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Ya know, the alias you use here at CPA, what is its significance? I acquired darkstar from a jumble of words. I was giving a speech on starwars, and when I attempted to say deathstar, darkstar plopped out. So, the next day when I went to play counterstrike at a LAN tourney, I kept the namesake, and its been with me ever since. Now, you. Discuss.


point 1: This should be in the Classic Questions forum.

point 2: MrXarvox is an adaption of Mr. Xarvox (big surprise), which is my common nickname in real life. I also go by Xarv, Xar-chan, Xarvy, Mr. X, X, or Matt. The name was derived from "Zarvox" a voice used to speak text in the old Macintosh program, Simpletext (tm).


The first three letters of my first name and the last three letters of my last name.


CPA Alias:
Nodnarb24 - My first name spelt backwards and my favorite number.

Other internet Aliases:
Khrome_Dome (my gaming name and also used frequently on message boards) - My dad used to use it on newsgroups and I thought it looked cool so I stole it.
AFIMastermind (my AIM SN)- AFI is one of my favorite bands, and mastermind just sounds cool.


My name is obviously a Pokemon. I can't remember exactly how I got the nickname but it started in my junior year of high school, so I decided to dress up as Jigglypuff for a Halloween party and then the name just stuck. Most of my Internet aliases are variations on Jigglypuff or Wigglytuff.

EDIT: So if you're surfing the net and you come across a Jigglypuff, if it's followed by 6's, 9's, or 0's, it's probably me.

(- Steve -)


I keep its meaning secret, but I will say it's Egyptian in origin.


Zadok is my middle name. The '001' tagged on the end got put there when someone else took Zadok (!!) in a chatroom. It kinda stuck. :) Biblical in origin, the priest who annointed David king.



Along the same lines as Zadok... Aboot 4 or 5 years ago, when I got my hotmail account, ademis@hotmail.com was already taken, so I added 22, which would be my favourite number.

I thought the name ademis was original, because I thought it up for a RPG character(Note: Now I have a whole string of ademis'... ademtia, adementiallius... and so on). Apparently, ademis is a family name for people is Kosovar I beleive (Correct me if I'm wrong) and its also used in the French language, probably an abbreviation of sorts....

But usually... if you see an ademis (Or ademis22) on the web... its me.



Mine came about because I happened to be reading The Lord of the Rings when I joined up here, and I happened to like the character Elrond.

On other boards if that happens to be taken I add 1782, I don't really remember why I did it the first time around, but it stuck, I sometimes use Krieg, which was a Keldon warlord bioengineered by a rogue Academy student in the Urza's Cycle of books.

Turtlewax Joe

I was trying to come up with (threw my eyes) what is the perfect guy to be when I/m in college and beyond. I cme up with the name Turtlewax Joe for some odd reason. He (T.J.) is my alter-ego. what I am hopefully destined to become.

I go by Turtlewax Joe(explained above), Sleepy(I sleep 2 out of 6 hours during the school day and wake up 15 min before the bell rings), Squirrely Guy(Squirrels are awesome and everybody knows how I feel), and Potato Man(current science fair project related).

But mostly people call me Matt, because that is the name that my blasted parents gave me. It's not all that bad...It serves me well and it DEFINENTLY could be worse. I like it. I guess it's from the bible, but not having read the 'book'(for lack of interest in the topic) I would not derectly know. I'm supposed to be a gift from god but others would disagree. esp. me because I don't even believe in god.



I had this name first when I was playing Archmage online...(and this was really the beginning of my addiction for the internet)...So I took out Robert Jordan's big Wheel of Time book and started to go through the index...Going through the A's I found this name, and I fell in love with it...So now everywhere I go on the 'net I'm known as Almindhra...



When we first got our dog, its name was Shady. Eventually, we changed it to Duke. That's my inspiration.

The "Û" basically stands for my loyalty, morality, justice, introspective, and outrosepctive skills. It's like a "crown" over the "U" to symbolize how, in my opinion, fast I develop my inner knowledge, and how I am a "king" of knowing all the little things that others my fail to see...

It has more meaning, I didn't wanna make it more needlessly complex...


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I thought for sure this was in Classic but just looked and couldn't find anything...

My favorite superhero has been Spiderman, that was my nickname in college, so when the Dojo boards opened up I took it. So then when I came here I was fortunate enough to come early to grab it (as indicated by another member in New Members who mentioned he wanted it :) ). Obviously this isn't going to work everywhere; it's taken on IRC for example. So then I use CPASpiderman (since it has to be 8 characters).


Ura is Japanese and means "hidden aspect" in english. I got it from a group of anime watching friends of mine online about 5 years ago because they thought I was alot like the character Ura in the anime series El-Hazard. Its just stuck since then.

Azreal the Soulmaster

Well, I'm a character designer by trade. Naturally I created a character alot like me. I had to give him a name, but Christopher is just too boring. having heard the name Azreal in countless books, movies, ect. as the name of a demon. I picked the spelling I liked the best. I picked azreAl because when you say it the "al" gives a good end to the word. So i just bear the name of the character I've created. My aim name is a different story that Ura can probably pick out:)


there was actually a good movie called Darkstar. kind of a pun on 2001 but I thought it was funny. as for my name being unoriginal I used my actual name. I also don't forget what it is.


CPA Trash Man
I loved to create my own superheroes as a middle schooler. I'd draw, crudely drawn but still, robotic killers and super-powered monsters and I'd give them names that I would randomly come up with. One time, around when Killer Instinct made it's way to the arcade I started drawing a character that had no name, yet I thought was really cool because he resembled a black Glacius. So, over the period of about a year, I kept adding little things to the drawing and it still didn't have a name. Eventually, I wrote on the side of the paper "Robotic, Archaic, Neurotic, Sadistic, Assassination Creation." I wrote these words write on top of the other and sure enough, the first letters aligned and my friend was the first to pick up on it. "Ransac? What's that?" he said.

Ransac, cpa trash man


The first three letters are the initals in my name, and the last three is the first in "Dexter," one of many nicknames I have at school and at church. My favorite:

"Scientific Progress goes BOINK!"

I love Calvin and Hobbes

Zero T Katama

Well, the Zero comes from the character Zero from the MMX series, I had just played MMX4 when I first got involved online, I was basically ripping from there. Then, I started to evolve at get a little more indepth, distancing from the Robotics and liking samurai, Katama is an amalgam of Katama and Kazama (Jin Kazama from Tekken, another of my faves) T is short for Thorus, a diety I made up by combining Thor, Horus, and Zeus.