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Which Platform?

Nintendo's GameCube 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Microsoft's Xbox 7 vote(s) 31.8%
Sony's Playstation 2 3 vote(s) 13.6%
Sega's Dreamcast 12 vote(s) 54.5%
Other 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. fuzzy510 I Don't REALLY Exist

    I've never started anything here. If this belongs somewhere else, move it.

    With GameCube and Xbox coming out in the fall, that good ol' debate has started. Again. So, I wanted to ask, which game system will you buy. (Or if you won't buy one because you have less money than a decapitated beaver, which one do you want the most.)
  2. fuzzy510 I Don't REALLY Exist

    I almost forgot. Be sure to put WHY you voted down here.

    I voted for the Xbox, because I've seen the specs and the graphics, and DC, GC and PS2 don't compare. I don't care if it's Microsoft!
  3. Dementia CPA's Chair Wielding Maniac

    THQ WWF Wrestling games.

    Nintendo is the only one I know for sure will have them and thier the only video games I play. I love RPG's but......

    I've never really thought about it til now but with the playstation out and PS2 in RPG's are pretty much dead.
  4. Elrond Veteran CPA Lurker

    I have to vote for the Playstation 2 because of Tekken Tag Tournament. There are some other great games out for it that look really good as well, but that one is the main reason I want it.
  5. Ransac CPA Trash Man

    I am a hardcore Nintendo fan. I have every system they have ever made(except Virtual boy, which just plain sucked.) I think that the 5 games that will be released right off the bat(Zelda, Luigi, Metroid, Pokemon, and Star Wars) will all be very successful(except that I don't care for the Pokemon game). Finally, after a couple years of being said that Nintendo has fallen far behind, they will have THE best system with none to base comparison with at all.

    Ransac, cpa trash man
  6. fuzzy510 I Don't REALLY Exist

    ...are coming to Xbox.
  7. Dementia CPA's Chair Wielding Maniac

    are you sure?

    Ta tell ya the truth I haven't heard any thing about it.
    I just figured since they'd been with N64 so long they would stay with them.

    Oh well, I can be as fickle as the next guy.

  8. Sammy Dead-O wasting away again

    I went with the GameCube simply because of my fondness for Nintendo's characters. Mario, Link, Jigglypuff...I pretty much like 'em all. I'd say I've played Dr. Mario more than any other video game over past few months.

    Of course, I probably won't have the money to buy any of these systems. Maybe now I can find an N64 really cheap, though.
  9. Daggertooth The Rune Master

    I'll go with PS2.

    The main reason is that I have a PS1. And the PS2 will be able to use the old CD's. There is nothing I hate more than buying a New system and not being able to play the old games on it.

    Nintendo really sucked at this. The super nintendo can't play any nintendo games, the Nintendo 64 can't play any super nintendo games, and I doubt the new system will accomodate the old games. That just sucks.

    Another reason is I love RPG games. Playstation just has the best games. I haven't seen anything on any other system that compares.

  10. Hetemti The Wide-Awake Nightmare

    That's because Nintendo improves it's hardware. That's like saying VHS sucks because you can't play ├četamax on 'em.
  11. nodnarb24 Supreme Overlord/The Rat King

    I have to go with X-Box since they have tons of industry support and awsome specs. The second best choice would have to be PS2, but so far it is at a rocky start.
  12. Melkor Well-Known Member

    Although its unlikely that I'll buy any of the new systems, if I were I would buy the GameCube. Call it mindless loyalty to Nintendo, but I've never felt cheated by any of their products that I have bought and they're the only true video game hardware maker left.
  13. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Don't plan on buying any new system; PC is good enough for me :)
  14. fuzzy510 I Don't REALLY Exist

    The games that I may say are coming to Xbox are not ONLY coming to Xbox. They might be on other systems. Oh, by the way, there are rumors that Square will make a version of Final Fantasy X for the X. Rumors....
  15. Darsh Corrupt CPA Member

    I've already got the lovely PS2 so if I can scrape the money together...

    X-Box-Made by Microsoft (where have I heard that name before...) and it is there first foray into the console videogame market (I think I smell cheap PC-port games...) it's made by an American company (This may just be me, but I'm more than a little wary of a non-Japanese videogame hardware developer) and the fact that it's supposed to retail at around the $500 range.

    Sega Dreamcast-You're kidding right? I'd like to have a console that would still be getting new games next year...

    Gamecube-Ah yes Nintendo, I grew up with you, you and Mario, Link, Samus, and all the rest. I don't even hate you for Pokemon since you're using the money from them to develope a better system and games for all.

  16. fuzzy510 I Don't REALLY Exist

    Xbox for $500????? Try $299. The same price as your precious PS2....
  17. Cateran Emperor Passed On

    Playstation 2. Why?

    One word: Squaresoft.
  18. mogg bomber Veteran CPA Lurker

    Well, I'm glad to see that people are actually giving each system a fair chance. I've seen far too much system bashing on other sites by stupid people who don't bother looking at facts. Anyway, I voted for Gamecube. Reason? Metroid, Mario, Zelda, Conker(funniest game ever!), Rogue Squadron(or whatever Factor 5 calls the next SW game) etc.

    I think PS2 isn't bad, but it really took a big hit when Squaresoft decided not to be exclusive to it(i.e. Final Fantasy games from now on will be released on PC as well). The X-Box, well. . . they aren't impressing the developers, and that's all we can really go on right now since the system is far from being complete.
  19. TURD CUTTER!!! Mr. Happy

    I would get one, but my parents won't let me because I have an N64, and my parents won't let me have 2 gaming systems.

    Here's my reason: There was so much hype for the PS2 at least a year before it came out. XBox and GameCube come out in a few months, and there hasn't been nearly as much hype for either of them as there was for PS2. That just says to me that PS2 is better.
  20. mogg bomber Veteran CPA Lurker

    Not to bash PS2 or anything, but there are reasons for that. The X-Box really shouldn't be getting hype yet, it's the farthest behind in developement/production/etc. Gamecube hasn't gotten any hype yet because Nintendo is keeping quiet until E3 in May, expect a huge build up for Gamecube over the summer. Besides, if you let popularity and hype guide your choices, pokemon ccg would look better than magic.

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