The end of a career...

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  1. theorgg Slob

    Yep. my first LARP.

    I didn't have the $100 to get a PC, but I did have some fun being a monster.
    I had some pretty interesting encounters as a snotling(think a goblin and kobold mixed. weakest thing. Kobolds, on the other hand...

    (snotling): --to guy sitting on porch-- Hey, you! where humpty dumpty!

    (guy on porch pulls out sword: what do I see?

    (snotling): a snotling. where humpty dumpty?

    (guy): hey, brazaliaon, come out here for a minute, will you?
    (brazaliaon): what do I see?

    (guy): jsut a snotling. wanna play snotling catch? reset's in a few hours, so we can just waste a few stregnths...

    (guy walks to snotling, says "level two stregnth" pick up snotling): level two throw!

    snotling): AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaoof!
    (braz guy): catch! level two thow!
    snotling): AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaa oof!
    (guy): up high!
    snotling): AAAAAAAaaaaa--aaaaaAAAAAAAA!
    (braz): batter up! [draws foam sword, hits snotling coming at him]four normal!

    (snotling): uurrgh!

    braz): search...

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