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Ok folks, it time for the very first ever CPA free for all tag game. The rules are simple

1) To join the game you must post a reply here and name you weapon of choice
2) The game will begin This Saturday
3) To tag someone, you must kill them with your weapon of choice immediately after they post a message
For example: I post a message, then foundation of rancor posts a message but does not kill me, it is now too late to kill me.
4) You cannot edit your post in order to kill someone. Likewise, if a post has an edit in it, and a kill, the kill is not counted, because there is not way of knowing whether or not the kill was made prior to the post.
5) you cannot kill someone who has a "Tag Guard" on
6) to put a "Tag Guard" on, simply write TAG GUARD at the top of a post. This way a tag guard cannot be put under a signiture.
7) Any questions or arguements will be settled by me.
8) Last one standing wins

My weapon of choice will be <font color="red">RED MAGE MAGIC</font>

Do I have any takers? OR are you all chickens?

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The Magic Jackal

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Due to the testing of the new system, the game will be temporarily postponed, :( You may still sign up, and I will let you know when the game will begin.

Chaos Turtle

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I will use my lightsaber, which now has no color! :mad:


Prepare to face my unprovoked and ineffectual wrath! :eek:

Thanks, Ed! :D

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Sucker MCs call me sire.
I will brandish my GIGANTIC PENIS!
I shall club you all with my mammoth man-meat until you whimper like little girls!


Treetrunk Guy
I think I'll be very happy with a very large treetrunk. I plan on smashing people or sending them flying like baseballs.


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I just need some way to make that cut-and-pastable...


Face my boulder!


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The Magic Jackal

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That doesn't really look like a boulder, more like a pile of crap. hahaha :p

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The Magic Jackal

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The game will begin NEXT saturday. That gives everyone another week to sign up. Try to get people to sign up, the more the merrier!

BTW, I will start a new topic saturday with a list of all of the people who are playing the game. Once that is posted, the game has begun. When you tag someone, you are to post under that thread who you killed, and where (forum and topic). Last one standing wins. Watch out for Dune echo cheating, he can edit without it appearing on the bottom of message :( :)

Oh, one last thing, due to the absense of backslashes, I will change my weapon to my trusty automatic crossbow.


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Being the pacifist that I am- Oh, wait, that's not right. Being the sadistic annoyance that I am, I choose to use a dull butter knife as my weapon of choice. :)


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And I believe I have found an easy way to win this game... :) But I shall refrain from using my secret weapon, for the moment.

The Magic Jackal

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dammit another amin. Hmmm, what to do about preventing them from cheating? I guess we'll just have to out smart them. Remember, you can't put the tag guard in your sig. It must go at the top of every message you post.

Dune Echo

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Zadok and I won't cheat, will we? No, not at all... MWAHAHAHAHA! Ooops. Did I say that out loud?

No, seriously, I think it may be obvious if we cheated. For myself, I'll play fair. The Tag Guard should fix things.


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Count me in!!

I choose as my weapon my patented Tribble Gun!!

Simply place one Tribble in the loading chamber, add some grain, and launch furry cuteness at ones foes. Ammo is limited to the amount of food that can be provided.
* )
OOO==== . . *

Bwa he ha ha ha ha!!!!