Sports League Season 3 Draft


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I've generated all the boosters, so I'm going to put all the information out for what cards are going to be available. The official start date for the draft will be Monday, March 7th. That should give everyone enough time to look over the list, make any pre-draft trades and think about what cards they'll be targeting.

Here are the packs that were chosen: Legions (Mooseman), Scourge (Rokapoke), Torment (Spiderman), Tenth Edition (Melkor), Rise of the Eldrazi (Turgy22)

Here's a reminder of how this draft will work:

- Each player picks a number of cards equal to the round. So, in round 1, you make one pick; in round 2, you make two picks, and so on.
- Everyone has 24 hours to make each selection, excluding weekends. If you have consecutive picks, you should make them all at once - not one every day.
- You can make trades any time before, during or after the draft, but before the season kicks off. You can trade draft picks, but be sure to specify exactly which pick you're trading, especially if it's from a later round. I've numbered each pick to make things easier. All trades should be announced in the Season 3 Sign-Up thread. I will then update the information here.
- I'd like to keep the draft format the same as before:
1) Quote the following post, which has all the cards.
2) Put the card(s) you're taking at the top of the post, above everything else.
3) Remove the chosen card(s) from the list.
4) Update who's on the clock. If picks get traded, this might get confusing. I'm going to try to keep the full draft order up-to-date to make things easier.

So right now, Mooseman is on the clock, and he has until the end of the day on March 7th to make (or trade) his first selection.

The Full Draft Order
Round 1
1. Mooseman - Nirkana Cutthroat
2. Rokapoke - Beastbreaker of Bala Ged
3. Spiderman - Silver Knight
4. Melkor - Coralhelm Commander
5. Turgy22 - Cancel

Round 2
6,7. Mooseman - Raid Bombardment, Gravity Well
8,9. Rokapoke - Torrent of Fire, Seton's Scout
10,11. Spiderman - Last Laugh, Spirit Flare
12,13. Melkor - Tundra Wolves, Sage Owl
14,15. Turgy22 - Ravenous Rats, Cryoclasm

Round 3
16 - 18. Mooseman - Slithery Stalker, Unhinge, Flamewave Invoker
19 - 21. Rokapoke - Rock Jockey, Fiery Temper, Spined Wurm
22 - 24. Spiderman - Aven Redeemer, Caravan Escort, Dragonstalker
25 - 27. Melkor - Force Bubble, Counsel of the Soratami, Riptide Mangler
28 - 30. Turgy22 - Spiketail Hatchling, Perish the Thought, Zombie Cutthroat

Round 4
31 - 34. Mooseman - Wall of Hope, Demystify, Dragon Scales, Titanic Bulvox
35 - 38. Rokapoke - Dragon Fangs, Commune with Nature, Fists of the Anvil, Misguided Rage
39 - 42. Spiderman - Aven Cloudchaser, Gempalm Avenger, Blood Celebrant, Death's-Head Buzzard
43 - 46. Melkor - Hypochondria, Sift, Rush of Knowledge, Churning Eddy
47 - 50. Turgy22 - Putrid Raptor, Embalmed Brawler, Rancid Earth, Deathmark Prelate

Round 5
51 - 55. Mooseman - Mistform Sliver, Coast Watcher, Starlight Invoker, Fissure Vent, Emrakul's Hatcher
56 - 60. Rokapoke - Goblin Firebug, Skirk Outrider, Kiln Fiend, Invigorating Falls, Colossus of Sardia
61 - 65. Spiderman - Angelic Blessing, Whipgrass Entangler, Frontline Strategist, Gravegouger, Putrid Imp
66 - 70. Melkor - Wall of Deceit, Master of the Veil, Aquamoeba, Ghostly Wings, Thrull Surgeon
71 - "75". Turgy22 - Ancient Stirrings, Cephalid Snitch, Demonic Appetite


Nothing Special
Tick, tock, tick, tock
Spiderman is on the clock

If you'd like an extension (for example, if you're trying to work out a trade) you should let us know. Otherwise, make your picks.


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Sorry, my bad. Yesterday turned out to be a busy day; I meant to look at it later and couldn't get back to it. I'll do it today.