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    i think that wild might is a very good pump card, better than seals, but maybe not as good as giant growth. However in the current environment it can work very well in the first 3-4 turns of the game. For example if you are playing fires, which can consistently drop a 3rd turn blastoderm, the fires player has to tap out. Then when they attack with the blastoderm you pump up your creature by 5/5 and kill it. One of the better ways of dealing with turn 3 blastoderm(besides playing one yourself!) I played a sort of similar deck at my first tournament, and although i wasn't majorly succesful, this could be put down to my inexperience and lack of good cards(i played grizzly bears as i had no kavu titans). However i enjoyed playing with this deck a lot. My report is at http://www.deadnet.org.uk/511gro.html
    Might help, might not

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