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    You can change a character to a lich or a vampire at the character list. They have to have extremely low alignments though.

    As to how to get low alignments, you can make people chaotic by putting them into groups chaotic members. The best way to get chaotic people is to start the game out and make the chaotic early on. I've never been able to get lawful people, but who really needs them?
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    Wow, that's the exact opposite of me! I have ONE chaotic characters in the whole battalion. I have about 20 Paladins, and I'm getting sick of them. Black Knights are infinitely cooler. Piece of advice, the ultimate melee fighter is about like this:

    Black Knight
    Weapon: Rune Axe
    Accessory: Fire Crest (Emblem? I forget)
    Armor: Ogre Armor
    Helm: Helm of the Fearless

    A level 20 BK with this equipment does the same amount of damage as any character 10 levels higher on average! I've gotten critical hits for over 200 damage at level 20 with this guy (yes, he's my only chaotic char)

    I know your method would work, but the problem is that I don't have any other chaotic characters to put potential guys in a group with. (Sigh) Oh, and good to know that I'll never get a Lich :D I didn't see that it was used on the char list.

    Last side note: if you haven't yet, greatly consider getting the 4 Drakonite tomes (Tempest, Annihilation, Meteor Strike, White Mute) in Dardunelles. They're INSANE. I've gotten in excess of 90 damage to the entire enemy unit with a basic Wizard. Imagine what a Lich could do with that... :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
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    I have an idea! this may or may not work, but it's worth a shot. If you have any love and peace, use them on enemy chaotic characters, then you can put lawful characters in the group and they turn into chaotic characters.

    Black knights are by far the best characters in the game, imho. There resistant to attack is almost as good as a cataphract, and their attack is much better than a paladin. They're basically a cataphract on steroids. The only problem i've found is that they are really weak against magic and elemtal weapons.

    I have two liches, and i have drakonite tomes on both of them. They hit every ememy unit for about 250 damage (they're on level 50). So, unless the opposing group has a unit with over 1500 health, they don't stand a chance. Now if I could only get a princess to put in that group...
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    Agreed, Black Knight is the BEST class. No contest.

    Princess = GOOD. My current favorite group:

    Black Knight (The one I mentioned)
    Princess (L)
    Wizard (Tempest) Wizard (Meteor Strike) Wizard (Annihilation)

    If those were Liches... well, I don't need to say it...

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