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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Spiderman, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Wow, I didn't know that there wasn't a show on 3/19 and 3/26 was just a recap. I thought I was way behind...

    From the recap show, that Tyson guy seems to be a trip :)
  2. EricBess Active Member

    Haven't seen the recap yet...I may have recorded over it :(
  3. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Do you have cable and On Demand? It should be on there....
  4. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Saw last night's...

    Well, most of the focus seemed to be on Taj's tribe. I'm not sure how serious JT and Stephen were about voting Taj off and keeping her idol - maybe it was just shown to provide some suspense? I don't know what Taj is thinking though, hiding the idol IN camp where anyone can find it... heck, why does *anyone* do that?

    I was hoping Joe would give the fake immunity idol to Sydney and then she'd use it...

    I wonder if Erinn tried to look for the idol at her camp also since they got pretty clear directions at that point... they didn't show Brendan or Sierra planning to build a fake one, so not sure if she looked and didn't find it and deduced that one of them had it...
  5. EricBess Active Member

    Especially since Taj put it in the middle of community property. And Stephen did a horrible job of covering. Had JT not been so thrown by finding it in the first place, I think he would have caught on that Stephen knew about it. There were quite a few things he said that JT didn't catch onto. I could have sworn he said, "Let's put it back in my pocket" instead of "Let's put it in my back pocket", for example.

    As for the fake idol, I can't believe how gullible people are at this point. Joe made a huge point about how he just walked right up to where the idol was a got it. If you remove the final clue, he probably would have done the same. So why does he think that Taj doesn't already have it? He must think that she is pretty stupid. I suppose that ultimately, that's the reason why they are doing the two urns. Perhaps Joe thinks that Taj has only seen the first couple of clues... (just trying to give him the benefit of the doubt here).

    Good point about Erinn. That would have been interesting to see.

    Is it just me, or do they seem to be recycling challenges more and more now days?
  6. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Yeah, but I imagine that they probably know how to build most of them pretty fast since they're used to it.

    The throwing urns one was new though.
  7. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Tough break for Joe - it seems now every season, at least one person is being sent home from injuries requiring medical attention... a good break for Brendan, since it looks like he was on the chopping block, including from his "Exile Alliance". Although that seemed more like miscommunication, as he didn't want it to look like there was an alliance and Taj and Stephen were all nervous since he didn't talk to them. From the previews for next week, it looks like he does talk to them and they may be back together.

    Anyone think Coach looks like Liam Neeson in Star Wars Phantom Menace? :)
  8. EricBess Active Member

    Yeah, I don't get what Brendan is thinking. Ironic that he formed such a tight bond with Sierra (to the point that when they first talked of voting him out, they made a point of not telling Sierra), but he wants to keep the other portion secret. I think that a secret alliance like this requires a lot of short, good bursts of communication. You just have to make it look like you aren't allies to everyone else.

    Honestly, though, I think Stephen is the weak link in that alliance. He doesn't seem to have much confidence in it and has frequently talked of stabbing even Taj in the back for the idol. Personally, I think that there are still a lot of people who think that the idol is power. To use it properly, you need to have someone who is "in" on the votes and that is never going to happen if everyone knows who your allies are. And if your "in" doesn't really have your back, then there isn't much point anyway.
  9. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Well, I can see what Brendan is thinking - he doesn't want to make it look like he and Taj (and Sierra and Stephen by extension) have formed an alliance due to their time at Exile, so he's avoiding them. Problem is, he didn't convey that plan to Taj before, so she thinks he's backstabbing her.

    Kinda the same thing with Stephen - I see him playing the game, angling to get the best position between his old tribe, the Exile alliance, and now the merge. He's just not sure which will benefit him the most right now...
  10. EricBess Active Member

    Yeah, I agree with both of your comments. I guess my point is that Stephen doesn't feel like he has any control of the Exile alliance and that he needs to go through Taj. He doesn't feel like he has any rapport with Brendan directly, which is why he is the most likely to decide to simply ditch that alliance and go with what he does know.

    But from an outsider's perspective, the best thing for him IMO would be to use the fact that they don't realize he is part of another alliance. If everyone wants to out Brendan and you can't talk them out of it, the fact that they are willing to tell you gives you the ability to warn Brendan to use the idol. Instead, he's encouraging splitting the vote onto Sierra (his other "ally") in case Brendan does use the idol. It seems like he's decided that going with what is comfortable to him is what will benefit the most.

    As for Brendan, I think that is exactly why he doesn't want to talk to them, but the lack of communication may have been what pushed Stephen into his decision in the first place.

    It would have been interesting to see how the vote actually played out in the end, but I think that ultimately, Joe's health issue might have thrown the Exile alliance a lifeline. Guess we'll see tonight if they actually take advantage of it.
  11. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Didn't they stay on Exile together for one time though? Granted, that's not a whole lot of time, but it was one-on-one time...

    I guess we'll see what happens tonight :)
  12. EricBess Active Member

    I have to say, this is one of the more disfunctional tribal wars we have ever seen. This was a pretty amazing episode all things considered with everything thinking they were blindsiding. Everyone said they were writting down J.T., but nobody was actually planning on doing so.

    Ultimately, I would have rather seen coach go first, but I suspect that J.T. and Stephen figure that as the numbers dwindle, it is going to be easier to maintain an alliance against Coach and Tyson. Brendan and Sierra are ultimately more likable, so if you get rid of Coach and Tyson first, then it's unclear where the alliance will go from there.

    It's interesting to see that Coach and Brendan both felt like they were in control when Stephen and JT are the ones actually controlling the vote.

    The funniest thing to me is that you take a tribe with 4 people going against 6 into the merge and JT, who is sort of the point man on the 4-person tribe was approached by 3 different people from the other tribe wanting to strike something up. I don't think there has ever been more opportunity for the underdog tribe to simply walk away with everything.

    Of course, they might want to get rid of Tyson first chance they get. He seems to be dominating the challenges.
  13. Melkor Well-Known Member

    I have to say that it is nice to have a Survivor where almost everyone is (or is shown) to be scheming and has multiple relationships with everybody. A lot of different permutations are out there. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see Tyson or Coach go out next.
  14. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Finally saw this episode (but not the 23rd yet)...

    Agree with both of you guys. So much for the Exile alliance. This is definitely the most scheming Survivor with almost everyone taking part. Except poor Sierra, who doesn't seem to have any allies now...

    I would have liked to see Coach off next also, his arrogance is irritating. Tyson does seem to be dominating the challenges but I think he's more likable to most of the tribe.
  15. EricBess Active Member

    Well, the episode on the 23rd seems to confirm some of my earlier observations about why Brendon was eliminated. Sierra might not seem to have any friends, but she also isn't much of a threat. Ultimately, the "strong" alliance of Coach, Tyson, and Debby are the ones that are really ripping on Sierra and they don't have as much control as their egos led them to believe.

    It's ironic, however, based on the previews for next week, that Coach's advice to Sierra of falling on her sword isn't such an ideal for him after all...
  16. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Yeah, I finally saw the 23rd so I wouldn't be too far behind again...

    Looks like Tyson and Coach got too cocky - I wish they would have voted Coach out, but I can understand Tyson since he's pretty strong in challenges. The previews for tonight look pretty funny, that old Timbira is scrambling to survive again and Coach needs to ally with Sierra... man, the old other tribe sure got lucky, that Timbira was infighting despite having the greater numbers, so when the merge came, they picked off each other (except for Joe, but he had to leave through no fault of his own).
  17. Melkor Well-Known Member

    Based on last week, it actually does seem like Sierra has a relationship with Coach. She just might be emotional enough to try to prove herself to him. I don't expect it though, you'd think the blowup would be between Coach and J.T. It's a weird game, you wonder when they'll turn on J.T. but he is liked by everyone and he is tight with Stephen who seems like he is in every alliance. It'll be an interesting fall out week.
  18. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Working overtime tonight so haven't seen tonight's show... hopefully will see it over the weekend and report on Monday :)
  19. EricBess Active Member

    You have to feel pretty bad for Sierra. I don't remember her ever being deceitful to anyone, but she's sort of been in the wrong place at the wrong time allied with the wrong people and now everyone thinks that everything she says has a double meaning. And the dynamic with Coach and Debbie doesn't help the situation because they are trying to encourage that perception of her at this point.

    I'm actually beginning to wonder if Coach is as deluded as he accused Sierra of being. He clearly flat out lied about who approached who, but is he so convinced that he was going to play a clean game that he convinced himself that Sierra approached him? Or is his gameplan all along to convince everyone of how honorable he is so that he can lie at just the right time and fool everyone?

    I was hoping they would have teamed up on Debbie instead of Sierra. They plan is Coach and Debbie next, but if they get rid of one and the other gets immunity, they no longer have a fallback plan. Still, the way things played out, they sort of had to get rid of Sierra. Either she was a huge schemer or she was being used to spread doubt and the alliance is ultimately safer without either of those. It really is too bad, because she probably had more loyalty to JT and Stephen than Erin does.
  20. EricBess Active Member

    Wow, how deluded is Coach anyway? He really thinks that he's in control of this game, doesn't he? There were votes for Debby and instead of thinking that maybe he's not in control, he thinks instead that they were just taking the coward's way out. If you are planning on voting someone out, then how can you call them a coward because they don't simply want to roll over and take it?

    Honestly, I hope that voting Debby out now wasn't a mistake. I understand their concern that Debby is manipulative and willing to turn on anyone, but everyone knows that and no one will trust her because of it. Coach, on the other hand, might actually have a chance at winning an immunity challange.

    Plus, and to me, this is what seals the deal - At this point, everyone thinks they are in control of the game (don't ask me why), so there is no rocking the boat. If they had voted out Coach, then Debby would have still felt like you were letting her into the alliance, so there is no reason for further manipulation. On the other hand, voting out Debby and Coach suddenly realizes that he's on the outs so who knows what kinds of manipulations he's going to whip up.

    It's the old adage - keep your friends close and your enemies closer. They just pushed Coach away and perhaps turned him into a loose cannon. From the previews next week, it looks like Erin might do somethink to inadvertantly rock the boat and if she feels vulnerable because of it, it might be an in for Coach even if he doesn't win the challenge.

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