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  1. Bob Idiot

    i'm bored, so i just created some cards based on my online rpg

    You'll be glad to see this time, rebels dont have the searching ability.

    Robarad Kerick WW1
    Creature-Cleric Rebel Legend
    Protection from Black
    WW: prevent 3 dmg to a nonblack creature. If the creature is white, it prevents 4 dmg instead.
    T: Redirect all damage from a black source to Robarad Kerick.
    Threshold-Robarad Kerick gains T,WWW: Deal 3 dmg to a black creature and first strike.

    Jrassk WW3
    Creature-Cleric Legend
    T: Prevent all damage that would be dealt this turn.

    Zazz UUB
    Creature-Cleric Noble Legend
    Protection from Red
    UUB,T: Destroy target red creature. This ability may be countered by paying RX, where is is the targeted creature's converted casting cost. You lose Y life, where Y is the targeted creature's toughness
    His grudge against the mountain dwellers cost him his life.

    Rerang, PyroMaster RRR2
    Creature-Nomad Wizard
    Protection from Blue
    RRR,T: Deal 4 dmg to target blue creature.
    Whenever a red creature goes into a graveyard from play, Rerang gets a -1/-0 counter

    Krad, The Lord of the Mountains RRR3
    Creature-Nomad Lord Legend
    All red Nomads gain +2/+2
    First Strike
    Sacrifice Krad: All red creatures gain protection from all colors until end of turn. You lose X life, where X is the combined power of all red creatures in play.

    Damalius, Master Swordsman WWW4
    Creature-Soldier Legend
    First Strike
    If Damalius is blocked, he deals damage equal to his power to the controller of the blocking creature.
    Nothing can stop him.

    Cyrarian Soldier WWB
    First Strike
    Threshold- Whenever Cyrarian Soldier deals damage, you gain that much life.

    Cyrarian Rebel WWW
    T: All damage dealt to a rebel this turn is redirected to Cyrarian Rebel
    Threshold-If a creature with First Strike blocks or is blocked by Cyrarian Rebel, that creature loses First Strike and Cyrarian Rebel gets +0/+2

    Resistance Cannon 6
    Artifact Creature-Rebel Catapult
    Sacrifice a mountain or a plains: Deal 3 dmg to a black or blue creature, or 2 damage to a player who controls an island or a swamp

    Temporary Peace RRWW
    Until end of turn, all nomads gain protection from Rebels and all rebels gain protection from Nomads

    Adventurer WWGG1
    Protection from Soldiers
    First Strike

    Cyrarian Elite WWBB1
    Protection from Rebels
    First Strike

    CounterStrike 2WR
    If a target opponent attacks you this turn,
    Play only if you were attacked this turn.
    Deal damage to target opponent equal to the amount of damage targeted opponent dealt you this turn. (Is this worded correctly?)

    Servent of Vecna BBBUUU2
    Sacrifice a blue or black creature: You gain X life and target player loses X life, where X is the sacrificed creature's power.

    Commander Sgares WWW1
    Creature-Rebel Soldier Legend
    The 1 in the casting cost must be either red or black mana. If you use red, all other rebels gain +1/+1. If you use black, all other soldiers get +1/+1
    First Strike

    All for now..but when I get some more ideas I'll post them.

  2. MrXarvox The Prettiest Man Alive

    Counterstrike should be worded someting more like:

    Play only if you were attacked this turn. Counterstrike deals to target player X damage, where X equals the amount of damage dealt to you by that player.

    other than that, nice stuff.
  3. Bob Idiot

    Noble of Insanity UUB
    Creature-Wizard Noble
    Discard your hand: Draw X cards, where X is the number of cards you discarded. Lose X life.

    Noble of Cruelty RRB
    Creature-Wizard Noble
    Discard a card from your hand: Deal X damage to a creature, where X is the discarded card's converted casting cost.

    Noble of Corruption WWB
    Creature-Wizard Noble
    Skip your draw step
    Pay 3 life: Draw a card

    Noble of Power GGB
    Creature-Wizard Noble
    Pay 1 life: Target creature gets +1/+1. Use this ability as a sorcery.

    Noble BBB
    Discard a card from your hand, pay 1 life: Draw a card.

    Mana Accelerator BBB1
    Sacrifice a land: Add one mana to your mana pool. The mana created this way must be a color the sacrificed land can produce.

    all for now...
  4. Bob Idiot

    this stuff is a bit too powerful...

    Alliance WBRGU
    All creatures gain protection from all colors

    Cyrarian Law BU2
    Green and White permanents dont untap during their controller's untap step

    Rebel Attack
    Choose a color. Target player sacrifices all permanents of that color.

    Cyrarian bank UUB2
    When Cyrarian bank comes into play, choose a color and a player. On each of that player's upkeeps, that player must sacrifice a permanent of that color. You gain life equal to the sacrificed permanent's converted casting cost. If that player cannot sacrifice any more cards, he or she loses the game.

    Cyrarian Tax BBU1
    Green and White spells cost an extra 2 to play. Red spells cost an extra 1. Black and Blue spells cost 1 less.

    More will come...
  5. Bob Idiot

    Sax UUW3
    Creature-Artificer Legend
    Sacrifice an artifact: Search your library for an artifact and put it into your hand
    Artifacts cost 2 less to play
    Whenever an artifact comes into play, draw a card

    Zerrick, MindChanger
    Creature-Wizard Legend
    T: All players discard their hands then draw 7 cards.
    "Are you sure you don't want to change your mind?"-Zerrick

    Zazz's Madness
    Choose Target opponent. The targeted opponent and you switch hands.

    Orb of Flame
    Choose a color. Deal 6 damage to all creatures of that color.

    Destroy target Creature. It cant be regenerated.

    Zazz's trickery
    2 target creatures switch power and toughness until end of turn.

    All players discard their then remove all cards in their graveyards from the game. They then remove all copies of the cards removed from their libraries.

    Play Fair
    All creatures lose protection.
  6. Bob Idiot

    This is from TICM:

    Bob's Pact 1WW
    All Red Creatures gain "WW: Destroy this creature. Any player may use this ability." RR: Destroy Bob's Pact

    And from me:

    Imperial Gas Attack BBB2
    Until end of turn, all white, green and red creatures become 0/1.

    Final Attack WWRRGG2
    Play Final Attack only during your precombat main phase.Destroy all black permanents.Skip your next combat phase.

    More will come...
  7. Thallid Ice Cream Man 21sT CeNTuRy sChIZoId MaN

    I just realized why Mana Accelerator seems so familiar...

    It's just another version of Squandered Resources.
  8. Bob Idiot

    Anyone is welcome to create cards for my set. :D
  9. MrXarvox The Prettiest Man Alive

    Imperial Gas Attack:

    ohhhh... shouldn't have eaten all those burritos... underlings, help me to the throne!
  10. Bob Idiot

    Strength of Time UUG2
    Enchant Creature
    Enchanted Creature loses all abilities and gets +X/+X, where X is the number of cards in your library

    BrainChild 4UU
    BrainChild has P/T equal to the number of cards in your hand. Each turn, your hand size is reduced by one. When your hand size reaches 0, it instead becomes 7

    HeartChild 4WW
    Heartchild has P/T equal to half your life. If your life is above 7, HeartChild becomes a 7/7. Each turn, you lose 4 life.

    SoulChild 4BB
    SoulChild has P/T equal to the number of cards in your graveyard. If there are more than 7 cards in your graveyard, SoulChild is a 7/7. each turn, remove a card in your graveyard from the game.

    MuscleChild 4GG
    MuscleChild has P/T equal to the number of creatures you control. Each upkeep, sacrifice a creature.

    BloodChild 4RR
    BloodChild has P/T equal to the number of lands you control. if you have more than 7 lands, BloodChild becomes a 7/7. Each turn, sacrifice a land.

    Crackle of Power RR3
    Deal 5 dmg to target creature
    Draw a card
    Rerang's eyes burned with madness as the power of the skies rushed through his body, through his fingertips, and into Zazz's chest.

    Krad's Rage RR5
    As an additional cost to play Krad's Rage ,sacrifice all permanents you control. Deal X damage to X targets or less, where X is the number of permanents sacrificed this way.
    "GRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"-Krad, Barbarian Lord
  11. Bob Idiot

    Cyrarian Edict BBB3
    Nonblack creatures and nonswamp lands dont untap while this is in play
    When Cyrarian Edict comes into play, tap all nonblack creatures and nonswamp lands.
    "This is the dawn of a new age. From now on, Lord Haersh has decreed that one not under direct protection from the empire is now officially a criminal."- Zazz

    Lord Haesh BBUU2
    Creature-Noble Legend
    T: Destroy target green or white permanent
    "Nothing escapes the emporer."-Haersh

    Assassination R2
    Target creature gains "T: deal damage equal to it's combined power and toughness to target creature." until end of turn.

    Explosion BW3
    Destroy target land and target creature that is a color that the land can produce

    Palace of Cyraria
    T, Scrifice a permanent: Add X black mana to your mana pool, where X is the converted casting cost of permanent sacrificed this way.

    All for now
  12. Bob Idiot

    Lich Jrassk* BBBBB
    Creature-Undead Cleric Legend
    Protection from White and Green
    You control all undead
    When Lich Jrassk comes into play, remove Jrassk from the game if it is in play.
    T: Destroy target white creature. It's controller gains life equal to it's toughness. This abilty can played on creatures with protection from black.

    Noble Sacrifice WW
    Sacrifice a creature: Gain 5 life.

    * I am writing a book on this, but people will figure this out anyway. Why not?
  13. Bob Idiot

    Hand of Vecna 7
    Legendary Artifact
    When Hand of Venca comes into play, lose 5 life.
    T: As long as Hand of Vecna is tapped, target creature gets -2/-1. It becomes black and gains: T: Target creature gets -X/-X, where X is the creature's power. You may choose not to untap Hand of Vecna during your untap step.

    Eye of Vecna 7
    Legendary Artifact
    When Eye of Vecna comes into play, lose 3 life.
    T: As long as Eye of Vecna is tapped, target creature gets -2/-1
    It becomes black and gains: T: Look at target player's gand and discard a card from it. You may choose not to untap Eye of Vecna during your untap step.

    Phylactery 9
    T: As long as Phylactery is tapped, target undead creature cannot get -X/-X from any card, where X is any number. You may choose to not untap Phylactery during your untap step. If Phylactery is effecting a creature and is destroyed, the creature is removed from the game.

    ^They go good with the Lich Legend...
  14. Bob Idiot

    Artifice Bomb 5
    Sacrifice Artifice Bomb: Each player sacrifices a land and a creature. Draw a card

    Artifice Gun 7
    T, U,5: Deal 5 dmg to target creature. Target creature you control gets -3/-0

    Marinne, Noble Lord RRU2
    Creature-Noble Legend
    3, Sacrifice a permanent: Draw a card

    Steam Golem 4
    Artifact Creature-Golem
    Steam Golem cannot be the target of spells or abilities
    Whenever Steam Golem is dealt damage, prevent half of it.
    RRR: Steam Golem gets +1/+0 until end of turn

    Messenger of Vecna BBB
    Discard a card from your hand: target player discards a card from his or her hand.

    Cyrarian Rebellion 3W
    0: Untap all permanents you control. Use this ability only if all your lands are tapped.
  15. Bob Idiot

    Talisman of Pure Good 8
    Talisman of Pure Good comes into play with 7 charge counters on it.
    Remove a charge counter: Remove target black creature from the game.

    Talisman of Ultimate Evil 6
    Talisman of Ultimate Evil comes into play with 6 charge counters on it.
    Remove a charge counter: Remove target white creature from the game.

    Matus Solus GGW
    Creature-Wizard Mercenary Legend
    Matus Solus comes into play with 10 nature counters on it.
    Remove a nature counter: Target creature gets +2/+2 until end of turn. If that creature is green, it gets an additional +3/+3 until end of turn.
    remove 15 nature counters, sacrifice Matus Solus: All creatures you control get +5/+5 until end of turn. All green creatures get an additional +2/+2 counter.

    Dameon NightBringer BBB
    Creature-Wizard Mercenary Legend
    Dameon Nightbringer comes into play with 3 death counters on it.
    T, pay 5 life, remove a death counter: Remove target creature from the game.
    During your upkeep, put a death counter on Dameon NightBringer
    Remove 20 death counters, sacrifice Dameon NightBringer: Target player loses the game.

    More later...
  16. Bob Idiot

    Vincent IceStorm UUB
    Creature-Wizard Mercenary Legend
    Vincent IceStorm comes into play with 8 cold counters on it.
    U, remove a cold counter from Vincent IceStorm; Tap target creature. It does not untap until your next upkeep.
    Each upkeep, put a cold counter on Vincent Icestorm
    Remove 10 cold counters from Vincent Icestorm, Sacrifice Vincent Icestorm: Deal 7 dmg to all tapped creatures.

    Brimstone Wraith RRB
    Creature-Wizard Mercenary Legend
    Brimstone Wraith comes into play with 6 BURN!!! counters on it.
    Remove a BURN!!! counter, RRR: Deal 6 dmg to target nonred creature.
    Each upkeep, place a BURN!!! counter on Brimstone Wraith.
    Remove 20 BURN!!! counters from Brimstone Wraith, Sacrifice Brimstone Wraith: Deal 10 damage to all creatures you dont control and all opponents.

    Wizard's Tower
    Legendary Land
    Wizard's Tower comes into play tapped.
    RRRRUUWBBBBB: Sacrifice 4 Mercenary Wizard Legends: Deal 20 dmg to all creatures and players.

    Enahs RRW
    Creature-Rebel Rogue Half-Dragon Legend
    Enahs is unblockable.
    Whenever Enahs deals damage to a player, you may instead prevent all damage to that player, and choose target artifact. You now control that artifact.

    Floyd, Wizard Extraordinare
    Creature-Dark Elf Wizard Legend
    Floyd, Wizard Extraordinare comes into play with 9 spell counters on it.
    T, Remove a spell counter: Search your library for an instant or sorcery and play it for free.
    "I am Floyd,Wizard Extraordinare!"

    Restias, The Fat W3
    Creature-Noble Legend
    Restias, the Fat comes into play tapped.
    When Restias, the Fat attacks, put a lethargy counter on it.
    As long as Restias, the Fat has a lethargy counter, it does not untap during your untap phase.
    Every time you take 5 or more damage, remove a lethargy counter from Restias, the Fat.
    Sacrifice a creature: Restias gets +2/+0 until end of turn.

    Cyrarian Marketplace
    Legendary Land
    0,Remove the top card of your library from the game, draw a card.
    T: Search your graveyard for a card and shuffle it into your library.

    Angry Kobalds R
    Remove the top card of your library from the game: Angry Kobalds get +1/+0. Play this ability only 5 times a turn.
    No matter how angry, Kobalds can only do so much.

    No Survivors BBBBB
    Play this card only after your or your opponent's attack phase.
    Destroy all creatures who dealt or recieved damage this turn.

    Vigenian Salute GW
    All Green Soldiers gain first strike and +1/+0

    Vigenian Shock Troop WWG
    Vigenian Shock Troop gets +2/+0 for each Green Soldier you control. (Including itself)
    Threshold-First Strike

    Vigenian Calvary WGG1
    First Strike

    Jarad, Rebel Leader WWWW
    Creature-Rebel Hero Legend
    First Strike
    Attacking does not cause to tap.
    Whenever Jarad deals damage to a creature, the creature taps and does not untap during it's controller's untap phase.
    A touch of his blade can stop the most vicious of enemies.
  17. Bob Idiot

    Vigenian Elite GGWX
    First Strike
    When Vigenian Elite comes into play, return X black soldiers to their owner's hands.
    When the Vigenians sent in their best men to aid the rebels, the Cyrarian Army had only one choice: Leave or Die.

    Sildaeux, Vigenian Commander GGWW
    Creature-Soldier Legend
    First Strike
    When Sildeaux attacks, all attacking Soldiers get +2/+2 and can only be blocked by black or artifact creatures until end of turn.
    Her bravery inspired both her men and the Rebels.

    Graagh, The Skull Splinterer RRBB3
    Creature-Orc Soldier Legend
    Graagh comes into play with 10 rage counters on him.
    Remove a rage counter: Graagh gets +3/+3, trample and first strike until end of turn. Use this ability once per turn.
    Graagh gets +2/+2 when it attacks.
  18. Bob Idiot

    Orcish Marauders RB
    Creature-Orc Soldier
    Orcish Marauders cannot block.
    Orcish Marauders comes into play with 3 rage counters on it.
    Remove a rage counter: Orcish Marauders get trample and +2/+2 until end of turn. Use this ability only once per turn.

    Islandic Warcrasher RRRUU
    T: deal 9 dmg to target ship.
    Islandic Warcrasher cannot block.
    Whenever Islandic Warcrasher deals damage to a player, that player sacrifices a land.
    The Islanders' most powerful frigate rules the seas, without question.

    Islandic Warship RRUU
    Islandic Warship cannot block
    T: Deal 6 damage to target creature

    Islandic Ship RU
    Islandic Ship is unblockable
    Whenever Islandic Ship blocks, sacrifice it.
    T: Deal 3 damage to any target.

    Islandic Scout Boat U
    Islandic Scout Boat is unblockable
    Islandic Ship cannot block
    Whenever Islandic Scout Boat deals damage, look at target player's hand.

    The Sea King RRRRUUUU
    Creature-Ship Legend
    The Sea King comes into play tapped.
    Whenever the Sea King blocks or is blocked, destroy the all creatures blocked or blocked by the Sea King.
    The purpose of the Islandic Captain's personal boat is to keep the rebels off the seas. Permanently.

    Coming soon...elves and dwarves...
  19. Bob Idiot

    Nariun* Neret, Scholar and Master of Lore U
    Creature-Wizard Legend
    Nariun Neret cannot attack nor block.
    T: Draw a card.
    At the beginning of your upkeep, before your untap step, if Nariun Neret is untapped, draw a card.
    "I live a life isolated from everyone else, locked in my vast library and only doing three things: "Writing books, Reading books, and learning the Arcane ways...and I love it." -Nariun Neret, AutoBiography.

    Kard NightShade BBGG1
    Creature-Dark Elf Legend
    Attacking does not cause Kard Nightshade to tap.
    First Strike.
    Whenever Kard Nightshade deals damage to a player, that player gets a poison counter.

    Zarina Quentin WW1
    Creature-Healer Rebel Legend
    Protection from Red
    T: Prevent 5 damage to target creature or player. If it is from a red source, prevent 10 damage instead.
    She heals the wounds of chaos and anarchy

    Seth Kross UUBB2
    Creature-Wizard Rebel Legend
    Seth Kross comes into play with 5 counter counters on it.
    UU, pay 3 life: Remove a counter counter: Counter target spell.
    Each upkeep, place a counter counter on Seth Kross

    *-I changed Aldur Neret to Nariun Neret because someone told me Aldur is a god in a David Eddings book who has a giant library. Freaky coincidence, because I never read his books before, so I changed him to Nariun...
  20. Bob Idiot

    Serrut RRU2
    Creature-Rogue Rebel Legend
    When Serrut comes into play, choose an artifact. You permanently control that artifact.
    T, RRUU, Sacrifice that artifact: Choose another artifact. You permanently control that artifact.


    some more, while i'm here:

    Gererk, the Destined WW4
    Creature-Rebel Legend
    If Jarad, Rebel Leader, goes into the graveyard from play, Gererk gains +3/+3, first strike, and trample. If Gererk comes into play while Jarad, Rebel Leader is in any graveyard, Gererk gets +3/+3, frist strike, trample, and haste instead.
    "The child of the great one will lead the Army of Light to victory with the father's blade"-excerpt from Old Vigenian prophecy called "The Fall of the Darkness"

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