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    Ryan doesn't have chocolate milk. I need my chocolate milk. He has Hershey's syrup. I need chocolate milk. It's 3 in the morning. I NEED CHOCOLOATE MILK. I must have it. There is a burning desire in my brain for one thing. Chocolate milk. Why can't I have it now? Because Ryan doesn't have any. If Ryan doesn't have any, I can't have it. SOMEONE GET ME SOME CHOCOLATE MILK. I will go insane without chocolate milk. I don't know why I am posting this. SOMEONE GET ME SOME CHOCOLATE MILK. Why? WHY? Who has chocolate milk? I bet you do. You're sitting there in your little house RIGHT NOW sipping that glass of nice, refreshing, chocolate milk. I don't think it's funny. DON'T LAUGH AT ME! I want chocolate milk. I need chocolate milk. SOMEONE GET ME SOME CHOCOLATE MILK!
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    Durden. Durden, Durden, Durden, DURDEN. With a D.

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    Hehe, Jeff I saw u going to Ryans hpouse, I was riding bikes. U didnt carry milk, u shouldve gone back home and got some. Bad Jeff! Anyway, Nicks crazy, but hes cool. Ata sleepover he was playing hockey and ripping on my Mom. And Sister!! Like when Jeff does secret things with his sister!! ;) j/k man!! Anyway, Im scared now :eek: so im gonna run!
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    jeff you traitor you must have milk with you at all times. buy milk during lunch carry it with you at all times or die!!!!!!
  5. TylersOnFire Ouch...

    *sigh* look what i started :D
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    Not only that, he's misquoting again!
    Nothing shouts SCRUB like misquoting movie lines!
    It is not cool! It is scrubby!
    I am ending every sentence in this post with a !
    I'm even not including my sig cuz it doesn't end with a !
    I just get so pissed!
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