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  1. Baron Sengir CPA Founder, Vampire Legend


    From: David Doust <>
    To: "Tony Scott" <>,
    Subject: Re: The Casual Players Alliance
    Date: Sat, 31 Jul 1999 04:14:40 -0400

    I understand your concern. While I am a top level organizer, I often look back
    and find that most of the fun in the game has gone pretty much to high level
    competition. Obviously some like it and some don't. We have taken action and
    created a site call for the more casual player, please
    contact the webmaster there.

    He should be able to address your needs the best. If there is anything you need
    me to do for you, feel free to contact me. I will even host a little website
    for you to put out occasional press release or represent your organization and
    give you a permanent address. Let me know?

    I will contact him today thanking him for helping us. What else should I tell him?

    I remain
    The Baron

    I feel like dancing ...
  2. Ed Sullivan CPA Founder, Web Guy

    That would be really cool if we got a website there. More credibility. As long as we get CGI. :)

    *does a little jig*
  3. Baron Sengir CPA Founder, Vampire Legend

    Okay, I sent him a note of thanks and told him I'd get back to him once I'd talked to you guys. I also sent the letter to the magic campus.


    What is our next plan of action? Do we sit for awhile and wait to see what comes of the letters or do we want to get all this stuff done now and hope a lot of people see the letter?
  4. igfett CPA Founder

    I say we put the page up ASAP. It will be harder if we have a ton of members when we try to do it. if we put it up now with a list of current members, and just add to it as we get more members, it will be easier.
    right now we don't need anything more than homepage with a link to these BBS, a link to the poll, and a link to a list of members.
  5. nekrataal Administrator

    We should get it started right away. My only concern is who will work on it. We can all help in creative design, but I think only one guy should be actually making it.
  6. Ferret CPA Founder, Slacker

    WOW!!! David Doust wrote to, he wants to help us. This rules.

    <I'll just sit here in a state of shock for a moment>

    Well, I think the faster the better...having a group like New Wave behind us could mean really good things!


    "...hmmm, more ideas..."
  7. nekrataal Administrator

    I can work on a logo. I've got Paint Shop Pro and some other goodies that can make really cool graphics. Everyone send your designs to the hotmail accounts so we can decide which will do best.

    Plus, with me, Ed, and Young Jedi with web experience, we should be able to get a really good site going.
  8. Ferret CPA Founder, Slacker

    Hmmm, How about a really big C and then asual Players Alliance in smaller letters... maybe some wacky gothic letters...

    ...or to make a more "casual" look we could try some comic-book like characters...

    just my 2ยข


    "...Tony, you are the man!"
  9. igfett CPA Founder

    how about using the magic script? you know, what they use on the cards. it's available on the net somewhere, I have it and could send it (ICQ) to someone if they wanted it
  10. Baron Sengir CPA Founder, Vampire Legend

    Thank you, Ferret. I try my best. :)

    I am meeting with Child of Gaea in about ten minutes. If we can think of something cool, we'll post it here.

    I remain
    The Baron

    ... Cause we got the tools, and we got the talent!
  11. nekrataal Administrator

    I've got the magic font and countless others. I'll make a bunch of different designs and let you guys choose what is cool. I'll try and have them all in by tonight.
  12. igfett CPA Founder

    OK nekrataal, that sounds good. send them to the email. also, check your email, and respond to my offer
  13. Ferret CPA Founder, Slacker

    Nifty. I'll check first thing in the morning...must get Road Runner. Must get Road Runner!


    "...this is so exciting!"
  14. Ed Sullivan CPA Founder, Web Guy

    I've got entirely TOO many graphics programs. :) Photoshop, painter 5, bryce 3d.. that should be enough.. Anyway, I'll work on a logo... and stuff.

    -mike, (I think I've run out of these lines here)
  15. nekrataal Administrator

    Good, between the two of us we should be able to get some real quality graphics. I probably won't be done until late tonight, though.
  16. Zadok001 CPA Founder, Greater Good

    I never responded to it, but Young Jedi came up w/ a cool idea on the Dojo a while back. He said we should end our posts with a special quote, which would, IMHO, add a personal flavor to our web site as well.

    I'm no writer, I can't come up w/ anything. But Ferret has an amazing ability to come up w/ stuff off the top of his head... Any ideas?

    --Zadok001, aka Greater Good fanatic
  17. Ed Sullivan CPA Founder, Web Guy

    The quote is a great idea, but we should still sign w/ "CPA" or "Casual Players Alliance". If we do do that, I think Ferret would be great at coming up with lines. Ferret, you got an opinion?

  18. nekrataal Administrator

    The quote idea is cool. I'm all for it. I'm sure I could think up a couple and Ferret should be able to too. I mean the guy has 300+ dojo posts all with different quotes. That is simply amazing.

    On another note, the dojo board moderator emailed me and said that he would be working on a bad traders forum for everyone over there. We can still put one up here no problem, though. Let me know if thats what we still want.
  19. igfett CPA Founder

    nope, we don't need a bad trader forum here, if the dojo will finaly make one. we'll just wait for theirs
  20. nekrataal Administrator

    You're right. The fact that he replied is great, but he is offering to put up a website and help out how he can! This is too cool.
    We've got new wave behind us, I can feel the power now!

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