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  1. Captain Caveman New Member

    If you would like to enter the Tribe's deck-building contest,
    please post your deck here. I posted the basic rules in the
    General CPA Stuff forums.

    The deadline to enter the contest will be Jan. 5th 2003. You
    may submit as many Tribes decks as you would like. The judging
    will be done by the member of the CPA. I will give my foil Read the
    Runes to the person who I think posted the most creative
    decklist. There will be other prized given the the top vote getters
    as well. Myself, rkoelsch and train all have something for give

    I think this could be fun. Please consider entering this contest.

  2. train The Wildcard!!!...

    The Real Elves! v.2.0...
    Santa's Christmas Soldiers

    White Creatures:
    2 - Aven Brigadier
    1 - Commander Eesha
    3 - Enlistment Officer
    2 - Honorable Scout
    1 - Intrepid Hero
    3 - Longbow Archer
    3 - Phantom Flock
    3 - Radiant's Dragoons
    2 - Reborn Hero
    2 - Soltari Champion

    Multi-Colored Creatures:
    3 - Goblin Legionnaire
    3 - Ranger En-Vec
    3 - Soltari Guerrillas

    1 - Gobling Trenches
    4 - Opal Caryatid
    1 - Mobilization
    1 - Angelic Chorus
    1 - Survival of the fittest
    1 - Divine Sacrament

    3 - Kjeldoran Outpost
    1 - Krosan Verge
    1 - Thawing Glaciers
    2 - Mountains
    1 - Savannah
    1 - Plateau
    1 - Taiga
    14 - Plains
    5 - Forest

    1 - Disenchant
    1 - Topple
    1 - Excise
    1 - Swords to Plowshares
    1 - Vengeful Dreams
    1 - Planar Birth
    1 - Armageddon
    1 - Wrath of God
    1 - Rout
    1 - Akroma's Vengeance
    1 - Restock
    1 - Eladamri's Call
    1 - Repopulate
    1 - Replenish

    1 - Feldon's Cane
    1 - Tormod's Crypt
    1 - Urza's Incubator
    1 - Mox Ruby
    1 - Mox Emerald
    1 - Mox Pearl
    1 - Black Lotus
  3. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.


    4x Order of the White Shield
    2x Warrior En-Kor
    4x White Knight
    4x Knight of Valor
    2x Opal Champion
    4x Soltari Crusader
    2x Soltari Lancer
    4x Zhalfirin Commander
    4x Zhalfirin Knight
    4x Knight of Dawn
    4x Paladin En-Vec
    4x Zhalfirin Crusader

    42 creatures

    1x Gerrard's Battle Cry
    1x Army of Allah
    1x Worship
    1x Angelic Voices
    1x Call to Arms
    1x Crusade
    1x Divine Sacrament
    1x Divine Transformation
    1x Gerrard's Battle Cry
    1x Glorious Anthem
    1x Humble
    1x Icy Manipulator
    1x Jihad
    1x Lashknife Barrier
    1x Safeguard
    1x Serra's Embrace
    1x Skull Catapult
    1x Unquestioned Authority

    1x Secluded Steppe
    1x Drifting Meadow
    1x Kor Haven
    1x Maze of Ith
    1x Thawing Glaciers
    25x Plains
  4. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.


    3x Spectral Lynx
    2x Jareth, Leonine Titan

    3x Pride of Lions
    3x Penumbra Bobcat
    2x Mirri, Cat Warrior
    3x Phantom Tiger
    4x Uktabi Wildcats
    2x Springing Tiger
    4x Cave Tiger
    3x Panther Warriors
    3x Stalking Tiger
    3x Pouncing Jaguar

    4x Noble Panther
    3x Fleetfoot Panther
    3x Phantom Nishoba (just look at him)

    45 creatures

    1x Mirari's Wake
    4x Tribal Unity (to understand, look at the art)
    1x Primal Rage
    1x Armadillo Cloak
    1x Altar of Bone
    1x Vitalizing Cascade
    1x Waiting in the Weeds
    1x Eladamri's Call
    1x Wax/Wane

    12 spells

    1x Windswept Heath
    1x Savannah
    1x Brushland
    1x Krosan Verge
    1x Grasslands
    1x Gaea's Cradle
    11x Plains
    16x Forest
  5. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.

    Dark Side of the CPA

    3x Norritt (Norrytt)
    4x Nekrataal (Nekrataal)
    2x Phyrexian Devourer (Shiro, Time Devourer)
    3x Ihsan's Shade (Ihsan's Shade)
    2x Baron Sengir (Baron Sengir)
    2x Cateran Overlord (Cateran Overlord)
    4x Phyrexian Scuta (Phyrexian Pie-Eater)
    2x Mundungu (Mundungu)
    4x Thrashing Wumpus (Mr. Pestilence)
    3x Demonic Hordes (Landkiller)
    4x Dauthi Jackal (The Magic Jackal)
    3x Sorceress Queen (Almindhra)
    3x Swamp Mosquito (Yellowjacket)

    39 creatures

    4x Cyclopean Tomb (TomB)
    1x Bad Moon
    1x Corrupt
    1x Dark Banishing
    1x Terror
    1x Annihilate
    1x Expunge (woo-hoo!)
    1x Drain Life
    1x Chainer's Edict
    1x Diabolic Edict
    2x Word of Command (mod's word is law!)
    3x Greed (Trading Post)
    1x Brush with Death

    19 spells

    1x Barren Moor
    1x Polluted Mire
    1x Lake of the Dead
    1x Urborg
    1x Cabal Pit
    1x Volrath's Stronghold
    20x Swamp
    6x Island
  6. olwen New Member

    4 Shield Sphere
    4 Testament of Faith
    4 Fog Bank
    4 Shifting Wall
    4 Wall of Nets
    4 Wall of Swords
    4 Sunweb
    28 Creatures

    1 Black Lotus
    1 Mox Pearl
    1 Mox Sapphire
    1 Tormod's Crypt
    1 Sol Ring
    1 Feldon's Cane
    1 Ancestral Recall
    1 Animate Wall
    1 Enlightened Tutor
    1 Glyph of Delusion
    1 Glyph of Life
    1 Mystical Tutor
    1 Smite
    1 Swords to Plowshares
    1 Disenchant
    1 Mistform Mask
    1 Time Walk
    1 Vengeful Dreams
    4 Rolling Stones
    1 Shared Triumph
    1 Glorious Anthem
    1 Time Twister
    1 Armageddon
    1 Serra's Embrace
    1 Worship
    1 Wrath of God
    1 Rout
    30 Spells

    17 Plains
    5 Island
    1 Adarkar Wastes
    1 Coastal Tower
    1 Drifting Meadow
    1 Faerie Conclave
    1 Flooded Strand
    1 Forbidding Watchtower
    1 Kjeldoran Outpost
    1 Kor Haven
    1 Maze of Ith
    1 Remote Isle
    1 Secluded Steppe
    1 Skycloud Expanse
    1 Thawing Glaciers
    1 Tundra
    35 Lands
    Olwen Wee

    Happy Gaming and Season's Greetings!
  7. BakerySam New Member

    Tremble in Terror!

    Super-Stealth Horrors-
    2x Boneshard Slasher
    2x Childhood Horror
    2x Guiltfeeder
    4x Frightcrawler
    4x Squirming Mass (Oh yeah, be afraid)
    4x Dauthi Horror

    Scary Biting Horrors-
    4x Phyrexian Negator
    2x Spined Fluke
    1x Cosmic Horror

    Scare-to-Death Horrors
    2x Dark Hatchling
    4x Faceless Butcher
    4x Mesmeric Fiend (*shrug* They scare a card to death)
    1x Krovikan Horror
    4x Shambling Swarm

    Creatures- 40

    Frightful Spells
    2x Scare Tactics
    4x Terror
    1x Wave of Terror
    4x Fear
    1x Horror of Horrors

    Uh, non-Frightful Spells
    1x Hatred
    1x Endless Scream
    1x Howl from Beyond
    1x Breeding Pit
    1x Recurring Nightmare

    Spells- 17

    Decidedly Mundane Artifacts
    1x Black Lotus
    1x Mox Jet
    1x Tawnos's Wand

    Artifacts- 3

    Lands. Lots of Lands.

    1x Volrath's Stronghold
    1x Urborg
    1x Wasteland
    1x Polluted Mire
    1x Polluted Delta
    1x Peat Bog
    1x Maze of Ith
    1x Lake of the Dead
    1x Cabal Coffers
    1x Bottomless Vault
    1x Barren Moor
    1x Bloodstained Mire
    18x Swamp

    Land- 30
  8. Darkstar An Entire Marching Band

    Dragons, Kytes, and Drakes oh my! Well just dragons i suppose...

    Brimstone Dragon
    Canopy Dragon
    Catacomb Dragon
    4 Dragon Whelp
    Ebon Dragon
    Fire Dragon
    Fledgling Dragon
    Lightning Dragon
    Rathi Dragon
    Thunder Dragon
    2 Two Headed Dragon
    2 Vampiric Dragon
    Viashivan Dragon
    Volcanic Dragon
    Worldgorgor Dragon
    Zodiac Dragon
    4 Zirilian of the Claw
    4 Shivan Dragon

    Enchant, instant, and what have you
    4 Dragon Blood
    3 Dragon Mask
    4 Weilding the Green Dragon
    4 Lightning Bolt
    4 Shock
    2 Living Death
    Land Tax
    4 Arc Lightning

    Quicksliver Amulet
    Teekas Dragon
    Belbes Portal

    18 Mountain
    8 Swamp
    8 Forest
    2 Dromars Cavern
    2 Crosis Catacombs
    2 Gemstone Mine

    Ok i edited... im just lazy and didnt take time to read.... heres the revised version...
    Land Tax (only one)
    Dragon lands put in
    One amulet
    Direct damage (all illustrate some sort of fiery form of damage... fire=dragon powers and stuff)
    Living Death = Vampires are the living dead thus vampiric dragon counts as a non living non dead creature...
    The mines = what train said.... havent you read the hobbit... smaug lives in a dwarven mine/keep/mountain
    viashino = hes a reptile... dragons are considered reptilian are they not?
  9. train The Wildcard!!!...

    No savannah lions in the mew deck istanbul???...:cool:
  10. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.

    Vanilla 2/1s will die with a quickness to, oh, *anything*. I want more staying power in my kittycats.

    Darkstar - I'd love to know how you justify Healing Salve, Lightning Bolt, Shock, Aluren, Living Death, Worldly Tutor, Harrow, Arc Lightning, Mind Twist, Rishadan Port, and Gemstone Mine as tribal cards...or did you not notice that anything that's not tribal is restricted (1 in the deck)?
  11. train The Wildcard!!!...

    I didn't notice that - i was tied up about not seeing savannah lions in a kitty deck...:rolleyes:

    Basically Darkstar - if the card is not tribal you can have only one of it in the deck. It's highlander tribal with 1.5 restricted=banned...;) I agree with you on some cards though...

    I'll be the defense attorney here...:cool: (I'm a huge Matlock fan!!!)

    The lightning bolt can be tribal due to the lightning and thunder dragons...
    The Gemstone mine can be tribal because dragons usually live in caves(mines) filled with treasure of some sort...

    I would say though that you could use every one of the dragon lair lands from planeshift(hint, hint!!!)...;) :D

    And uhh....Look up a guy named Zirilan of the Claw(humongous hint, hint!!)!!!....He's a lot better than wordly tutor... and dragon roost
  12. Captain Caveman New Member

    Please remember this rule when building a Tribe deck;

    A Tribe is a race of creatures, like Apes or Giants
    or Clerics. Each deck has to be of a single tribe
    and may therefore only contain creatures of the
    chosen tribe.

    ......................... All other cards may only be included
    once, except when the name of the tribe appears on
    the card.

    However, you can bend the basic rules a little but, please
    explain why your non-tribal card should count as a tribal

  13. train The Wildcard!!!...

    So lightning bolt is a stretch... what about the gemstone mine???...:cool:
  14. Turtlewax Joe CPA Hater of Train

    Old Men Who Get Fat in Winter

    1x Kamahl, Fist of Krosa
    1x Seton, Krosan Protector
    1x Thriss, Nantuko Primus

    Don't Step on Me(7)
    1x Broodhatch Nantuko
    1x Nantuko Blightcutter
    2x Nantuko Cultivator
    1x Nantuko Disciple
    1x Nantuko Elder
    1x Nantuko Tracer

    Hairy Guys With Four Legs(6)
    4x Seton's Scout
    2x Werebear

    Freaky Men Who Live Alone and Do Strange Things(18)
    4x Avenging Druid
    2x Hermit Druid
    3x Yavimaya Elder
    1x Diligent Farmhand
    1x Druid Lyrist
    2x Ichneumon Druid
    1x Zoologist
    4x Thelonite Druid

    Tribal Cards(18)
    4x Bearscape (Flavor text)
    4x Oath of Druids (Title)
    4x Druids Call (Title)
    2x Sylvan Library (The hangout for old men who get fat in winter)
    4x Worldly Tutor (The man is obviously a Druid)

    Non Tribal Cards(7)
    1x Abundance
    1x New Frontiers
    1x Rites of Spring
    1x Geae's Blessing
    1x Regrowth
    1x Restock
    1x Revive

    Where the Druids Dwell(31)
    4x Geae's Cradle (Lets face it, it's just Druid-ish)
    27x Forest

    There's an even 90 card Druid Tribe Deck. I thought I would make the name charming and witty to encourage you to vote for me (flashes sparkely smile)...*looks ashamed*

    Good Luck to everyone...
  15. John`O Coach

    The Ball-Lightning tribe :)

    26 Mountain
    1 Skyclound Expanse
    1 Volcanic Island
    1 Plateau
    1 Battlefield Forge
    1 Shivan Reef
    1 Tundra
    1 Coastal Tower
    1 Flooded Strand
    1 Bloodstained Mire
    1 Wooded Foothills
    4 Ball Lightning
    3 Lightning Hounds
    4 Lightning Elemental
    4 Lightning Dragon
    4 Lightning Angel
    4 Storm Shaman
    "Let the lightning be your warning, and the thunder your battle cry"
    3 Thundermare
    "Its hooves strike lightning and the thunder follows quickly after. "
    4 Lightning Bolt
    4 Lightning Blast
    4 Chain Lightning
    1 Jagged Lightning
    1 Lightning Cloud
    4 Rhystic Lightning
    2 Lightning Dart
    4 Arc Lightning
    4 Lightning Surge

  16. train The Wildcard!!!...

    4 - Lightning bolts in a tribal deck...

  17. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.

    And no Deranged Hermit. Tsk, tsk. No soup for you!
  18. train The Wildcard!!!...

    Can I at least have the crackers???...
  19. Darkstar An Entire Marching Band

    Even tho there was specified address to whos deck your talkin bout train... it obviously isnt mine... which also has lightning in it. *Sniffle.... (bursts into tears and begins consumption of a box of hagen daz)... chomp....sniffle sniffle... slurp.
  20. Turtlewax Joe CPA Hater of Train

    Deranged Hermit is Creature Type: Summon Elf

    If he was a druid I would have included him, do your homework before you make an accusation so serious (just playing)

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