Multi-player competition this Friday. Please help.



I've got a nice little betting game this Friday with some friends. Multiplayer. Casual Type 1. Judgment is legal. Power 9 isn't legal. No sideboards. The winner gets treated out to a buffet dinner.

I like to eat. I want to win. :D

I'm going to surprise them a little by not playing my usual white deck. Barring divine inspiration, I'm going to play a multiplayer deck using the degenerate Palinchron + High Tide combo to generate infinite mana.

Here's the deck build I'm working on:

Creatures: (4)
4 Palinchron

Spells: (27)
4 High Tide
4 Mana Drain
4 Force of Will
2 Capsize
2 Propaganda
2 Impulse
1 Mystical Tutor
1 Merchant Scroll
1 Time Spiral
1 Frantic Search
1 Fact or Fiction
1 Stroke of Genius
1 Braingeyser
1 Cunning Wish *
1 Spelljack **

Artifacts: (6)
2 Nevinyrral's Disk
3 Rocket Launcher ***
1 Sol Ring

Land: (23)
23 Island

* Hee-hee... This is my special tech. Our rules say you can't use the Power 9 maindeck... This little baby should be a surprise when it grabs me my Ancestral Recall or let's me use a second Stroke of Genius or Fact or Fiction.

** Hey, it's a fun card. Besides, it will be interesting to use my opponent's Verdant Force for myself.

*** In a one-on-one game, your kill using the infinite mana combo is to either gain control by Capsizing all your opponent's permanents, then killing him with Palinchron, or, using Stroke of Genius and have him draw a billion cards. Since I'm using this for multiplayer, the Rocket Launchers will allow me to kill all my opponents. Using colorless damage to boot. :)

So that's my deck. Any suggestions for improvements? All I need is to survive long enough to have a Rocket Launcher on the table, 6 Islands, and a Palinchron + High Tide in my hand.

Any help will be appreciated and will go a long way to adding a few pounds to my frame over the next weekend. :D


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You should talk to rakso about this one, since he's the resident expert on Type 1. I don't think he checks this section though so you might have to PM him or email him at


Has the group decided how the wishes will work? will it be the casual play ruling or the more strict tournament ruling? I would determine this before putting cunning wish in.


As I said above, it's casual Friday, and we're not using Sideboards. ;)

I know one of them's already going to use Burning Wish. He's been forecasting it for quite some time.


Believe it or not I'd find room for Mirari in here, as it will allow you to Stroke out 2 people at once (get your mind out of the gutter), while helping you slip around counters, win counter wars, and completely break your Tutors. Cunning Wish/Mirari for Ancestral Recall and Evacuation, ugh.

Soldevi Digger or Recall would help also, as you've only got 9 counters as backup you're hand might empty of them (counters) faster than you'd like. Plus it allows you to recycle all of your many 1-of's in the deck.

I'm not sure if 2 Propaganda will help you out enough, I'd either up the count or run more Disks in its place. Unless your group plays a lot of weenie/token decks, which means I'd definitely run more.

4 Palichron is probably 1 or 2 too many.

What I'd probably do
-1 Palichron
-2 Propaganda
-1 Frantic Search (you don't really need it)

+2 Mirari
+1 Disk
+1 Recall

BTW - Nice tech with the Rocket Launcher.

Hope I helped, and good luck Friday!


Mikeymike : I know one of my pals is gonna play either Squirrel-Craft (which generates infinite squirrels, or his Rebel-based WW deck. I was at a toss-up whether or not to play Disks or Propaganda, so I preemptorily put 2 of each in. I like the idea for Mirari though. ;)

Spidey : Good idea. I'll get rakso's opinion.


Man, squirrel-craft smells - what an annoying deck. Now that that is off my chest, I still feel like the Disk will be much more helpful in that matchup - as it wipes out the tokens and the combo in one shot (w/o giving your pal a real chance to react). The bad thing is that it takes a turn to activate, but its a big warning beacon to all competitors.

Also, be sure to Include Strip Mine, Wasteland, and if you've got it - the Library of Alexandria.