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  1. M-phoenix New CPA Member

    Could someone please show me a decent mercenary deck? Mine failed so miserably it's not even worth the effort to put it up here.
  2. Cateran Emperor Passed On

    4 Cateran Persuader
    4 Rathi Intimidator
    4 Cateran Enforcer
    4 Molting Harpy
    4 Rampart Crawler

    4 Dark Ritual
    4 Duress
    4 Vicious Hunger
    2 Terror
    2 Befoul
    3 Dark Triumph

    4 Peat Bog
    13 Swamp
    2 Rath's Edge
    2 Dustbowl

    SB that I use:
    3 Forced March
    3 Haunted Crossroads
    3 Pit Raptor (it is incredibly hard to kill this with Morphling :) )
    4 Despoil
    2 Distorting Lens

    Trust me, this works wonders :) I love this deck to no end as it's the one I made so long ago (well, a while ago at least)

    Note that this is but one of my at least a dozen Merc decks. PM me if you need more :cool:
  3. M-phoenix New CPA Member

    I'll have to try it out.
  4. plaguelord2000 New Member

    heres a deck that will work off the top of my head. you cant play a strait merc deck you hlaf to splash green

    creatures. 21
    4 blastoderm
    1 thrashing wumpas
    4 cateran enforcer
    4 rathi intimidator
    4 misshaped field
    4 spineless thug

    other 19
    3 claming verse
    2 the card that turns your lands into creatures
    3 huanted crossroads
    2 skulls of ramos
    2 green piece of ramos
    3 snuff out
    3 seal of doom
    2 death pit offering

    2 dust bowl
    7 forest
    10 swamp
    1 raths edge

    side board
    2 swamp
    2 forest
    1 snuff
    1 seal
    1 croasroads
    1 calming verse
    1 thrashing wumpas
    3 cateran slavers
    2 rebel enformer
    1 bog elemental

    this deck is great. the idea is to not give a **** about your craeture for the pit becouse of the crossroads, and your lands become creatures. now you half to say thats priety strong, and to top that off you have a search engine with 2 unblockable creatures in it.the side board is for as if now its your choice to build it or not but i recamend atleast trying it befor you say no.well until later fellow magic player

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  5. M-phoenix New CPA Member

    Finally!, a deck to put my Death Pit Offering's in. But wouldn't the calming verse interfer with the crossroads and the offerings?
  6. Cateran Emperor Passed On

    Actually, I'd disagree. You CAN play a straight Merc deck, and it'll work. The only way to stop you then is Root Cage, which can be stopped by playing 3 or 4 non Merc beasts (Delraich, Trashin' Wumpus, Woe, Plaguelord, Negator, Evincar, and so on)
  7. Cateran Emperor Passed On

    No, calming verse won't necessarily b/c it doesn't always destroy your lands, just tap out (or not, I don't remember which way :eek: )
  8. M-phoenix New CPA Member

    Guess I should look up cards I thought it was the one that you could have each other player gain 6 life.
  9. Neo_Keo -=[I]=- []2ice |Voodles

    I think it says if your tap out your enchantments don't get destroyed and ARUA Fracture is the enchantment where you sac a land to destroy target enchantment.
  10. nanokill Veteran CPA Member<BR><FONT co

    to plaguelord2000 the name of the card that turns your creatures into lands is called living terrain a 5/6 green creature for 2gg. and horn of ramos is the green artifact.

    To m-pheonix reverent silence is the one that gives your opponent 6 life.
  11. Zadok001 CPA Founder, Greater Good

    Cateran Emperor: Why worry about Root Cage? Who's dumb enough to play it, when there are perfectly good Rebel Hosers to put in instead? :) Also, I'm curious why you choose to use Terror over the Seal. I'm not really sure on the casting cost of Persuader, but if it's 4 as I believe it is, then you don't exactly have an overwhelming 3 cc slot, it seems like the Seal would fill that slot nicely, allowing for more varied removal than Terror. Furthermore, it's a Seal, generally a better choice than an instant in a deck reliant on saying 'at the end of your turn, I...'

    Reasoning? Well, in a deck with a lot of normal permanents that don't require activation costs in mana, you usually don't have to worry about mana supply on your opponent's turn. With Mercs and Rebels, however, it's commonplace to have to search out a creature. That costs mana, so you don't often want to be saving two _more_ mana in case your opponent drops a big fattie on the table. Thus, you're better off with a good mana curve on your turn, and using Seals to 'invest' mana in for use at a later time.

    Am I talking gibberish? :) I'm not sure. I just think the Seal fits that slot better than Terror.
  12. Riva Iron-Grip da Kandy Man

    now i dont konw what is wrong with u people, but hte most important thing in a merc deck is 2 overlords, 4 cateran summons, 2-4 enforcers, 2 death pit offerings, 2 ascendant evincars, and some other stuff. but mainly that
  13. Sleepy Narcoleptic CPA Member

    i tried to make a merc deck once using those cards riva but it took too long to win.
  14. Neo_Keo -=[I]=- []2ice |Voodles

    I thought the most important thing in a Merc deck is having Recruiters out fast and sufficient Mana to bring in those Mercs to give you Victory. " Of course biggies are nise but aren't they rather slow" :D
  15. Cateran Emperor Passed On

    Zadok: Persuaders are 2 mana :) seriously though, my version of the decks uses little mana to serach (usually twice a turn at most) As for Root Cage, I know, who'd play it right? Well, by me EVERYONE knows I play Mercs and a few of them actually got that out on me :( That's why a handful of non mercs are still in there.

    No Zadok, you're not speaking gibberish, I can see where you're coming from. But I'd rather not have them know I have the Terror as opposed to having it in plain sight. That's the biggest advantage for black removal. Seal or any other removal spell would also work basically the same there, just use whichever you want :cool:

    Riva: That depends on what kind of merc deck you're playing. I guarantee my version can beat yours 9 times of 10 if you insist only on using the big mercs and not the extremely good small ones.
  16. plaguelord2000 New Member

    to the last person who left a mesage, shut up.
    you give me 2o mins to build a merc deck and ill destroy you
    you have monster creatures in it and its to my hand if it works well.
    turn 1 forest
    turn 2 swamp tap swamp for a ritual tap forest drop the death pit offering
    turn 3 drop a forest tap all lands rathi intimadator
    turn 4 drop a swamp tap all for a blastoderm
    at end of your turn search for a missapean fiend , at the beginig of my turn attack with blastoderm and the intimadator for 4 you cant block take 11 damge every turn or search for a creture you need when one dies.

    you think its not likely but i did it befor and my opponent conseded every time it happened with a turn 2 pit.i think my deck is a little beter. it it could be a MBC deck and ill still win. so i think you should shut up stop treating people like there stupid, your not so great your self and magic when it comes to merc decks
  17. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Let's calm down here. Keep to constructive criticism and stay off the name-calling. I didn't see anywhere a post by Cateran Emperor (since his was the last) that "viciously attacked" your deck so let's keep cool.
  18. Gizmo Composite: 1860

    There are two Merc decks, one uses Sateran Summons to cascade down from an Enforcer or Slaver and is a variant on Black Control, the other uses Intimidators to run a faster Grizzly Bear production line. IMHO neither deck is great and it really dpends on the surrounding spells. If you can build a good black control deck with a Merc engine in then it will work but I find a Merc engine takes up too much room in control, similarly the black weenie option is kind of weakened by the drought in good black aggro spells - but I still think it is better than the slow version.

    Mercenaries just plain aren`t very good, sorry. You can do nice tricks with Highway Robbers but that deck is probably too slow to be competitive in tournaments. My advice would be to add in a strong sacrifice theme to the deck with cards like Attrition, Dark Triumph, and Fallen Angel, in order to take advantage of the way your deck can churn out crappy little mosters with no useful abilities.
  19. Duel Has Less Posts Than Spiderman

    1: plaguelord: The chances of getting that hand are slim. And that's not a merc deck. That's black-green. Possible snuff-o-derm. Not merc.

    2: The key in a merc deck is size. Not big. the bigget cards I'd put in would be the cateran enforcers. Why? they're 4/3 fear. For 5 mana. AND they have sumonning. So even if they can't attack, they're still decent. I think the key to mercs is size, because that determines the mana you need.

    2 Haunted crossroads
    4 Heartstone
    2 Attrition
    2 Cateran Summons
    2 Mind slash
    4 artifact mana (thran turbine, dynamo, grim monolith)
    2 Intimidation
    4 Dark rituals

    3 Enforcers
    4 Highway Robbers
    3 Kidnappers
    2 Acendant evincar
    2 Volrath (decent?)
    4 Indimidators

    20 swamps

    The deck should hit critical mass at 5 mana, and be able to summon out all it's guys(heartstone), and use them to eliminate the opponent's stuff (mind slash, attrition), and then re-use them (crossroads). I've playtested many merc decks, and decided that Attrition and Indimidation are the two best cards for them. Highway robbers offers a way to regain lost life as well as a creature to use with the enforcers.
  20. plaguelord2000 New Member

    to the last writer. your completly wrong. its snuff-o-derm.
    it haws the best removal card in MBC and the best green creturein MBC. why does that make it snuff-o-derm, its not in my books, the chances of the hand i posted up above are preity good i did it 2 out of 3 games and one them both. you have to face it death pit is amazing in this deck with an amzing engine with beat sticks in it. well until later fellow magic players

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