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  1. Force of Will Smith New Member

    Ohh... ok. Thought it might be a new card, either that or one of those cards from the D1-D2 sets which i can't find ANYWHERE!!!!
  2. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    Do these sets have names?
  3. Force of Will Smith New Member

    theyre the duelist 1 and 2 sets.. you can find them listed in your apprentice.

    They were a handful of promo cards given at duelist invitationals to the best of my knowledge.. Most seem to be combinations of separate mechanics.. like a 7/7 shadow creature with cycling.. and a buyback dark transformation... i want them so bad :(
  4. Force of Will Smith New Member

    Here's all from the 1st set minus a handful of cards from other cards you know like bandage and thalakos seer. Duelist cards seem to be crappy versions of mechanics save for a few.. the 2nd magic invitational cards all seem like unglued cards. Most of the "new" cards are commons... so why can't i find them anywhere?

    Of 105 Cards 22 are new.

    The remaining ones you know are:
    Wood Elves, Wild Dogs, Wave of Terror,Warrior en-Kor,Volrath's Curse
    Victimize,Vebulid,Twitch,Tranquility,Thalakos Seer,Stern Proctor,Spinal Graft
    Skyshroud Condor, Skirge Familiar, Silent Attendant, Shower of Sparks
    Shaper Guildmage, Servant of Volrath, Serene Offering, Scrivener, Samite Alchemist
    Rootwater Matriarch, Roc Hatchling, Robe of Mirrors, Ripple, Revered Unicorn
    Rabid Rats, Predatory Hunger, Power Sink, Nalathni Dragon, Mtenda Herder, Monstrous Hound
    Monk Idealist, Mogg Bombers, Mob Justice, Mirozel, Mire Shade, Mind Maggots, Memory Lapse
    Marble Titan, Lava Axe, Jackalope Herd, Intuition, Intrepid Hero, Hurloon Shaman, Hidden Ancients
    Heartwood Dryad, Hawkeater Moth, Harvest Wurm, Hakim, Loreweaver, Grollub, Goblin War Buggy
    Goblin Elite Infantry, Furnace of Rath, Funeral March, Fugitive Druid, Flesh Reaver, Final Fortune,
    Fertile Ground, Faith Healer, Endless Wurm, Endangered Armodon, Elvish Herder, Disruptive Student
    Disciple of Grace, Diabolic Edict, Destructive Urge, Crovax the Cursed, Clear, Circling Vultures
    Change of Heart, Canyon Drake, Brilliant Halo, Barrow Ghoul, Bandage, Auratog, Armor of Thorns
    Argothian Elder, Anarchist, Ambush Party, Academy Researchers

    wish i could just cut and paste them all... arrgh..

    Banding Licid 1W 1/1 W,T, creature gains banding.

    Charge! 2R Buyback:1R, Cycling 2 Creatures target player controls gain flanking until end of turn

    Dark Transformation 1B
    Buyback: 1B and 1 Life
    Cycling 2
    Switch power and toughness of target creature. Effects that alter that creature's power alter its toughness instead, and vice versa, until end of turn.

    Dauthi Knight 1BB 2/1 Flanking, Shadow

    Dauthi Shade 2B 2/2
    Cumulative Upkeep:1
    B:Dauthi shade gets +1/+1 until end of turn.

    Enchanted Steeds 2GG 4/2
    Echo, Flanking
    Enchanted Steed cannot the target of spells and abilities.

    Flanking Knight 1WW 1/1
    1w: each creature without flanking blocking Flanking knight gets -1/-1 until end of turn.

    Flanking Licid 1R 1/1 R,T: ec gains flanking

    Fuming Giant 4R 4/1 Flanking
    Fuming Giant cannot block.

    Healing Soil 1G Instant
    Buyback:4, cycling 2
    Regenerate target creature

    Hippo Compatriot 4GG 3/4
    G: Hippo Compatriot gains banding until end of turn.

    Mogg Bomb Squad 2R 2/2
    R,T: Sacrifice Mogg Bomb Squad: Mogg Bomb Squad deals 2 damage to target creature or player.

    Phasing Licid 1U 1/1 U,T: Phasing Licid loses this ability and becomes a creature enchantment that reads" UU: Enchanted creature phases out." You may pay U to end this effect.

    Shadow Licid 1B 1/1 B,T: Ec gains shadow.. B to end effect

    Skyknight 2W 1/1 Flanking, flying

    Slippery Licid 1G 1/1 G,T: ec cannot be target of spells or abilities, pay G to end effect

    Soltari Sergeant 2WW 2/2 Banding Shadow

    Speedy Zombie 3BB 3/1 Haste, Shadow

    Spirit Leech 1W Instant
    Buyback:3, cycling 2
    Remove one of the following abilities from all creatures for the remainder of the turn: banding, first strike, flanking, flying, landwalk, protection, regeneration, shadow, or trample.

    Suq'Ata Cavalier 3RR 3/2 Knight
    Echo, Flanking, haste

    Teacher 3UU Wizard 1/1
    Flying, Whenever teacher becomes the target of a spell or ability phase out target creature

    Teferi's Thalakos subjects 1UU soldier 3/2
    Phasing, shadow

    Thalakos Lancer 1U 2/2 Knight
    First strike, flanking, phasing

    Verdant Guardian 2G 1/1 Elf
    Verdant Guardian can block creatures as thought it had flying and shadow
    1G:Regenerate Verdant Guardian
  5. Force of Will Smith New Member

    MTG Invitational Sealed. 2000 Cards. 95 total old and new.

    Old are:
    Wood Sage, Wall of Tombstones, Tunnel, Treefolk Seedlings, Treacherous Link
    Tranquil Domain, Tragic Poet, Trade Caravan, Tooth and Claw, Swamp Mosquito
    Surge of Strength, Strongarm Thug, Stern Proctor, Steal Enchantment, Song of Serenity
    Shrieking Drake, Shocker, Security Detail, Saprazzan Raider, Sadistic Glee, Sacred Prey
    Sacred Guide, Rolling Stones, Reclusive Wight, Rag Man, Quagmire Lamprey, Pearled Unicorn
    Opalescence, Okk, Null Chamber, Mundungu, Mark of Fury, Magnify, Llanowar Druid, Intuition
    Illusionary Wall, Illumination, Ignoble Soldier, Harvest Wurm, Harmonic Convergence, Grim Feast
    Goblin Soothsayer, Goblin Recruiter, Goblin Gardener, Goblin Apprentice, Fyndhorn Brownie,
    Fugitive Druid, Forbidden Crypt, Fledgling Osprey, Femeref Enchantress, Fatal Blow, Endangered Armodon
    Eladamri's Vineyard, Duplicity, Dracoplasm, Donate, Dizzying Gaze, Coral Fighters, Consuming Ferocity
    Conspiracy, Circle of Protection: White, Circle of Despair, Cinder Wall, Carrion Beetles,
    Carrier Pigeons, Caller of the Hunt, Brine Seer, Bottle of Suleiman, Bog Witch, Blood Pet
    Blood Hound, Bequeathal, Balduvian Shaman, Auratog, Armorer Guildmage, Amrou Kithkin,
    Academy Researchers, About Face, Abjure

    Aether Fart 4RR Sorcery

    Aether Fart deals X damage divided as you choose among any number of target creatures other than Goblins, where X is the number of enchant creatures in play.

    Avalanche of Squirrels 4GG Squirrels 3/3 Echo
    Avalanche of Squirrels can't attack if a Goblin or Insect is in play.

    Being an Evil Minion SUcks 3BB Sorcery
    As an additional cost to play ~this~, sacrifice a creature. Destroy target creature other than a Wizard.

    Bunch of Elephants 7GG 8/8 Trample
    Sacrifice a permanent: Prevant all damage Bunch of Elephants would deal this turn. Any player may play this ability.

    Cloudchaser Monk 3W 2/2 Cleric
    When cloudchaser monk comes into play, destroy target enchantment.

    Finicky Mob 2BR Minions 2/2
    BR:Finicky Mob can't be blocked by merfolk, Walls, or wizards this turn.

    I Don't Think So 1UU Instant
    Reveal your hand. If no creature cards are in it, counter target spell.

    Leave my Stuff Alone 2WU Enchantment
    1WU: Return a black or green creature you control to its owner's hand.

    Mutated Cockroach 4BBB 5/4 Mercenary Insect ?!?!?!?
    At the beginning of your upkeep, target opponent chooses a color other than black. You sacrifice all creatures of the chosen color.

    Never Trust a Blue Mage 2UU Enchant Creature
    Enchanted Creature has flying and can't attack.
    UU: Return Never trust a blue mage to its owner's hand.

    Share my Pain 3RR Enchantment
    Whenever you draw a card, Share my pain deals 1 damage to you.
    2R, Discard an enchantment card from your hand: Share My Pain deals 2 damage to target creature or player.

    That Stings 1B Enchant Creature
    Sacrifice two lands: Regenerate enchanted creature.

    Too.. Many.. Words.. 2WW Enchant Creature
    Enchanted creature's text box is blank. If enchanted creature's power or toughness is undefined, treat it as 0.

    Undercover Disguise 4U Enchant Creature
    You may play Undercover Disguise any time you could play an instant. As Undercover Disguise comes into play, choose a creature type. Enchanted creature is that type.

    Very Strict Tutor 4W Enchantment
    1W, Sacrifice Very Strict Tutor: Search your library for a blue or green enchantment. Reveal that card, put it into your hand, then shuffle your library.

    Wall of Schizophrenia 3GG 5/3 Trample.
    Wall of Schizophrenia may block any number of Goblins and/or Wizards each combat. Wall of Schizophrenia can't block Carnivores, Elephants, or Walls.

    I think all of these blow except for
    too many words and I dont think so..

    From the first set, in my opinion the good ones are:

    Dark Transformation kicks ass.. As does Shadow and slippery licid
    spirit leech just has too many possibilities to not be good.

    Healing Soil and Charge are both good since they share both buyback and cycling..

    Has anyone ever seen these for sale? I'm positive they aren't tournament legal but I'd run them.

    Reminds me of the "M" Fronted, and Blank Solid Black Magic cards that are apparently impossible to find.
  6. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    No, they aren't listed in my Apprentice...

    But I do know of them, although I didn't know that there were two separate sets...
  7. Force of Will Smith New Member

    well its in the new version of apprentice with the fifth dawn patch from
  8. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    5th Dawn? What about CHK? Are they still included in that one?
  9. Force of Will Smith New Member

  10. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    This site says they have the Apprentice CHK patch. I haven't checked it yet, but if you do, does it have those Duelist Invitiational cards also?
  11. Force of Will Smith New Member

    Probably, since i think you have to add the CHK one to the existing apprentice.
  12. Ephraim New Member

    It occurs to me that Sensei's Divining Top is very good in conjunction with Mise. Obviously, Mise already fits in with cards like Brainstorm or Serum Visions. However, I think that Mise could be used effectively in a non-blue deck as a splashed card, with the help of things like Sensei's Divining Top, Goblin Spy, Yet Anoter AEther Vortex, any of the CHK Deceiver cards, etc. Of those, Sensei's Divining Top probably provides the most economical and useful effect on its own.
  13. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    E-league is back up? I gave up on that website existing anymore...
  14. Force of Will Smith New Member

  15. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    Nope, same address as before...

    Edit: And I am quite happy to have the good version of Appr. again, as well as the cool old Memory Jar decklist...

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