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Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by The Magic Jackal, Aug 26, 2000.

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    I am also a loyan nintendo fan but i dissagree with Jackal's statement about Zelda. I know this will make everyone mad at me but i don't care. Hahahahahaha! I HATE ZELDA! Zelda IMHO is the one of the worst games me or my brothers own.
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    Seeing how Sega has been pusing Tails to the sidelines with their new games, Nintendo should buy the rights to the character, and give him a new series of games...start with a crossover game and build from there. Can't be more lame than Donkey Kong. Jeez, I *HATE* that dang monkey! Death to them all!

    Zelda sux too.

    I also want to see a new Mario Kart that's more balanced. The "new rules" for the battle game are lame as hell. My friends and I still use the SNES (read: superiour) version. A new F-Zero and another Bond (read: Bond, James Bond, 007; not Joanna "P.M.S." Dark) game. Preferably one with a framerate over 8.

    Until then, I spend my money on Magic cards and computer gamez.

    "It's all chilidogs. The burgers, the meatloaf, the steak, the ice cream, the fondue, the vodka...all made from chilidogs."

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    Zelda sucks???

    What are you guys smoking???? You guys must be about 10 years old, because if you are older, you would know that the two main Series are zelda and FF. Nothing ever beats these games, nothing.

    I've heard nothing but crap about PSX2. all the reviews say it sucks. I bet it will be great....

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    I'd like to buy a PS2 when it comes out, but I don't see a single game out that will be worth playing on it when it launches, which means I'd only be using it for old PS RPGs and playing DVD's, which hardly justifies the cost. Perhaps if some decent games come out, I'll get one, but for now I don't see anything that even comes close to the PC games about to be released (hello, Baldur's Gate 2 :) ). Also, don't be fooled by the numbers Sony is putting out on the PS2's hardware. They fail to mention that the system's CPU is severely limited by the speed and quantity of its RAM. The numbers they're publishing are impossible to actually reach with the system's hardware. Due to what developers are saying about how hard it is to develop for the PS2, I don't think we'll be seeing any games that look near as good as Sony is hyping (I'm sorry, but the jaggies really suck) for over a year or more at least. By the time the GameCube is released with several hot titles, most developers will still be trying to figure out how to turn the PS2 on...

    Regarding the GameCube, I see most of you haven't read more than two sentences of any of the reviews out. I imagine you probably just looked at the pictures, saw the name "Nintendo," and decided it "sux." Try actually reading some of the reviews, like those on IGN, and read what developers are saying about the system and you'll change your tune. As for the controller, how can you possible make any judgement on it givin that you've only seen a couple 2D images of it? How about being reasonable and at least waiting until E3, when the console will be available to play, to make your decision.

    As for the XBox, it's just vaporware until the console is actually shown, as far as I'm concerned. I can't see myself ever buying one, as I don't feel like getting the "blue screen of death" while playing a console game. If I want my gaming system to have a hard drive and all that crap, I'll play games on my PC, thank you very much.
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    Anyone here actually played any games for any of the next-gen systems being released? Hm? I forgot to get my PS2 from the future so I could review it. Dreamcast is gonna be nice in the future if they ever get the online play working (MAGIC for DC: WHOHOO!). PS2 will be nice once the price tag drops by half :D. Gamecube will be nice if Rare has a launch game.
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    I was just reading up on some more gamecube stuff (no I don't have anything better to do). Here's the new info:

    Gamecube will feature a wireless controller. Although it will be released in Japan, they are not sure if it will be released in the US.

    Gamecube games will be on minidiscs. They say that this will help prevent piracy (Good thinking)

    Gamecube will be released in the US in October 2001, and will be released along w/ 5 games.

    Gamecube will allow you to hook up 4 gameboy advance into it to play 4 player games (gameboy advance will also be able to play old gameboy games).

    Now for the most important piece of info (keep in mind this is just a rumor): Developers say that PSX2 games are harder to program than Gamecube games. It is believed that this will bring back independent developers back to Nintendo. Squaresoft is expected to be one of them. They orginally left nintendo because PSX games were easier to make, now they may be going back.

    Does this mean we will see Final Fantasy on Nintendo? I do hope so.
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    Well, I'll go ahead and present a completely different perspective.

    I hate RPG's. I can't stand them. The only RPG I've ever liked was the RPG on the Magic computer game, and I only liked that for the Magic playing part and the way it makes you feel like a beginner again, where you're thrilled to get that first Sengir Vampire.

    I love sports games. I have at least 1 sports game for every major sport, and about 10-15 different football games for various systems. And Nintendo has never had very good sports games. Quarterback Club is decent, but the gameplay isn't very good. In one version, you caught every pass. You could be triple-covered, and you'd still catch it. All-Star Baseball has good graphics, but doing fancy fielding is tough. The C-buttons all do different things (jump, dive, etc.), and are also very small. You'll be playing, and try to make a diving catch. Instead, you're jumping, and the ball rolls to the wall. Also, I hate the hitting. In real life, you don't have a dot to tell you where the ball is going. And if you're playig with friends, who throw nothing but breaking balls that go all different directions, hitting is impossible. And I've never seen a good soccer game for Nintendo. But Gameday, Triple Play, and the Fifa games are all great (with the exception of Gameday 2001, which is the same as the one before it; even the same bugs).

    So all in all, I prefer the Playstation. But I know nothing about the new systems. If I had to buy one on reputation, I'd get the PS2. But I don't suppose anyone has heard info on sports games for the new systems?

    Man. I just realized that I haven't included any useful info in here. OK, how's this: Spiderman is the best game ever. It kicks Zelda's butt :)

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    You have to be difficult apollo...

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