Mindmaster Ixalan: Spidey vs Mooseman


Isengar Tussle
Yikes? For 2 damage?
Attack with all the rest.
Go to it.

Spidey: 6
Hand: 4

(U,U) Plains x2
(U,U) Mt x2
(U,U) Forest x2
(U,U) Island x2
(U,U) Swamp x2
(U) Spitfire Bastion (T: Add R to my mana pool.; 2R, T: ~ deals 3 dmg to target creature or player)

One With the Wind (Enchanted creature gets +2/+2 and has flying)

(T) Sky Terror (2/2; Flying, menace)
(U) Ravenous Daggertooth (3/2; Enrage-Whenever ~ is dealt dmg, I gain 2 life)
(U) Looming Altisaur (3/9; Flying from One With the Wind) *Windy*
(U) Queen's Bay Soldier (2/2)
(U) Encampment Keeper (1/1; First Strike; 7W, T, Sac ~: Creatures I control get +2/+2 ueot)
(U) Fire Shrine Keeper (1/1; Menace; 7R, T, Sac ~: It deals 3 dmg to up to two target creatures)
(T) Shining Aerosaur (3/4; Flying)

Graveyard: Slash of Talons, Legion's Judgement
Mooseman: 11
Hand: 2

(TT) Plains
(TT) Swamp
(UU) Island
(UU) Mountain
(TT) Forest

(T) Legion Conquistador (Vampire Soldier, 2/2, When ~ ETB, search library for more of ~.)
(T) Headwater Sentries (Merfolk Warrior, 3/6, ) )~+1/+1~
(T) Ruthless Knave (Orc Pirate, 3/2, 2B, Sacrifice a creature: Create two colorless Treasure artifact tokens with "T, sacrifice this artifact: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool." Sacrifice three Treasures: Draw a card.)
(T) Ancient Brontodon (Dino, 9/9, )
(S) Bishop of the Bloodstained (Vampire Cleric, 3/3, When ~ ETB, Target opponent loses 1 life for each vampire you control.)

Graveyard: Skittering HeartStopper, March of the Drowned, River Herald's Boon, Blight Keeper, Air Elemental, Mavren Fein, Dusk Apostle, Ritual of Rejuvenation, Headstrong Brute


Staff member
Hey, who knows what your devious plans are.... :sneaky:

Fire Shrine Keeper blocks Brontodon
Altisaur and Daggertooth block Sentries
Queen's Bay blocks Ruthless Knave
Encampment Keeper blocks Conquistador


Isengar Tussle
So you take no damage and I got nothing left but a 1/1 creature.
Good game
The Bastion was the difference maker in that game.
Also, your sac creatures were way better than mine.


Isengar Tussle
You can do 8 flying that I can't stop and you only need to block the bronto with 1 creature even if you only attack with the two biggies, that's 6 this turn and your next. Plus you gain 2 from the Daggertooth.
Not sure why you blocked a 2/2 with your Encampment Keeper? What would have been game in your next turn easy.
That doesn't even account for the other 5 cards in your hand.


Staff member
I blocked because I wasn't sure if you had something like a pump or buff for any unblocked attacker.... seeing as you cast the Bishop to lower my life to maybe within range <shrug>

Yeah, good game. I decided to play it cautious and was hoping it wouldn't bite me. That Bastion definitely is the MVP card.

I only had four cards left, they were:

Rummaging Goblin
Tempest Caller - if I was going aggressive a couple turns ago when you were all tapped out
Rallying Roar - to save myself after that alpha attack
Mt :LOL:

So onto the next!