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  1. WickedBoy6 Captain of the Atog Army

    I've actually had this thing built for a good long while, and every time I go to the shops, I pick up another artifact or two. So far, this is the build:

    Commander (1)
    1x Bosh, Iron Golem

    Land (37)
    1x Buried Ruin
    1x Cathedral of War
    1x Cloudpost
    1x Darksteel Citadel
    1x Desert
    1x Dread Statuary
    1x Encroaching Wastes
    1x Gargoyle Castle
    1x Ghitu Encampment
    1x Ghost Quarter
    1x Ghost Town
    1x Glimmerpost
    1x Gods' Eye, Gate to the Reikai
    1x Great Furnace
    1x Haunted Fengraf
    1x Hellion Crucible
    1x Keldon Megaliths
    1x Kher Keep
    1x Mishra's Factory
    1x Mystifying Maze
    1x Petrified Field
    1x Quicksand
    1x Reliquary Tower
    1x Rogue's Passage
    1x Scorched Ruins
    1x Sheltered Valley
    1x Shivan Gorge
    1x Smoldering Spires
    1x Spinerock Knoll
    1x Stalking Stones
    1x Teetering Peaks
    1x Thespian's Stage
    1x Urza's Factory
    1x Urza's Mine
    1x Urza's Power Plant
    1x Urza's Tower
    1x Zoetic Cavern

    Creature (28)
    1x Altar Golem
    1x Arcbound Crusher
    1x Arcbound Overseer
    1x Arcbound Ravager
    1x Arcbound Reclaimer
    1x Beast of Burden
    1x Cathodion
    1x Colossus of Akros
    1x Darksteel Colossus
    1x Darksteel Juggernaut
    1x Darksteel Sentinel
    1x Duplicant
    1x Epochrasite
    1x Gemini Engine
    1x Golem Artisan
    1x Iron Myr
    1x Junk Diver
    1x Karn, Silver Golem
    1x Lodestone Golem
    1x Manakin
    1x Myr Battlesphere
    1x Myr Propagator
    1x Myr Retriever
    1x Myr Welder
    1x Palladium Myr
    1x Plague Myr
    1x Precursor Golem
    1x Thopter Assembly

    Artifact (34)
    1x Blinkmoth Urn
    1x Contagion Clasp
    1x Contagion Engine
    1x Darksteel Forge
    1x Darksteel Plate
    1x Dreamstone Hedron
    1x Energy Chamber
    1x Everflowing Chalice
    1x Fire Diamond
    1x Font of Mythos
    1x Howling Mine
    1x Icy Manipulator
    1x Illusionist's Bracers
    1x Mimic Vat
    1x Mind Stone
    1x Mirrorworks
    1x Pyxis of Pandemonium
    1x Quietus Spike
    1x Ring of Three Wishes
    1x Semblance Anvil
    1x Sisay's Ring
    1x Skullclamp
    1x Sol Ring
    1x Spine of Ish Sah
    1x Staff of Nin
    1x Swiftfoot Boots
    1x Thousand-Year Elixir
    1x Titan Forge
    1x Tower of Calamities
    1x Unwinding Clock
    1x Ur-Golem's Eye
    1x Voltaic Key
    1x Warden of the Wall
    1x Xanthic Statue

    I'm thinking of cutting some of the bigger things - Xanthic Statue being the big example - or weird decisions - Warden of the Wall, I'm looking at you - to make way for more Myr fuel for the Battlesphere. I'm also thinking of adding Grafted Exoskeleton and Hellkite Tyrant for alt-wins.
  2. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    I'm jealous. You finished building a Commander deck. How'd you do it?
  3. WickedBoy6 Captain of the Atog Army

    I bought only the finest slightly/heavily-played cards $76 in store credit could offer. :p
  4. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    I was referring more to actually figuring out what to include in the deck in the first place than to acquiring the cards. Building decks is some great arcane puzzle and building highlander decks is even more daunting. Obviously not everyone feels that way, but I do.
  5. WickedBoy6 Captain of the Atog Army

    Well, to be fair, this is, like, the fifth revision of it. I essentially just picked mana ramp, some nice beef to fling with Bosh, and just some of the best artifacts I remember having - Serrated Arrows, Jayemdae Tome, Sol Ring - and then finding out what worked and what didn't as I played. Plus, I asked around, got some people's input, listened to some - didn't listen to others, as a lot of people want me to flood it with mountains and fetch - and finally got to this point. Now, all I do is grab one or two semi-expensive cards every now and again to flesh it out, like Wurmcoil Engine and Jitte.

    I actually ended up getting a Jitte for $12, but it's an alt-art I got from Amazon - (long link is long) - but I'm sure some people may have issues about the fact that it's a proxy.
  6. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    That proxy is using the art from the foil Grand Prix printing of Jitte. Real Grand Prix Jittes are worth a lot, of course. Personally, I'm all for people being able to use proxies in casual games so long as everyone involved knows and agrees beforehand.
  7. Terentius The Instigator

    I feel this way too. For Commander, I took an easier path and went with Slivers, basically just slapping together singles from the Premium Sliver deck, supported by powerful five color cards and simple control and mana base support spells. Though I'm not saying that deck is good.
  8. WickedBoy6 Captain of the Atog Army

    I feel the same way. I mean, it's not like I'm running a random M14 Island with "Uzemaw's Jet" written in Sharpie on it. This looks legit enough to be a real card, but we all know it's not.

    And Terentius, that's the best way to go. Work on a theme, work backwards from it and add what you know is the best thing for the theme. Playtest it, play it, and you'll see what works and what doesn't. I still have some high-CC beef in there, mainly for Bosh, but Colossus of Sardia was NOT working at all in this deck - way too slow - so I cut it for Colossus of Akros, which is way better.

    EDIT: Forgot to mention, I got some new cards for Bosh: Alloy Myr, Moltensteel Dragon, Grafted Exoskeleton, Myr Turbine, Myr Incubator, Hellkite Tyrant, and the proxy Jitte. Just need to cut some things to fit them in. Suggestions?

  9. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    I still don't have any suggestions for what to cut, and I feel a little guilty about that. I'm going to be whining for everyone to help me figure my own Commander deck out pretty soon here, but I don't even have anything for you. Apparently no one does. We're all too busy? :(
  10. WickedBoy6 Captain of the Atog Army

    It's fine. I had already done so. Got rid some of the more-expensive and narrower mana producers and the weaker token generators, like Precursor Golem. So, the last I need is a legit Jitte, Thran Dynamo, Wurmcoil Engine, and possibly Batterskull. Then, it will be complete.
  11. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    Well, Thran Dynamo should be pretty easy. The others would set you back a bit.
  12. WickedBoy6 Captain of the Atog Army

    I'm in the process of getting a Dynamo right now. Not sure what to cut for THAT, but I'll get to that when I get there.

    What's your Commander deck? I might be able to help.
  13. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    I posted a thread here a while back. I should update that. In fact, I'll do that now...

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