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Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by Rando, Jul 5, 2001.

  1. Bob Idiot

    I'll be tradional Bob, not Powerful Bob...

    Bob was born in the city of Paridia in the Seraan Church.(Seraa is an Archangel related to Serra) His parents made him a Cleric under the tutelidge of Kogru, a Bishop at the time. Kogru was an immensely powerful Cleric, and he taught Bob the ways of the Cleric. During a battle with Tevesh Szat Worshippers, Then an ArchBishop, Kogru was slain and brought to their Dark Temple, then resurrected as a Lich of Szat. Lich Kogru killed the ArchBishop of the Szat Worshippers and founded the Brotherhood of Tevesh. He tried to destroy the Seraan Temple, and the Clerics fought back, but were losing, but they called upon the help of the Paridian Army. In the battle, Bob killed his former master, but was knocked unconcious. He awoke months later, with a mental block of his past life to protect his sanity. He was in the Paridian Academy, and learned that the church had won the battle, but the Church was destroyed. He trained in the Paridian Academy for years, fighting evil villians such as Valvor, former master of Nifallor(Yeah, the same Nifallor on the boards). He eventually left Paridia, and on his travels, he met Kogru's son, who he had also turned into a Lich. His name was Urgok. Urgok was now in the Brotherhood of Tevesh, which was led by a half demon named Galyat. He attacked Bob, defeating him in a logn baatle, and leaving him there to die. He prayed to Seraa to heal him, and he was healed. Travelling once again, he stumbled upon Kaelonton, and this is where Bob's story continues...
  2. Bob Idiot

    Oh, and i'll show those Braith clerics what a real god is like...heh heh heh...
  3. Daggertooth The Rune Master

    Well, Scout camp makes it so I can't participat in this one, but if this lasts as long as the last one then I may be able to join in the later part of the middle.

    If that be the case I would like to join. Although I laft Nychus to be rescued in the last story I believe I may wish to have a different character. I'll give more info if the time comes.

  4. Bob Idiot

    Bob's age is unknown, because Bob has no idea how long was in a coma after his battle with Kogru, and Paridia has different gravity and time than other planes, which makes people a lot younger and live much longer, usually about twice as long. Bob belives himself to be about 130, though he is not sure. He looks around his 60's. The average healthy Paridian human lives to be 200, and middle age is about 100. (Elves live to be thousands of years in Paridia)
    Bob has a bit of combat training, and much combat experience, but in his old age, he is weaker than he used to be, so he couldn't be much help in pure combat. He used to be the richest human in Paridia, but he spent all his money, and has about 25 gold pieces left, though Paridian currency probably will not be accepted in Kaelenton. He wears long white robes, and his hair shows streaks of gray. He has a mace, and a long alabaster staff. He also has a holy symbol of Seraa. He wears a white tunic beneath the long white robes, and has divine magic, though no special powers like Rebrouge. He is open minded towards all kinds of creatures, because growing up in Paridia, there are many different types there. His best friends were usually human, though there were many friendly elves there.
    The most spectacular thing he has ever done was create a huge storm which destroyed an entire town that angered Seraa, though it had knocked him unconcious. (Bob has a nasty habit of being knocked unconcious.)

    That's about all I can think of now, but I might remember some more of Bob.
  5. Landkiller CPA Menace

    Down to earth?! guy isn't as crazy as Rebrouge or Bob or Snake. None of them are normal. Mine is a normal person, of a unknown species that is able to blend in with normal humans without arousing attention.
  6. DÛke Memento Mori

    ...Rebrouge is gonna be your semi-enemy in this little mission. He's gonna be playing both sides of the table...
  7. Ransac CPA Trash Man

    Urnngg!!!!! Can't reach.......urrnnggg....the chair. to be 3'2.

    Ransac, cpa trash man
  8. linsivvi New Member

    hello, my name is none of your buisness, i simply go by the title marionette master. I am a 625 years old, and I look the part. Tall, slightly thin, but certainly not frail. I have little to no magical ability. all of my fighting skills rely on my technical genius in the fields of pyrotechnics, electronics, explosives, mechanics, and most peculuar sciences. When I was 113 I created a device that slowed time slightly. Due to this, I apear just a little quicker than everyone else. I willingly fight no side of any war, unless what its about effects me personally, or someone pays me. I have mastered the art of sneaking up on people. I have 360 degree vision, and a 6th sense for anyone plotting against me. My history, and family past are not known to anyone possibly even me. Little escapes my attention, little escapes from me. Have a nice day.
  9. Rando Freaky Bear

    Here we have a prime example of "too much power."

    A 6th sense for people plotting against you, knowlage in things that would not exist in a psuedo-medieval setting, 360 degree vision, and unnatural quickness all add up to an unbalanceing and unfair character.

    While some of you would say, "so, let's just play what ever we want.", I would say "Then we would have 10 supermen with destruct-O rays running around."

    All in fun for me or those that wish to role-play and not just "kill stuff"

    If you would like to play, then please come up with a toned-down character.

    And Landkiller, upon further thought, your character is fine, but that race does not exist in my little fantasy world. If you could please come up with some sort of explanation for his existance, be it a curse or spell or a traveler from another world, please PM me with it.

    Thank you!
  10. Bob Idiot

    He's just an old cleric who was born in a plane that has less gravity and a slower aging process, making people live longer. He's not overpowered or anything, at least I don't think...

    but that Puppet Master is really unfair. 360 degree vision? Does he have eyes all around his head? and a device that makes time faster? *cough*ripoffofparidiantime*cough* 6th sense on anyone plotting against him?

    Besides, the name Marionette Master makes me think of the Magistrate from MM...a amazingly fat and lazy offense, but that's what I thought of when I heard "Marionette Master" and I don;t know why. LoL
  11. linsivvi New Member

    ok guys, i guess i didn't cover this too well, but please observe. ALl this is great for people trying to kill me, and setting traps and what not. But his shall we say "going out and killing people" power isn't exactly skyrocketing. infact, (you notice the "takes place in no war part" Unless someone insults me or something, i am not likely to set out killing someone. If someone comes to me, thats their problem, but the other way around, well i am not too good at it.
  12. Rando Freaky Bear

    Ok, you can have knowlage about mechanical things and alchemy, and you can keep the 6th sense about danger to yourself, but the time-slowing thingy and the 360 vision gotta go.
  13. linsivvi New Member

    that works
  14. Melkor Well-Known Member

    I better post a character now. John Jar grew up on an average farm but discovered early in his life that farming was not for him. At the age of 15 he ran off to join a small mercenary company. His first night he was almost killed by the other members in a brutal beating that was his "initiation." He almost died again in his first battle when he was hit in the head with an axe. Fortunately it was the flat of the blade and he survived. In either situation he hadn't known enough to keep himself safe from harm. He swore to work as hard as it took to make sure he would always be prepared for any situation. Over the years he gained a nice reputation for himself as a relentless and deadly mercenary, and his company prospered. He is most commonly associated with his deadly flail but is proficient in all general martial weapons. He is well known and respected within the mercenary business. At the ripe old age of 37 with more than 20 years in the business he has left his company and gone into semi-retirement in the fair city of Kaelenton.
  15. DÛke Memento Mori


    Why do all enemies hafta be controlled by Rando? Can an actual player be the enemy? I remember doing that in the very first RPG we played back in MtGnews, when Squirllmaster was one of the enemies. So...can we?

    If we can...than it should be obvious what I'm requesting...
  16. Bob Idiot

    You want us to fight Rebrouge??? That's mean...he's too powerful...
  17. sageridder Legendary Cpa Member

    The problem with this idea is the party would only know about the enemies actions and locations when we would be suddenly be attacked from nowhere.The enemy would absolutely know the party's location,intentions, communications,status,preparations,and actions.
    [color="336699"]*sageridder continues to mumble on and trail off into the distance.....too powerful.....hehehe....scary ole Rebroûge....Hahahaha....[/color]
  18. DÛke Memento Mori


    I only wanted to play the enemy for two reasons. I'm leaving on a vacation to Branson soon, and after we come back, my cousins from Canada are I'll have little to no time to participate. Playing the one of the enemies, you guys could kill me (or something), and I wont hafta play.

    The second reason is...I just like being the bad guy, and one of these days, I'll prove the good guys don't hafta win all the time.
  19. Landkiller CPA Menace

    I came up with my character's history, assuming it works.

    Here :

    Leon was found, abandoned in a farmer's field as a child of about 2 years old. The farmer brought him to the village elders, who argued for hours about what to do. Some favored killing the "demon child", while others wanted to send him to the wizard tower. In the end, they decided that the safest plan was to let the wizards assume the responsibility. They sent Leon to the tower, where the wizards' council took him in, and studied him. They learned nothing. Leon was raised by the high wizard himself. Leon was fourteen, when one of the lesser mages aspired to steal the high wizard's magical staff, and decided to murder the high wizard. Leon found him as he was hiding the body in the woods, and leapt on him from behind. The murderer cast him off, laughed at him, and paralyzed him with a word. He buried Leon in the ground along with his stepfather, the high wizard. Days later, he was discovered, and his body exhumed. The paralysis spell had kept him alive, since his body functions were in complete stasis...but his mind was aware the whole time.
    Leon took up solving crimes and hunting down fugitives as a way to provide justice, and perhaps one day find the killer.

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