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  1. Elrond halfelven New Member

    Why don't you think about the question like this: Which decks you play against do you feel very, very comfortable giving free cards to?

    Burn? Who in their right minds would give cards to a burn deck unless they had to, absolutely had to?

    Necro? Isn't one of the main goals of playing against this archtype with permission is to keep necro off the table, denying them much needed cards?

    Keeper (5C Control)? My God, they already draw too many cards, why take the chance that one of those cards could be that amnesia, Ancestral Recall or Timetwister which you may not be able to counter?

    Zoo? Like hell they need more cards to abuse us with. Even if we CAN counter many of the threats, they still have more coming.

    Combo? More, absolutely free cards are a combo deck's dream, even if they lose one copy of a key card.

    Rogue Decks? This is where it gets odd. Some decks, it isn't too bad to give them cards, they already have a pace at which they must work. Others, who knows what the hell they are gonna pull out of that stack of cards?

    Sorry if I forgot anyone's personel favorite decktype, it wasn't intentional :) Basically, out of the 3 basic resources in magic, cards are the most expensive and useful ones (otherwise, why would Ancestral Recall be so damn expensive?) Why should we give someone a mini ancestral when they don't pay for it at all?

    Has anyone thought of using Rethink instead of Arcane? It costs one more but still has the 1 blue in the CC. It becomes very, very useful in many situations, doubling the cc of the target spell. I hope I gave a decant arguement against Arcane Denial except in certain deck or against certain decks.

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  2. dudley New Member

    Mana Leak is far better than Miscalculation. Within the first 4-5 turns, there is a greater chance of paying 2 rather than three to fizzle the counter. Of course, this isn't all that great. But when you look at Mana Leak in a greater perspective, Mana Leak is DESIGNED to replace a counter spell with trying to stop a moderate threat. Albino Troll? Waste a counter? Nah. Mana Leak? Alright!

    Arcane Denial? In a Draw-Go? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Excuse me. The point of Draw-Go is permission. Therefore it is a permission deck. You counter their stuff. You draw more cards. They resort to top decking. At this point, when your opponent has no threats in play, no cards in hand, you drop Superman and win(with FoW backup of course) Also, you can always ditch Mana Leak to a Misdirection of Force of Will. You don't want your opponent drawing into more threats.

    Arcane Denial, however, does wonders in Turbo Stasis. But I never see any of those around anymore. :-(
  3. Duel Has Less Posts Than Spiderman

    [me] has a turbo-stasis deck...[/me]

    In any case, my permission deck works wonderfully with arcane denial, as it almost always can conitinually counter any spell that it deems important. Sorry. That's just how my deck works.

    Also, miscalculation IS better than mana leak. There is only one situation in which mana leak is better, if they have 1 more mana than if miscalculation works. That's not all that common.
  4. nodnarb24 Supreme Overlord/The Rat King

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    I use arcane denials in my mono-blue deck and they work great against other counterspell decks because it starts making them think. "do I counter the arcane denial and keep the card i played, or let it slide and draw two cards but lose the card." It make good psychological warefare against blue counter.
  5. rakso New Member

    Okay... under stasis, the extra cards for him might not be used, and you might draw into the Stasis component, so this is a little different. (Of course, it can be argued that after Mirage and with several more cards after the original Turbo deck, you can have still other choices, but never mind).

    Anyway, early on in the game, I really think there will be cases where you have 2 mana but not 3, but this is a tough argument.
  6. Captain Caveman New Member


    Here are a couple of Type II ideas. Without knowing what
    Invasion has to offer(as you've already stated) its really
    hard to put together a deck but, its fun to toss around

    Deck one:
    4 Boomerang
    4 Counterspell
    4 Parallax Tide
    4 Miscalculation
    4 Seal of Removal
    4 Indentured Djinn
    1 Overburden
    1 Rootwater Thief

    3 Vampiric Tutor
    2 Rapid Decay
    1 Ill-Gotten Gains

    2 Lobotomy

    1 Powder Keg
    1 Ankh of Mishra

    12 Island
    4 Swamp
    4 Underground River
    3 Rishadan Port
    1 Faerie Conclave

    Deck two:
    4 Overburden
    4 Boomerang
    4 Counterspell
    4 Miscalculation
    4 Seal of Removal
    3 Mystical Tutor
    2 Withdraw
    2 Rootwater Thief

    4 Duress
    1 Rapid Decay

    3 Lobotomy

    14 Island
    4 Swamp
    4 Underground River
    3 Rishadan Port
  7. Purple_jester New Member

    Hey, Grif, did you hear about Recoil from Invasion?

    1BU Instant
    Return target permanent to it's owner's hand, then that opponent discards a card from his hand.

    Nasty, huh? And it's COMMON! ;)

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  8. Griffith_se Queen of the Sub-Optimal

    Yeah... I think Black/Blue decks look promising.
    Nice land too, Salt Marsh, if it didn't come into play tapped it would be perfect.

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