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Hellion: IMO, it had about as many playable cards as the ones you listed for Fallen Empires. Sure, not many tourney cards came from it, but it's all playable.

Turtlewax Joe

Hellion and Spidey- Fallen Emoires isn't in the Ice Age Block. And I kind of liked Ice Age.


I would have to say that the worst sets are:
Prophecy, Mercedian Masques, and Nemisis in that order.
Prophecy cards were all dumb, masques would have been okay if everybody made decks that didn't involve rebels (or on a lesser note Mercineries) Nemisis was by far the best set of the block (but still sucked) sure it has the B-Derm, the paralax cards and sap-burst but we could easily live without them. Acumulated knowledge is my fav. card from the nemisis set.


I love bargain, academy, and all of those... it makes the game fun!!!! FUN I TELL YOU!!! When you nail someone 1st turn its pretty.. and Academy is a deck you need to think about sometimes


yeah no offence to the people who made urza block (if they care or havent been killed yet) but it totally sucks. i loved it at first because of all the overlty great cards but thats just it...overly great cards. i think that a good block consists of great but fair cards...RATH CYCLE FOREVER!!!!:D


Urzas block sux cause it is to powerful... but i disagree with peeps who say nething else is bad. I heard peopel dis cards that were very important to me in my decks. Every single card... im sure.. plays a role in some deck and is great in some deck. So dont dis the sets uless they r too good and mess up the game!

Shiro, Time Devourer

1: Hey, FE had the pump knights (Order of Leitbur, of the Ebon Hand) and Seasinger. Also, HL has Autumn Willow, one of pure green's only 5-stars. But as a whole, you're right. The sets do suck, along with....

2: Odyssey, again as a whole, is a shambling mound. Whereas Apocalypse and Nemesis have about a 1 in 8 chance of getting a top-quality rare (AP only has 2 1-star cards, Martyrs' Tomb (U) and Tahngarth's Glare (C)), Odyssey has the same chance of getting a bicycle spoke. Not only that, but the whole set has a set quality of 2.53 (Out of 5 on a 1-5 scale), and a pack (rare) quality of 2.4. Two point four. Beautiful.

3: Masques block had Port, the Spellshaper Legends, and Sivvi.

Good Cards in Odyssey:
SM infiltrator
Iridescent Angel
Haunting Echoes
Rites of Initiation
Wild Mongrel
Mystic Enforcer
Divine Sacrament

Odd, I see a lot of crap here:
Mudhole (Which I got in the only OD pack I'm buying unless that's all that's there)
Pedantic Learning
All 5 shrines
Tarnished Oinkadel
Atogatog (Extremely limited use)
Ray of Distortion (cost)
Dematerialize (cost)
Ancestral Tribute
Hint of insanity
Battle of Oinks (Too predictable.)
Any non-Psych atog
Any creatures that suffer at threshold (Can't block, usually.)

I welcome all replies.


I used to think differently, but I now have to say Alpha. It has become evermore difficult to make a type 2 legal all alpha deck, heck just to slam one down is fun sometimes, but that used to be so cool to see someone's jaw drop when that happened...

If only the card cut were legal...

Turtlewax Joe

i was just looking atn this as it was my first post ever here and i was really stupid


Was... that's the key word...

For remaining here... we're all just insane...:p

Reverend Love

ooh..that's pretty bad. There was NO good reason for mudhole to be printed rare. I so hate that card.


Of the current stuff the trend has been going more towards limited play, which means weaker overall sets. Because of this Darksteel is a pretty bland set. Not weakest ever, but pretty dang bad!


Yeah, Darksteel is nothing to w00t over. Mirrodin was exciting, but Darksteel is meh. Some good toys, and then a lot of junk.

I hated Torment for a while after it first came out. I still don't think it's a great set overall.

I like Fallen Empires because it's fun, so I can't count that.

I suppose the worst set is Homelands, but that sounds too easy, huh?


LOL, this old thread has a funny ending. Darksteel meh? Arcbound ragaver, trinisphere, aether vial and Darksteel Colossus disagree. ;) Besides those cards there is a lot of good stuff that turns up in tournaments: death cloud, pristine angel, pulse of the fields, sword of fire and ice, blinkmoth nexus.

And it even has some 'fun' stuff: genesis chamber, spawning pit, Ageless Entity, Shunt, Test of Faith, talon of pain, leonin shikari, Auriok Glaivemaster, Chittering Rats and all the landaffinity golems! Not bad for a small set. Especially for a second set of a block (legions gave 2nd blocks the reputation of being low-powered).

I play more with darksteel cards than I had predicted. I especially still play with a lot of the cards I mentioned as fun. And now the question that really brings this thread up to date: what about the Kamigawa block? Do you like Champions and Betrayers? Are they as low-powered as some players say?


jorael said:
(legions gave 2nd blocks the reputation of being low-powered).
It had some help from Visions, Stronghold, Nemesis (except for a few cards), and Planeshift (lots of people didn't even bother checking the rare slot).


Lets see here:

Everything from Mirage to the present is a bit stronger than what came before.

Ice Age and Alliances had some bright spots.

Fallen Empires had some fun cards, looking closely at Homelands its not as bad as it looks.

That leaves my vote, for... The Dark.

There were a few cards like Ball Lightning or Maze of Ith in it, but the set was mostly toilet paper.


The Tentacled One
Istanbul said:
It had some help from Visions, Stronghold, Nemesis (except for a few cards), and Planeshift (lots of people didn't even bother checking the rare slot).
Stronghold wasn't weak, it just didn't have as many good cards as Tempest or Exodus. Nemesis was mostly better than Masques or Prophecy, so I'm not sure why you brought that one up. The others I can't agree more on.


Istanbul said:
It had some help from Visions, Stronghold, Nemesis (except for a few cards), and Planeshift (lots of people didn't even bother checking the rare slot).
I can't agree with this Isty, Visions had some absolutely amazing (and staple) cards in all rarities - and is considered by many to be one of the best, most balanced sets ever. Nemesis too had a good amount of playable (and strong) cards in all rarities. I will agree that Stronghold and Planeshift were both a bit blah, minus a few uber-bombs.