Orgg walks up behind Ransac, taps him on the shoulder, and kicks him in the face.



to Canada... to be Cyber-Canadian Bacon...

*throws random bacon pieces all over the door handles to this purgatory and then vanishes...


CPA Trash Man
*Ransac stands up, noting that he and theorgg has switched bodies.*

Why do I feel the need to continuously scratch myself?

*Ransac then reaches into his breechcloth and notices that Theorgg keeps a walk-in closet full of novelty items in there.*

Hmmm.... I'll have to check this out.

*Ransac disappears into the walk-in closet.*

Ransac, cpa trash man


CPA Trash Man
*Ransac runs out of the breech-closet screaming something about atog feces and "Pikathulu." He then frantically slaps his buttcheeks in an attempt to invert the universe, but nothing happens.*

Ransac, cpa trash man

Prince RXI

*drops a frog-bomb in Ransac's path, then goes back to the shadows where he'd been hiding...*

<.< >.> :eek:

Prince RXI, squishie froggies...


The Tentacled One
*A tentacle reaches out, grabbing Orgg (in Ransac's body) and pulling him into the pitcher plant. Oversoul proceeds to repeatedly dunk Orgg's face (or Ransac's face) into the digestive juices.*