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  1. DÛke Memento Mori


    In bold are the new abilities...

    Avenging Whim (2BB)
    Destroy all Green and White creatures. They can't regenerate.
    Thought: Destroy all Red and Blue creatures instead. They can't regenerate.

    Swords of Revealing Light (2W)
    Creatures can't attack.
    At the beginning of your upkeep step, put a Sword counter on Swords of Revealing Light. At the end of your turn, if Swords of Revealing Light has 3 or more Sword counters on it, sacrifice it.
    Thought: Creatures you control are not affected by Swords of Revealing Light.

    Davina, Commander Angel (4WW)
    Destroy all creatures. They can’t regenerate.
    Thought: You may put an Angel Legend token into play. Treat that token as a 3/3 White creature with Flying, and is named "Davina, Commander Angel."

    Visor, Masquerading Outlaw (UU)
    Creature - Outlaw Legend
    Thought: Visor does not count as a Legend.

    Vyce, Soul Possessor (2BB)
    Destroy target non-Black creature. It can't regenerate.
    Thought: If that creature was put into the graveyard this turn, you may put it into play under your control. Put a +1/+1 counter on that creature, it gains Flying, and becomes Black. That creature becomes a Vampire Legend as an addition to its creature type(s), and it is now named "Vyce, Soul Possessor."

    Masquerading Outlaw (U)
    Creature - Outlaw
    Masquerading Outlaw is unblockable.
    Thought: As Masquerading Outlaw comes into play, you may choose a color. Masquerading Outlaw becomes that color.

    Focused Energy (R)
    Focused Energy deals 3 damage to target creature or player.
    Thought: Focused Energy deals 5 damage to target creature or player instead.

    Somatoform (1BB)
    Each player loses 5 life.
    Thought: Somatoform does not cause you to lose life.

    Odyssey (1UU)
    Search your library for any number of cards and remove them from the game. Shuffle your library.
    Thought: After you shuffle your library, you may draw a card.

    Engrave Thought (U)
    Target spell gains Momentum.
    If that spell already has Momentum, you may counter it instead.
    Draw a card.

    Shield Master (2W)
    Creature – Guardian
    Thought: As Shield Master comes into play, choose a color. Shield Master gains protection from that color.

    Myth (RRR)
    Creature – Myth
    Momentum, Haste, Trample.
    Sacrifice Myth at the end of the turn.
    Thought: Myth loses “Sacrifice Myth at the end of the turn,” and gains First Strike.

    I was gonna post what the abilities do...but I wanna see if any of you guys is insightful enough to maybe..."get it." :D
  2. DÛke Memento Mori


    What the hell...I have too many ideas to play games like that.

    Thought: As you cast the spell, you may choose to play that spells Thought ability. As in, you choose if the spell will have Thought before you know if the spell will be countered or not. If you do, the spell will not resolve the turn you play it, and would remain on the stack. If you had played it during your turn, it would resolve at the beginning of your main step on your following turn. If you had played it on your opponent's turn, it would resolve at the beginning of your opponent's main step on his or her following turn. If you had played though, when the spell resolve, its Thought effect would be included naturally. Since the spell stays on the stack if you play the Thought ability, your opponet may counter that spell when you first play, at any time the spell is in Thought mode, or when the spell is taking effect after Thought mode.

    Momentum: Momentum is exactly like Thought, but it's forced. The spell takes that turn delay whether you like it or not, and without giving you anything extra for it.

    Immunity: This creature can't be the target of spells or abilities.


    Defiance: This creature does not tap to attack.
    Darkness: This creature can only be blocked by artifact and Black creatures.
  3. DÛke Memento Mori

    Psychic Ability (2UU)
    All creatures in your opponent's hand, graveyard, and library gain Momentum.

    Destructive Urges (2BB)
    You lose 4 life.
    At the end of your next turn, you may gain 8 life.
    Thought: Destructive Urges does not cause you to lose life.

    Sadist Angel (BBBB)
    Creature - Angel
    Sadist Angel gains -*/-*, where * is your life total.
    Thought: When Sadist Angel comes into play, you lose 5 life.

    LSD (2U)
    Draw 2 cards.
    Thought: When LSD is put into your graveyard, return it back to your hand.
  4. DÛke Memento Mori


    Serebra, Mastermind (2UU)
    Creature - Wizard Legend
    All spells you don't control targeting Serebra gain Momentum.
    All spells in your hand, graveyard, and library lose Momentum, and gain "Thought: You may also choose and discard a card from your hand. If you do, draw a card."

    Inject with Guiltiness (3U)
    Target opponent draws 2 cards.
    At the end of that player's next turn, he or she chooses and discards 4 cards from his or her hands.
    Thought: Inject with Guiltiness targets all players instead of a single player.
  5. DÛke Memento Mori


    Waiting for Midnight (1B)
    Creatures you control gain Darkness until end of the turn.

    Morphing Drake (2UU)
    Creature - Drake
    Momentum, Flying.
    Thought: Morphing Drake is a 5/5 creature with flying that counts as a Dragon instead.

    Change of Plans (1U)
    Counter target spell you control with Momentum, and return it back to owner's hand.
    Until end of the turn, you may play a spell from you hand that shares a color with the countered spell without paying its mana cost. That spell gains Momentum.

    Tamed Dragon (2WW)
    Creature - Dragon
    Momentum. Flying.
    Soldier: Becomes "Warrior Dragon," gains +2/+2, and First Strike.
    Angel: Becomes "Divine Dragon," gains Immunity, and Definace.

    Element X (UUU)
    Creature - Elemental
    Any creature: Becomes "Morphing Being," gains "Tap: Morphing Being becomes target creature."
    Morphing Being: Becomes "X Factor," gains "At the end of your next turn, you win the game."

    Akira, Rebellion Spirit (1WW)
    Creature - Spirit Legend
    Flying, protection from creatures.
    Any creature: Becomes "Akira's Spirit," gains protection creatures.
    Legend: Becomes "Legendary Legend," is an Enchantment, and gains "Creatures you control gain protection from creatures."

    Fusion rules next time...
  6. DÛke Memento Mori

    Fusion-- This ability is played as a Sorcery. Creatures with Fusion have the ability to combine with other creatures to form one greater creature. To play the ability, you simply place the combined cards next to each other. Once that done, the 2 creatures are treated as one on all terms. The color and total casting cost of the creature would be that of the Fusion creature. The creature type of the over all creature would be that of both creatures. All counters and effects on that creature would vanish. All enchant-creature cards on those creatures are destroyed. The power and toughness of the result would be both creatures' power/toughness, combined.

    Fusion creatures that can combine with any other creature have "Fusion -- Any creature." Fusion creatures that can combine with a particular creature type have "Fusion -- Creature Type (Angels, Beasts...etc...)." Some Fusion creatures only combine with a very particular creature, they indicate "Fusion -- Specific Creature Name (See Element X for example)." In addition to combining, Fusion creatures may separate back to their original forms. This is also played as a Sorcery. You cannot separate creatures that were combined on the same turn. When creatures separate, all counters and effects on the over all creature would vanish, and those creatures would be effected by summoning sickness. All enchant-creature cards on the over all creatures are destroyed.

    When Fusion creatures combine, they form one creature with its own name and abilities. Fusion does not overwrite any abilities either creature already has, but only adds on to them unless indicated. Example: When combined, with a creature with Flying and protection from a color, the over all creature also would have Flying and protection from that color, plus, it would have all the extra abilities that may come out of the Fusion process. In some cases, however, the Fused results may not even be a creature (see Akira): in this case, the combination would form whatever permanent the Fusion indicates, thus the creatures' abilities would vanish until a separation occures.

    Here's how Fusion goes:

    1. Destroy all enchantments on both creatures.
    2. Remove all counters and effects on those creatures.
    3. Place the creatures next to each other.

    Here's how they separate:

    1. Destroy all enchantments on the Fused creature.
    2. Remove all counters and effects from the Fused creature.
    3. Separate the creatures.

    End of that.

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