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    "You know, I wonder if Fujimori of Peru (Chile?) was not actually originally a Japanese citizen."

    There are actually a lot of citizens in Central/South America with roots going to Asia - Japan... a lot of this comes from military aspects... some from business...
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    techincaly, ferrets are considered "exotics" - most small animals that aren't dogs or cats are exotics and you have to find special vets for them (there's lots of them in Florida!).

    Zelda loves to play w/ our cats. She scares the heck out of Azrael (our insane cat), wrestles w/ Drywall (our stupid cat) and generally makes Mugwort's (our cute kitty) like a living hell. It's always fun to watch...on any given day Zelda can take any of them...


    "never underestimate the power of an obnoxious weasel..."
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    train -- Actually what makes me wonder if Fujimori was not an original Japanese citizen is the fact that he fled to Japan after losing power, hence he must have Japanese citizenship, because last I heard, the Japs weren't handing him back.

    Of course, one can be a dual citizen through one's parents...

    -- Astranbrulth --
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    I had to sell my ferrets when I moved from Florida to North Carolina, because lots of people told me they were illegal pets here.

    Turns out it's not true; many people are misinformed. Ferrets are currently legal pets in every state except California and Hawaii.

    Local governments though, can have stricter laws that ban ferrets. New York City and Dallas, TX are two example I know of. There may be others.
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    Rise of the Machine!!!...

    MINDFUL OF THE bitterness that still surrounds California’s first gubernatorial recall election, not to mention the state’s fiscal troubles, the Republican has shied away from black-tie celebrations that normally enliven the beginning of new administrations.
    Schwarzenegger was expected to deliver a brief speech, attend three ceremonial receptions and return to the Capitol by mid-afternoon for his first hours of work as governor.
    He was expected to call a special session of the Legislature to consider issues including imposing midyear spending cuts to help reduce next year’s expected $10 billion deficit, reforming the state’s workers’ compensation system, and repealing a new law that will allow undocumented immigrants to get driver’s licenses.
    He also has promised a balanced budget that does not include any new taxes or any significant cuts in funding for education and local governments.
    That goal became more daunting during the weekend with a projection from his chief financial deputy that the state budget deficit stands at $25 billion — far more than other recent estimates.'s Politics section

    But while the actor-turned-politician promised to focus on state business, Sacramento braced for a frenzy.
    Requests for press credentials for Schwarzenegger’s swearing-in ceremony were filed by TV crews and print journalists from around the globe. Nearly 650 journalists planned to cover the event.
    “Sacramento has never seen anything like this before — it is astonishing,” said Sherry Bebitch Jeffe, a political scientist at the University of Southern California. “There has never been this kind of intense media attention on the governor at anytime in the state.”
    Besides the press corps, 7,500 guests were invited to the ceremony on the Capitol steps.
    Security will be tight and the area will be fenced off, said California Highway Patrol spokesman Steve Kohler. In addition, some streets will be closed to accommodate approximately 50 TV satellite trucks.
    “I think that people who just show up downtown hoping to watch will be badly disappointed,” he said. “You’d be better off staying home and watching it on TV.”
    California Supreme Court Justice Ronald George was scheduled to administer the oath of office, and Schwarzenegger’s wife, Maria Shiver, was expected to hold the Bible.
    First lady may be key adviser

    The ceremony was supposed to take only about an hour. After that, the governor and his wife then were to be hosts at a luncheon in the Capitol rotunda for state and federal officials, hold a private family gathering across the street, and later attend an invitation-only reception sponsored by the state Chamber of Commerce at the convention center.
    No gala balls were planned, unlike most past inaugurals, when the new governors have thrown extravagant, celebrity-studded celebrations.
    In 1995, Natalie Cole sang at then-Gov. Pete Wilson’s inaugural gala. The 1999 inaugural for Gov. Gray Davis, ousted by last month’s recall vote, included a $3.7 million gala featuring Lionel Richie, Kenny G and a reading by “Happy Days” actor Henry Winkler. Davis toned down his second inaugural, held earlier this year amid the state’s fiscal crisis, to a casual party at an auditorium with the swing band Big Bad Voodoo Daddy entertaining.

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    My favorite part of the article pasted above...
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    Yours Too!!!:p

    He's already taking care of business...

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