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Origin of your username



I am named after my bird, who is named after a space program, which is named after a god. The real bird is psycho, and stalks me around the house. When I'm not looking, he comes up and bites my feet. Nevertheless, I like him, and we're buddies, so when I needed a CPA name, Apollo was natural. When it is taken (as it often is), I go for Apollo909 or Apollo9119. But when those too are taken, I use Halcyon, which is my other bird, who is much nicer and doesn't try to kill me. And when even that is taken, I use Snowy, who is of course a polar bear.


Keo is the first 3 letter in my name Keopyseth and I chose Neo in front cause after I sat the Matrix I thought it would go well in front of Keo


For me, it's simple.

Goku is my first name... Schwarzwald being the last name.

My middle name? Ah, it's sort of odd... Richter.

Just in case any of you were curious.


When I lived in New York, my dad used to have long phone calls and he'd draw while he was talking to the pople, and he started drawing a strange little person on the wall. He named it Bob. I still remember Bob. And I did when I registered, and I just decided to use Bob as my username.


My name is my name :)
The 74 is basically a number I picked that would allow me to not get confused with all the other Jakes out there. I use Jake74 just about everywhere I go online... so if you see Jake 74 somewhere, it's most likely me ;)

I use Shadowflash too, that's the name of one of my D&D characters, one that I'm most attached to :)

Sammy Dead-O

...is a ska song from 1960s Jamaica. Eric "Monty" Morris performed it originally.


I'm big, really big, so I've been told, and I also don't fight unless I have to.

Thus, I shared feelings with The Orgg from Fallen Empires. When I got online, that is the name I wanted: Orgg. Orgg was taken by Hotmail, so I put "The" in front of it.

Thus, I Am The Orgg(theorgg).


Zhaneel is a spiffy gryphon, gryfalcon, really, in a trilogy by Mercedes Lackey and I was probably reading it when i chose the name.


Well, I choose Multani, cause he was one of the first
"good rares" I ever traded for. At the time he was worth about $10 dollars, and he was apart of one of my very successful green/white deck.
Now, through the years, I decided being a tree god was bound to incite a few stares and laughs, so I used it as my online persona.
I use Treelord545 as my aim name, cause some idiot took Multani.

don't ask me what 545 stands for...


Darsh comes from Dark Shnieder, a character from the Bastard! anime series...just something I was into when I first started getting online...and now it's kinda stuck with me, at least it's rarely taken, and even if it is I usually just make it ~Darsh~ or Darsh_X.

Urza(Yes I Like Men)

My name is esentially a diss on Urza kuz we all knoe he likes men.... I mean in the books he's always using his "Staff" and besides, how could any strait godlike dude make Gerrard??? I mean wow Gerrard likes men even more than Urza....


My first name is Erin, and I have poofy hair. I use this name pretty much everywhere except on AIM.


@Turgy: I've been meaning to ask.. why the 22? Was this your age when you started using this handle?


Nothing Special
Limited said:
@Turgy: I've been meaning to ask.. why the 22? Was this your age when you started using this handle?
Funny story behind that, actually. Funny, of course, meaning not funny or amusing in any way, but I don't care.
I joined my high school soccer team at the beginning of my sophomore year. I was a terrible soccer player and therefore didn't garner much respect. When it came time to pick the numbers, everyone (myself included) wanted all the low numbers. But the seniors got to pick first. Then the juniors. Then the sophomores who were on the team as freshmen. Then the freshmen who were better than me (most of them). So finally, when I picked, 22 was the lowest number available and I took it.
I played the year anxious to get a new number the next year, but I started going out with a girl (now my wife) before the new numbers got chosen. When she saw my soccer number she asked if I had picked it because my birthday was on January 22. I had never thought of that before and decided to keep the number the following year.

So ever since then, it's sort of been "my" number. Just like 5151216 will always be reco's number.

Also, the shortened form of my last name, "turgy" was a nickname used by my soccer coach. It's amazing how much I derived by internet moniker from a person I respected so little.

I used to use the handle "IBZJS100" on AIM, which was the product code on my guitar, but when I started getting stalked by some teenage girl who had a crush on me, I needed to change it and decided that Turgy22 was more personal and something I could hang on to the rest of my life without fear of anyone else using the same name.


I had a stalker, but I finally put my foot down and said "MOM...Go Home!"


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Lythand said:
I had a stalker, but I finally put my foot down and said "MOM...Go Home!"
Yeah... I had my mom stalk me for 18 years. I call that my childhood.

Seriously though, as great as it sounds to get stalked by a teenage girl, it was very annoying. I think she was in 8th grade my senior year of high school and we were both in the cast of my high school play. When I first met her, I thought she'd be harmless, so I gave her my screenname. Whenever I'd go on AIM, she'd start talking to me. I tried to just brush her off, but she persisted, so I blocked her. Then she changed her screenname and caught me online, so I just stopped going online.

After I graduated high school and went to college, I realized that everyone in college was always on AIM all the time. I hadn't talked to this girl in almost a year, so I figured she'd just forget it, but sure enough when I logged on at school, she'd start sending me IMs. So I just decided to give up and make the SN switcheroo and be done with it.

So when I was 19, and at college, surrounded by tons of hot college girls and going out with my hot future wife, I was being barraged with IMs from a mildly chubby 15 year-old, who talked with a heavy lisp and annoyed the hell out of me. Trust me, it was not a good problem to have.

Come to think of it, I believe she later got a hold of my current SN and started messaging me again. But everytime, I would just respond with a message like, "Que?" and she stopped.

Anyone want to hear the story about the girl at college who called random numbers trying to hook up with college guys?


Nothing Special
I'm not sure this can be considered a "classic question" since I'm not sure if it's ever been asked before, but, after explaining the origin of the number 22 in the Not MTGO thread, I thought it'd be fun to share the origins and meanings behind your user names.

To reiterate, my name is basically a shortened form of my last name that my high school soccer coach used to call me. The 22 is the number I wore in soccer, as well as the day of the year that I was born.

Feel free to share why you chose your name and if there's any special meaning behind it.


Reco is short for Recon. Old paintball thing we would assign jobs in capture the flag. So we would just point and say the job. "Ichigo, Nigo, Reco, Forward, Back." I was usually Reco so it became my nickname back in California. 5151216 is just nonsense...adds up to 21.....isn't an allowed phone#......fits on an vanity plate...other than that it is just a number that stuck with me.