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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by magicman_moe, May 29, 2001.

  1. magicman_moe New Member

    im having this converstaion with a freind of mine now and i was wondering

    do we as americans have any kinda culture?

    sides foreigners(not doggin them btw) who come here with their culture and whatknot
    ill post my answer here in a while i wanna know what you guys think
  2. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    What do you mean by "culture"? You mean now, in the past, in general?
  3. Namielus Phrexian Plaguelord

    Sure we have tons of culture. Like if your a small country and you have resources we want we will evently pillage and rape your land till your all dead. But hey thats america can't live with us, we can't live without.

    (I know I will get flak for that comment but come on lets be honest, that is what america is all about, just think about it.)
  4. Cateran Emperor Passed On

    [Opts to simply ignore Namelius's comment]

    We really have a pseudo culture, but the American culture is slowly solidifying. We'll have some kind of recognizable culture within the next two decades I'd say At that point, we can finally drop the "Random Ethnicity - American" nonsense and simply call everyone who lives in our nation "American."

    To be honest, I'm not sure why we still have these idiotic groups trying to seperate our country into small groups fighting each other. (you know who I mean, the NAACP, the KKK, etc.) The day those groups vanish is going to be quite the grand day for the whole nation.
  5. DÛke Memento Mori

    ...I'd have to agree with Cateran Emperor (second time in a row I'm agreeing with him, I'm scared).

    The United States doesn't really have a solid culture, however, I can see that once minority groups vanish, the United States would have one hellva culture.

    I think the reason minority groups try to separate themselves and others from the others is because they're afraid to change. The United States has the highest immigration rate. With all these people coming, surely they will have their own styles of doing certain things, and some of these things are bound to become stable, ready to be used by everyone, not solely by the group who brought it.

    Plus, I've discovered that some minority groups are actually ignorant, and that's about it.

    Did you know I'm considered as a "lower specimen" by about 5 students in the school I used to go to? Not because of anything, but simply because I wasn't born in the United States. They are so uptight about others whom are not Americans...AS IF Americans come from an exactly defined background.
  6. FoundationOfRancor The Gunslinger

    I really don't like America very much.

    I American culture is kind of sifting out the differences and slowly melting into one crazy culture/nation. The main motivator? Apathy!:)
  7. DÛke Memento Mori will FoR. In fact, in cities where the immigrant population rate is high, you see people of different backgrounds accepting each other for who they are...not for anything else. This is a dream come true for me, to see the whole world being like that.

    Cities like New York, Chicago, Detroit, and St. Louis are really great places to be in if you don't feel like being surrounded by ignorant groups or just plain ignorant people.

    I was SO upset the day we decided to move to Imperial, which is a suburb of St. Louis. Somehow, the people at Imperial think that the place is a "white-only community"; they refuse to accept ANYONE who is not completely white. In the beginning, you might think it’s just some ignorant teenagers picking on each other, but this issue goes far beyond that. It's between neighbors, teachers, and basically every inhabitant of the town.

    The United States' culture is a great one. I like it because you could find all walks of life, which in my opinion is exciting. All these people coming in, bringing new and interesting ideas to the place, making for an even wider variety of foods, entertainment, clothing, and heck, EVERYTHING else. There is no other country that offers so much diversity…and at the same time, there is no other country that has so much hatred between its own inhabitants…not for anything ideal, but for the STUIPDEST thing the human race could disagree about...
  8. FoundationOfRancor The Gunslinger

    Though I can see how it can be interpreted that way Duke.

    I dont think all cultures melding into one is a good thing. Its a horrible, horrible thing.

    This thread can easily fall into a question of acceptance, which I dont think is the case here. All our cultures are slowly being melded into one Americana Culture, because were simply to full of apathy to do anything different.

    I hope im making sense here...It's kind of late, and I just spent two hours starting and finishing All Quiet on the Western Front. If im not making myself clear, just say so...

    Well, off to write the report.
  9. maraud234 Sir Psycho Sexy

    I don't really care that much about all of our cultures blending into one really cool one, just wish we had a little more acceptance of each other. Take this for example,

    Los Angeles has every kind of culture group you can think of, everything from "gansters" to surfers. And everybody in Los Angeles really gets along, mostly because they've grown up around all these different types of people. But in Georgia(which sucks), nobody really gets along. You also find that Georgia is full of ignorant people. I also agree with Cateran Emperor, The KKK sucks and so does the NAACP, to me they are the same thing.
  10. Ura Feline Lord of the Pit

    Well, I can't really say I have an opinion based on living in the US, however when I have studied national cultures many authors and scholars refered to America as a "cultural smelting pot". Basically it means that there are hundreds of different cultured peoples in america with distinct beliefs and ways of doing things.
    But while they all have their ways of doing things at home or with others of the same background, almost everyone there sorta adjusts their behavior slighty when dealing with others of differing background, hence the term smelting pot.
    Much of the time cultures can be defined by their historical or major icons, such as with the Canadians and the RCMP (mounties), people get the idea that Canada is full of honest good and friendly people, (which I think it is), and thats the impression and first thing that clicks to mind when think about it.
    America has a sorta old west cowboy adventure thing to it I find, which can be represented by the classic big texan cowboy, or the old west law man, like a Whyat Earp. Of course there are others that think america is a land of the great devil or some such malarky. *shrugs*
    Culture as such is often so multi-faceted that its exceedingly difficult to nail down with a simple description.
  11. DÛke Memento Mori

    May I please ask why you think it's a "horrible, horrible thing"?

    I don't think it's horrible at all because people are living here from different backgrounds, whether anyone likes it or not, and it will stay like that until the end of time. There are two options: melting into each other, creating ONE big culture, OR defining the lines of each separate group...which will cause more issues than the United States can deal with.

    Right now, some America-born are accepting the new cultures with an open heart. In fact, I've seen some people that WANT to learn and be with the new people. I have also seen some America-born that rejects everyone who wasn't born in the United States.

    Yes, FoR, the question of "acceptance" DOES have to do ALL with how the American culture is shaping. Without the acceptance, I'm afraid the United States would be seen as one racist, unjust place, not to mention it's already viewed that way by some countries...
  12. Gizmo Composite: 1860

    Which is obviously 100% bollocks.

    The rest of the world is complaining all the time about being 'Americanized' and we all long ago adopted the USA socio-political system of liberal democracy and free market trade.

    What defines culture that the USA doesn`t have a unique aspect of, an aspect born precisely from it`s huge melting pot?

    Art? Along with many great US artists who I`ve never heard of, the contribution of the US to popular art culture is enormous in the second half of this century - from Mickey Mouse to Andy Warhol. Literature? Kerouac, Hemmingway, Gibson, and many, many, MANY more great writers whose writings celebrate the US experience - what about Huck Finn, and all the 19th Century writers who helped to shape what the United States of America were all about. Do I even need to start on the contribution of the US to music?
    Blah blah blah, Coca Cola, blah blah blah, McDonalds, blah blah blah, Ford, blah blah blah Hollywood, blah blah blah ... you all in your heart of hearts know the arguments.

    I think that you should not become overly drawn into seeing US society and culture as being a mish mash of seperate and unrelated groups, and see what has been born out of the coming together of those groups. Perhaps your involvement in your 'local' issues is preventing you from seeing the wider picture.

    As much as I can be critical of the reactionary nature built into the very fabric of US life, and of it`s patchy record of involvement in world affairs I`m far from a US-basher. The US has a great many things that it has given the world that it can be utterly proud of - Britney Spears and McDonalds might not be the greatest examples of that, but they are much a part of US culture as 'Citizen Kane', 'To Kill A Mockingbird', and Pizzas delivered to your door at 3.00am.
  13. FoundationOfRancor The Gunslinger

    Duke, if you had read past that sentence, perhaps you could see what I mean.

    I think Gizmo's and Ura are both very, very right in what their saying. Gizmo hinted at my point a little, which is that all others cultures are being dissolved into a one, mad mass. The worst thing is that these people want to adopt the "american" culture and banish their old one. I think THAT is a horrible, horrible thing.

    And so Duke, since you did politely ask, Im not talking about acceptance (Which is a entirely humongo topic all by itself. Duke was talking about that aspect of cultures, and I agree with him.), what im talking about is aware and unaware conformity.
  14. Cateran Emperor Passed On

    You're going to have to explain this a bit: why is it bad if our entire species can ultimately share the same culture?
  15. DÛke Memento Mori


    And who am I to disagree? Please! I'm all for seeing the whole accomplishment of the whole crowd, and that's what I've been saying, Gizmo. You know what, there's a lot of people that DON'T like seeing this as a united accomplishment, but as an accomplishment of certain individuals...and some of those individuals happen to be not originally "American", which is considered "disgraceful" to some...

    My "local issues"? I was fine with your post, Gizmo, until you mentioned my "local issues". Are they really as "local" as they might seem? Probably not. If I'm here in my "local" area, having some of MY "issues", do you think I'm the ONLY one who's having those "issues? I'm JUST one person, and look what I have seen through the eyes and lies of others...imagine if you take one person from EACH city of the United'd be surprised at how many flaws would be unveiled. Besides, I have many friends who happen to be not America-inborn, and they have the same "issues"...not only THAT, but heck, I've seen a lot of African-Americans who were BORN in the United States having those "issues"...are they really JUST "local"? It's happening all across the United States...I'm the only one that happens to play Magic and happens to have found a certain site called the "CPA" and so is envolved in the conversation. Don't let ME fool you, Giz, it's not goin' as well as you think...

    We are living in the same country, why should we be separate? What IS the American culture that you speak of anyway? The only one I could think of is the MANY, MANY great accomplishments that EVERYONE devoted to...I don't see an American who created this, or an Asian who created that...ALL I see is the United States as ONE land...ONE nation...and therefore is called "UNITED"...why shouldn't its people be united as well, or is the term "united" only refer to the land, and excludes the population?
  16. Ura Feline Lord of the Pit

    I think I can answer that, though if I don't Rancor is welcome to beat me with a twig, but only Rancor and only a little twig. :p
    Anyways, I don't think he's referring so much to the entire world sharing one culture as a bad thing, but rahter how that single culture is being achieved and much of the stigma that goes with it.
    A country that is becoming "americanized" will have certain features about it that set it apart from other not so americanized places. The first is that as we all know America is a democracy and thus when a place starts becoming like america, the political climate begins to shift into something similar to the US. The second is that america is the "land of opportunity" so things like capitalizm and lables abound and become a major factor in peoples lives, whether its Coca-Cola, Britney Spears, or McDonalds. While this isn't initially a bad thing, the flooding of corporate labels often acts as a cataylist to the erasure of ones previous cultures and heritage. Basically comes to trading in the turban for a pair of Nike Air Jordans.
    While alot of companies don't go out and beat their products onto the new consumer, to a new immigrant it could seem that way with the heavy proleration of advertising, especially in places like air ports where you come into the country. For example when I went through LAX last year going to Sacamento the first thing I walked past after getting off the Air Canada jet and out of the main "gate" area was half a dozen fast food places a two magazine stands. Mass presense advertising was even larger in more heavily used gates such as the United airlines buildings where it was just one long line of fast food places and newstands, I never did find the end of them before finding my next plane. Now this may not seem like alot, but then we as Americans or Canadians are used to this level of media and are somewhat desensitized to it. Even market research proves that the average north american spends about .75 of a second on each ad on tv or on billboards/posters before moving on. Thats not very long so the advertising is big and powerful in the hopes of getting "hooked". Now take these big powerful ads and stick someone in who doesn't have the same media desensitizing that we do and watch. They're spend upwards of 7 seconds studying each ad, even if only to get a better grasp of english, and by then they're "hooked".
    Ever heard the old saying about when you move to a new neighborhood make freinds with at least one of the families next door to you? Well the idea behind this is that it helps to introduce you to the people living there and also gives you a way to learn about your neighors. That way you can fit in a little better and its makes the moving experience easier for everyone. You take off a tiny sliver of your personality and routine and add a tiny sliver of the neighbors just as they do with you when you move in. People who immigrate here from other countries have the same mindset quite oten but on a much more drastic level. Since they're experiece is limited to their own culture and home country they have to trust in the media for their "meet the neighbors" syndrome. When you get a new kid at school whos moved from another country or just a remote location of your own chances are that if the parents or kid can afford it they be doing things like wearing new clothes featuring well known brand names on them. This is a way of saying, "I'm a cool person, relax." without actually saying it. These types of clothing also act as a 2-way comfort zone for the new person and people at the place their at. People are familiar and comfortable with big brand names and lables because we see them everyday. The idea of this action is that it cushions the blow of being new to the area and helps all parties adjust easier. Its all about fitting in without disturbing the status quote... :(
    When another country is being "americanized" its often a trend thats starts with youths and works its way up the long ladder. Besides some of the possible ideals and reasons listed previously, one of a foreign countries biggest tastes of american culture is from Hollywood and MTV, where glamour and cool people roam free across the tv or movie screen. Its basically a form of idolization or hero worship. You see someone who you think is prettier, or stronger, or more excting then yourself and you want to be like them, so you try to embrace their views and life which end up overriding your own. Hollywood for instance has been called the worlds greatest propaganda engine because of how it shows American life as heroic and full or adventure, or glamourous and elite. Notice how they rarely show the downtrodden like the guy living in a dishwasher box in an alley or the people who were turned from everyday citizens into victims because of a riot in a major city. Unless they can put a spin on it such as with Titanic or more so Pearl Harbor (<--great movie btw). They take a great and tragic disaster, add a romance theme, some heroic action from "average joe" along with some great special effects and bamm! All of a sudden a terrible tradgedy is full or glamour and people who may not understand the entire situation behind the movie get the wrong idea in their heads.

    All of these things are part of what is considered americanization and are what I think that Rancor was saying was horrible thing. Its not so much wanting to be like other americans, but how they go about getting there and the loss involved along the way.
  17. DÛke Memento Mori

    ...I don't see how Ura's post answers Cateran Emp's question...or eve mine.

    We're talking about the United States as ONE country...why does it matter if it has ONE culture? Most all other countries do.
  18. magicman_moe New Member

    1.I think that everyones arguments on here are very justified.
    im glad that this hasnt turned into a american bashing thread like most of these threads turn out to be.

    2. my stance on this:

    ok, my opinion is this on american culture. i think that our culture is dwindling fast and is dying out because this country is shared by so many that arent alot of american(liike i said before im not bashing immigrants this is a smart thread not a "lets-be-an-a$$h*le-to-these-people thread) people left. the reason why i say this is i live in a town where the asian and hispanic minorities have become the majority of the community and the whites have,well, became the minorites. their culture has overcome ours and made ours not really that reconized by other cultures cuz alot of them think our stuff is stupid and not the true way of i guess culture. and most of them understand our ways and all that good stuff but it kinda over shadows our traditions when say chinese new year is more celebrated than veterans day or memorial day. now dont get me wrong i really enjoy the new cultures that im thankful to experience and learn from, but we need to all learn from eachother and observe eachothers cultures without fear or discrimination.
    thats what being a melting pot nation is all about.

    3. steriotypes and "typical" american belifes:

    it makes me angry that every single time that a war breaks out that the u.s is blamed almost instantly like we started it.
    it aslo makes me angry that we are looked upon by say the mideast as the great satan, like to say that we are responsible for every single bad thing that has ever happened to anyone else in another country.
    another thing that bothers me. say for instance canada goes on national tv and talks about how americans arent nothing but beer drinking fat lazy people and other countries think its just the funniest thing.
    but the minute we even make a remote crack on another country that country is ready to go to war with us!
    we are the most hated country because most of them arent willing to realize all the mistakes they have made while they were just starting out and look at us like we are just incompetent fools who know nothing.
    to alot of them every single american owns a gun and are in the nra, dont have a good work ethic which is bs cuz i know people here that bust their backs workin 5 to 6 days for minimum wage.
    it makes me sick to my stomache also when someone from a different country comes here and says oh good god america sucks but when they remember where they just came from theyre all like oh wow america is great.
    its just ignorance and ungratefulness that gets to me.
    well what do you guys have to say?
  19. Ura Feline Lord of the Pit

    You and CE were talking about one country, however my post was in reference to the quote that CE had from FoR about american culture rather then the american country.
    I agree with you that don't think it makes a big difference whether a country has a single cultural base or many of them. I was simply trying to explain what I thought that FoR was talking about in the quote. This thread was started on the basis of asking what american culture is.
    Both Canada and the US are multi-cultural countries as they were founded on immigrating from other lands. I think they both turned out pretty well considering how much we've achieved in such a short time. :D

    Well said! I whole heartedly agree.

    I understand where you come from about the steriotypes. Theres no shortage of them up here either. I've had people ask me if I live in an igloo or own my own dog sled before, though I really think and hope they were kidding about the igloo part. It also a common misconception that Canadians are a group of hockey watching, beer guzzling, dogsled racing screwballs where everyone is either a lumberjack, a red tunic'd mountie, or a fisherman. :(
    Though if its any comfort Moe, we laugh at ourselves twice as much as we do at the quirks and steriotypes of the US.
    The steriotyping bothers me alot too, but I'd just rather turn the other cheek and laugh then get all pissed off about it.
  20. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    magicman_moe: I think your number 2 is rather a localized case; you don't see the US as a nation adopting the Chinese New Year as the official date for the new year.

    I also think for number 3, you might get upset at the way others portray the US but let's face it, how does the US view other countries? Columbia as the drug dealing/cocaine nation? Any Arab country as backwards and turban wearing (or is that India?) China as.... hmm, can't think of one. Others have mentioned Canada as igloo and dog packs. You may not like how others portray the US, but we do the same to them.

    I had other thoughts about culture but kinda lost them. Suffice to say Gizmo probably nailed most of them... did you mention rock-n-roll? What the US does is "borrow" techniques from others and blend them in to make something new as its own. And that's pretty much to be expected, coming from a land that's a baby compared to most other nations and populated by people from all over, not just one area (like say Central or South America).

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