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Discussion in 'Classic Questions' started by M-phoenix, Aug 27, 2000.

  1. M-phoenix New CPA Member

    We already have a fave card but since most of those cards are primarly duel cards I figured there will be different cards for multiplayer.

    By the way mine is Nev's Disk:)
  2. Neo_Keo -=[I]=- []2ice |Voodles

    ........... TELEPATHY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This card is so dope.
  3. Sleepy Narcoleptic CPA Member

    i like usingf plague wind.
  4. Zadok001 CPA Founder, Greater Good

    Alter of Dementia, or Greater Good. :) You know, the cards I use in conjunction... Basically, I like library effects. Wakefield would call me a Blue mage; I like to 'fondle' my deck... J/K
  5. DÛke Memento Mori

    I'd love to use Telekinesis!
    You should see the look on the opponent's face when they attack with a Force of Nature and you just waste two Blue mana to cast a simple card like Telekinesis to stop the attack, for this turn, AND the next 2 turns! I love Telekinesis...
  6. Cateran Emperor Passed On

    VERDANT FORCE!!!!!!!

    [paints bulls-eye on forehead]

    um, problem... :D
  7. Purple_jester New Member

    This is easy. My two favorite multi colors are black and red.

    Black - It's a tie between the insane Plague Wind and the irritating Grave Pact. What a wonderful set of cards.

    Red - Heehee... Jokulhaups! The biggest boom ever! Bwahahaha!!! And I don't cast it to win! I cast it just to get the other players mad at me! :D

    Zadok. So, you like to "fondle" your deck... Very interesting. ;) Have you consulted Whimsical lately? But that's okay. I like to fondle decks, too. Especially my boyfriend's deck. It's a very masculine deck. :p
  8. K1 New Member

    Man, all you violent people! Making lots of things go boom isn't the only way to go you know :)

    Personally, I like the more diplomatic cards that let you hang around. You know what I'm talking about.

    Its all about the mana flare, howling mine.

    And if you just cant get rid of that urge to be annoying, throw in some peacekeepers.
  9. Riva Iron-Grip da Kandy Man

    either flame wave, plague wind, or mageta the lion. haha
  10. Mr_Pestilence Wumpus

    Um, how about Pestilence?

    It's very democratic, as it doesn't "target" anyone.

    Sure, it can make you a target, but Glacial Chasm prevents any nasty retaliatory spells or attacks.

    A few pro-Black creatures ensure you can keep Pestilence out after you have cleared off your opponents creatures, and you can use your walls to hold off attackers when you can't afford to keep out your Glacial Chasm any longer.

    Also, Syphon Soul is the perfect compliment to this deck, as it lets you keep the Chasm longer, and shortens all of your opponent's lifespans.
  11. krichaiushii New Member

    Decisions, decisions...

    Hunted Wumpus?
    Forsaken Wastes?
    Copper Tablet?
    Fiery Justice?

    So many cards... but Forsaken Wastes wins out. Think about it -- no one can gain life, and the game is over 20 turns (usually much less) after it comes out, letting you play more games!
  12. Elrond Veteran CPA Lurker

    So many choices...

    Congregate, Multani, Plague Wind, Mageta, Verdant Force,
    Rhystic Study, Thrashing Wumpuss with Sadistic Glee and Vampiric Embrace is just plain fun, and my favorite card, which will make everyone hate you, Inferno.

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  13. nodnarb24 Supreme Overlord/The Rat King

    Tag Guard

    You know whats more fun than an inferno. An inferno with reppercussions out in a creatureless deck.

    Me:I cast inferno and i take only six damage
    opp: all my creatures are dead and i take six damage for each creature.
  14. nanokill Veteran CPA Member<BR><FONT co

    favorite cards for multiplayer
    thrashing wumpas
    verdant force
  15. Duel Has Less Posts Than Spiderman

    [me] shaves his ehad and paints a big target on it[/me]
  16. Whimsical Adorable Sliver

    Favorite multi-player card?

    Ghazban Ogre! With a couple of wanderlusts and locked down with a Spectral Cloak or Diplomacy (if my shoddy memory of recent cards still works) ... and you have the proverbial hot potato! Just make sure and murder the white player with the Wraths first...
  17. Cateran Emperor Passed On

    Wait, I thought of a new favorite (I do this a lot)


    You should see the hilarity that ensues if this gets out. Suddenly, it's ALL diplomacy :)

    If ANYONE attacks, the damage shields start flyin' around and around....
  18. Duel Has Less Posts Than Spiderman

    Ghitu War cry is fun.

    "Hey, Russell! Best Buddy! you never did like Slick, did you?"
  19. train The Wildcard!!!...

    krosan restorer+aggravated assault+fireball...
  20. Nightstalkers Creature — Nightstalker

    Planeswalkers anger, scorn, mischief, favor, mirth :D

    They sure do good job don't they.

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