - Personal Incarnation
    4 - Heedless One
    4 - Doubtless One
    4 - Reckless One
    4 - Soulless One
    4 - Nameless One
    1 - Urza's Incubator
    1 - Black Lotus
    1 - Thran Dynamo
    1 - Grim Monolith
    1 - Mana Vault
    1 - Mirarri's Wake
    1 - Badlands
    1 - Plateau
    1 - Savannah
    1 - Scrubland
    1 - Taiga
    1 - Tropical Island
    1 - Tundra
    1 - Underground Sea
    1 - Volcanic Island
    1 - Bayou
    1 - Hickory Woodlot
    1 - Peat Bog
    1 - Remote Farm
    1 - Sandstone Needle
    1 - Saprazzan Skerry
    1 - City of Brass
    1 - Grand Colliseum
    1 - Battlefield Forge
    1 - Caves of Koilos
    1 - Llanowar Wastes
    1 - Shivan Reef
    1 - Yavimaya Coast
    1 - Windswept Heath
    1 - Elfhame Palace
    1 - Forest
    3 - Plains

    Another new member "ringo" sent me a PM but never posted a
    deck. Ringo, if you read this thread please post your deck idea.
  7. Darkstar An Entire Marching Band

    If only there were enuff kobolds in the game to make a deck... their so cute!
  8. Emperor of the Dead New Member



    4-unstable shapeshifter
    4-escaped shapeshifter
    4-volraths shapeshifter
    4-dralnu's pet
    4-shifty doppelganger

    1-belbe's portal
    1-eratic portal
    1-scroll rack
    1-sol ring
    1-tormods crypt
    1-icy manipulator
    1-quicksilver amulet

    1-no mercy
    1-stitch together

    1-wrath of god
    1-balancing act

    1-mask of the mimic
    1-counter spell
    1-blatant thievery
    1-memory lapse
    1-circular logic
    1-force of will
    1-distorting wake

    1-volraths stronghold
    1-city of brass

  9. train The Wildcard!!!...

    I'm confused...

    Are the Kobolds are cute...

    Or is Jigglypuff???...

    :rolleyes: :confused:

  10. WickedBoy6 Captain of the Atog Army

    I can't find the rules for constructing a Tribes deck. Anyone know the thread?
  11. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Check the front page update from Dec. 23. It has all the links you should need.
  12. train The Wildcard!!!...

    Tribe's Contest?
    Would anyone be interested in a Tribe's deck-building contest?

    With all the Onslaught tribal card I thought it might be kind of
    fun. I've been working on a few myself but its a lot more
    interesting to see what other people come up with.

    If there are a few people interested I can offer some type of
    foil prize to the winner. Probably not much but its something.

    I can set up an end date and we can judge it like we've done
    in the past. Everyone votes for their favorite deck and the
    one with the most votes would be considered the winer.

    For anyone interested in this idea you can do a search under
    may name, in the decks section, and find the complete
    deck-building rules.

    The basic rules in a nutshell:

    Play with at least ninety cards in your deck,
    and with at least 30 tribe cards.

    A minimum of 25 tribe creatures must be in your

    Each non-basic land card may only be played
    once, except for tribe cards.

    Creatures that are not of your tribe are banned.

    Color hosers are out of the question. The
    definition of a color hoser used for this rule is:
    A card that benefits from the existence of more
    than one other card of a certain color or type.
    Good examples of hosers are Flashfires, Perish,
    Crackdown, and Compost. Hosing abilities imbued in
    creatures or lands just cannot be activated. So a
    Northern Paladin looks to the North, my son, and
    only finds himself to be an overcosted Hill Giant.

    Tribe hosers are out of the question. You
    thought Tivadar’s Crusade would be the nuts? You
    thought Spike Cannibal would be les noisettes? You
    thought Suleiman's Legacy would be die Nüssen?
    That Extinction would be de nootjes? That Tsabo’s
    Decree would be przypis? Well, you can take your
    tasty crunchy snacks somewhere else, for those
    kind of cards are all banned, as is the following
    list of cards:

    Ashnod’s Altar
    Celestial Convergence
    Chaos Orb
    Coat of Arms
    Demonic Tutor
    Divine Intervention
    Falling Star
    Goblin Bombardment
    Limited Resources
    Mind Over Matter
    Mind Twist
    Memory Jar
    Phyrexian Altar
    Planar Portal
    Price of Progress
    Primal Order
    Reins of Power
    Strip Mine
    Thieves' Auction
    Time Walk
    Unnatural Selection
  13. WickedBoy6 Captain of the Atog Army

    Thanks, Train, Always helpful.
  14. Jigglypuff Big Cute Pink Thing

    I am much cuter than any of those smelly, dirty Kobolds. Look at my pretty blue eyes and my cute pink skin. Now look at their ugly brown eyes and filthy brown fur. The answer is obvious.

    And I will also post my tribal deck, even though it is not very original and is also not very good.

    KITTIES (44)
    4 Pardic Firecat
    3 Savage Firecat
    3 Crazed Firecat
    4 Canyon Wildcat
    3 Firecat Blitz
    4 Pouncing Jaguar
    4 Pride of Lions
    4 Phantom Tiger
    3 Uktabi Wildcats
    4 Stalking Tiger
    2 Mirri, Cat Warrior
    4 Savannah Lions
    2 Jareth, Leonine Titan

    SPELLS (13)
    1 Shock
    1 Lightning Bolt
    1 Incinerate
    1 Volcanic Geyser
    1 Fireball
    1 Giant Growth
    1 Creeping Mold
    1 Rancor
    1 Armor of Thorns
    1 Briar Shield
    1 Disenchant
    1 Congregate
    1 Mirari's Wake

    LANDS (33)
    1 Windswept Heath
    1 Wooded Foothills
    1 Krosan Verge
    1 Mountain Valley
    1 Grasslands
    1 Savannah
    1 Taiga
    6 Plains
    10 Forest
    10 Mountain

    (- Steve -)
  15. train The Wildcard!!!...

    Not bad Puff...

    It looks feasible for play...:)
  16. WickedBoy6 Captain of the Atog Army

    Well, here's my piss-poor Tribes entry, now that I read the roles. It's quite unfeesable in real life to construct, and is probably illegal in many tournaments, but I tried. I'm just suprised no one tried to construct this tribe sooner.

    Sliver Tribe

    2 Sliver Queen
    4 Clot Sliver
    4 Crystalline Sliver
    4 Heart Sliver
    4 Horned Sliver
    4 Muscle Sliver
    4 Talon Sliver
    4 Winged Sliver

    1 Ancestral Recall
    1 Armageddon
    1 Black Lotus
    1 Counterspell
    1 Dark Ritual
    1 Disenchant
    1 Erase
    1 Giant Growth
    1 Howling Mine
    1 Hymn to Tourach
    1 Incinerate
    1 Jayemdae Tome
    1 Lightning Bolt
    1 Might of Oaks
    1 Overrun
    1 Shock
    1 Terror
    1 Time Warp
    1 Urza's Blueprints
    1 Well of Knowledge

    1 Archaeological Dig
    1 Badlands
    1 Bayou
    1 Bloodstained Mire
    1 City of Brass
    1 Flooded Strand
    4 Forest
    1 Gemstone Mine
    1 Grand Coliseum
    5 Island
    3 Mountain
    5 Plains
    1 Plateau
    1 Polluted Delta
    1 Savannah
    1 Scrubland
    3 Swamp
    1 Taiga
    1 Thran Quarry
    1 Tropical Island
    1 Tundra
    1 Underground Sea
    1 Volcanic Island
    1 Wooded Foothills
    1 Windswept Heath
  17. Captain Caveman New Member

    Whats the deal with cats?

    I'm a little surprised that we haven't seen many of the themes
    from Odyssey and Onslaught.


    ...and there are so many Tribes to consider.(ya, I've spent
    to much time on this).....Sorry, I'm in Tribes mode.

    Squirrel(I think)
    Gorilla/monkey "planet of the Apes"
  18. Darkstar An Entire Marching Band

    hey capn... i edited my dragon deck cuz i didnt know it had to be 90 cards... its now legal i think
  19. WickedBoy6 Captain of the Atog Army

    I am a bit suprised as a few creature types did not get a nod in Tribes as of yet, though there's still two more days. If I can, I hope I can submit either Merc's, Kavus, Vamps, Minotaurs (I had a SICK Minotaur deck when Homelands came out), Wurm, or Elemental.

    Shame Kobolds couldn't be a deck, but with only 6 Koolds & 4-of-each, they don't cover the At-Least-25 rule. A lot of those red X spells would've been great for that deck, too, as half of the Kobold pack costed 0 to cast.

    By the way...YAY! My 100th post! Even though I was gone for two weeks, I think that's pretty good of me to get to 100.
  20. Sammy Dead-O wasting away again

    _Sticky fins_

    4x Lord of Atlantis
    4x Seahunter
    4x Rootwater Matriarch
    4x Seasinger
    4x Tidal Warrior
    4x Merfolk Looter
    1x Rootwater Shaman
    1x Rootwater Thief
    1x Darting Merfolk
    1x Rootwater Hunter
    1x Merfolk Traders
    1x Tidal Courier

    Control Magic
    Ray of Command
    Cultural Exchange

    Unstable Mutation
    Shimmering Wings
    Psionic Gift
    Anti-Magic Aura
    Stupefying Touch
    Mistform Mask

    Force of Will


    34x Island
    Dust Bowl


    Should I justify anything? The deck is made to be fun in multiplayer games with a lot of creatures to steal, which is what Tribes provides. Tidal Warrior helps Seasinger and your islandwalking 'folk, and the creature enchantments help Rootwater Matriarch (with Rootwater Shaman adding to the fun). The one-of fish provide a little bit of utility.

    If Mistform Mask is deemed illegal for the format...which is possible, since Unnatural Selection is banned (although US has potential for more abuse)...then the Mask can be replaced by Ghostly Wings. Mistform Mask has a lot of potential for fun Tribes situations, though.

    And in closing: Don't let 'em take Merfolk away from us! However useless it may be to try, let WotC know if you like Fish!

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