Things are good


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Hello, there!

I wanted to let you guys know that I haven't forgotten everyone. My teaching load at the university stepped up this past year and time has not been a plentiful resource. I've been performing on a regular basis here in OH (and will be spending the next month near Spidey's turf, singing Giovanni in Hagerstown). I will be applying to PHD and DMA programs in the fall, hopefully clearing the path for me to get a decent University job.

I have been playing magic on a semi-regular basis: In the past couple months, I've won 2 standard FNMs and a couple of sanctioned drafts, plus casual drafting with buddies and commander when I can. The regions Level 3 judges want me to test for Level 2, but time has not allowed me the necessary time to study the IPG and MTR to prepare. Hopefully, I will be testing over the summer, possibly at GenCon if I get picked up for that again.

Sorry that I've not been as active recently, but life happens. Hope to post on here more often.

Ransac, cpa trash man


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Wow, great to hear from you and sounds like you're doing quite well!


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If he was still flinging monkey poo, it's probable that he'd be bragging about it...;)

Good to hear from you Ransac, and nice to know things sound like they're working out well for ya...:D


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Where in Hagerstown you doing Giovanni? That is only about 3 hours from me. Used to p[ick up 81 south near there when I went to Roanoke, VI.